USC Notes: Where Is Plan B?

Here’s an honest question: Did you ever think the explosive Air Raid offense would be stopped simply by taking away the deep pass?

BYU and Washington did it, obviously. But where is Plan B? There has to be more than “we need to run the ball.” Does Mike Leach‘s offense shut down when teams try to eliminate any deep passes?

I’ve yet to hear Genious Graham Harrell articulate any answers other than to complain about turnovers.

  • Former USC wide receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe, now at Illinois, is tied for the Big Ten lead in receiving touchdowns (4).
  • Has anyone gotten a better free ride than UCLA coach Chip Kelly? He is in the shadow of USC and currently has only one newspaper covering him full time. So he is almost invisible. And UCLA fans are apathetic so his ridiculous ways are barely discussed except by the die-hards.

28 thoughts on “USC Notes: Where Is Plan B?

  1. Chip is enjoying flying so far under the radar by spending entire days circling the drive thru at Wendy’s…….

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  2. Flow, I don’t think Harrell has “complained” about anything. Has he mentioned that turnovers need to be cleaned up (multiple times) and that they’ve clearly been costly? Yeah, he has, and any coach would say that when 2 different QBs have thrown 3 picks in 1 game each. Ya got that, “Genious” Flow? Genius! Genius! Genius! Don’t shit on someone you don’t know by giving them a stupid, and horribly misspelled, nickname if you can’t even spell it correctly yourself.

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  3. sucla treats football as if it were an ugly red-headed step-sister, and SC does the same with its basketball team. But the fans will bitch-to-the-high-moon if a coach messes up with sucla’s basketball or SC’s football.

    Nice to have priorities in life, I suppose.

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  4. Plan B unfortunately is to sit back, and enjoy the demise of Clay Helton. But only because I want to root for a team, with an obtainable goal of a national championship, and not keep pretending year after year under Bozo Helton. And the difference between Chip Kelly, and Helton is, one was handed a program with zero talent, and the other with enough talent to go to back to back major bowl games. So obviously, you have to give Kelly a couple of years to build, and the other Idiot across town ? …Well, it’s time for him to go !!!!

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      1. I guess that means Bela Lugosi …


  5. Does anybody else think that the picture used should be the poster child for pass interference ? On that play the defender never looked back, all he did was tackle the receiver in the end zone as the ball hit him. No flag? Oh wait we’re talking PAC 12 refs who flag USC defenders in the same stadium as the pass.
    I suppose the point of the question should have been why wasn’t Pittman there for that pass? I doubt the ball gets dropped when he’s in there.


  6. #1: It’s not the deep pass that is defended against specifically: 8 men in coverage stops the pass in general. It stops Wazzu when Washington runs it against them. And it stops any pass-reliant offense, especially with any approach of trying to stretch the field.

    #2: Is anyone shocked that talent leaving USC is actually performing at other schools? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    #3: ucla has die-hards? Football, you say? Hmm…

    Fake news. Sigh.

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  7. Wolfy is so inspirational.

    He humorously highlights UCLA FB and CK on Inside Clown U! I’m guessing Wolf considers Clown U’s FB program so stinking. lousy, pathetic that he needs to Chicken Shit compare it to UCLA floundering FB program to excite the miserable loser Rah-Rahs and Pimps. Fine by me. The bozos can’t stand themselves unless they’re winning 89 – 0.

    Unlike the stupid, loud-mouthed, bozos, UCLA FB optimist never crowed it had a shot at the 2019 NC FB tournament. Manny Moe and Jack has more common sense.

    Unlike the stupid, loud-mouthed bozos, UCLA FB hasn’t repeatedly compared its FB program to Alabama, ND, Clemson, Oklahoma, etc. and yet schedules a cupcake FCS FB team – Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, Clown U BS!

    Even if the UCLA BB team went 0 – 30, we would never compare the UCLA BB Program to Clown U.

    bozo bb is far below UCLA’s bb Mendoza line.

    Ding goes the Vic Bell!


  8. The irony is too good. “Comic Book Guy” Wolfe impugns Harrell’s intelligence by sarcastically dubbing him “Genious” (sic) Graham. LOL.


  9. “Comic Book Guy” Wolfe attempts to impugn Harrell’s intelligence by derisively dubbing him “Genious” (sic” Graham Harrell. I love the irony!


    1. You might be right.

      I did get kicked off a major Bruin website for avocating Mora s/b fired. There were more crazy excuses to save Mora’s job than bozo excuses, excuses, excuses for blowing/losing a winnable game.


  10. I’m ready for my ND game score
    SC can’t deliver vs loser BYU or avg+ Wash team…well it is lesson time …
    wish I was dead wrong…wish I had never heard of hellton too.
    when you can’t rush at will vs a 3 man line,your ‘O’ line is going to eat dirt vs ND…


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