The Doomsday Scenario

What happens if USC beats Oregon? And Arizona State? And Cal? And UCLA?

Do I think USC will win all of those games? No. Is it possible? Yes.

Is that enough to save Clay Helton‘s job? If USC wins the Pac-12 South, no. But what if USC wins the Pac-12? Wouldn’t that do it?

Remember, I advocated for a coaching change in 2017 after 10 wins and a Pac-12 title. But I’m not Carol Folt or the new A.D. He might just survive.

I will talk about this in the podcast when it gets posted but I think two things might hurt Helton even if USC keeps winning: Small Coliseum crowds and poor recruiting.

But if he wins the Pac-12, Folt will need to be decisive like she was with Lynn Swann. Will she do it?

  • There are fewer than 2000 tickets left for USC-Arizona State game at Sun Devil Stadium. Imagine a USC home game with that scenario.

26 thoughts on “The Doomsday Scenario

      1. I blame getting ahead of the bozo schedule on my 2 UCLA FB wins in a row euphoria.

        As to my Oregon prognostication.

        Oregon needs to make a statement at the Crumbling Mausoleum to enhance its AP rank and accrue CFB playoff consideration.

        Comparing bozo vs Ducks cumulative stats, Oregon should win going away.

        Oregon 35 – Clown U 20


    1. Just puke,

      You are ahead and picking the USC vs ASU game by one week. SC plays Oregon this Saturday. “What a Maroon”. thank you Bugs Bunny aka Mel Blanc

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      1. “What a Maroon” You’re so vicious PT.



        of a brownish-crimson color.
        “ornate maroon and gold wallpaper”


        a brownish-crimson color.
        “the hat is available in either white or maroon”

        PT, you’re just a typical Clown U graduate, Rah-Rah, Pimp moron.



    2. You seem to have fallen – hard, splat! – in your head when you were violently squeezed out at birth. How else to explain you? Drugs? Maybe. The wrong drugs? Definately. But hey, you landed a night job with custodial services at Sawtelle State, so you GO GIRL!

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  1. Flow, Helton’s gone regardless. Hey, some wins to end his USC career would be nice for him and us fans, but he’s gone. No way he’s back next season. Sweeping changes all over athletics needs to take place in order to get some programs back to where they need to be. This has gone on far too long for football. As for Helton, we had some good times, he seems like a decent dude, and the kids play for him, but the time has come.

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  2. Helton will go no matter what. It isn’t about wins and losses, it is about the overall culture of softness and no discipline. It is about not playing the best players, but the ones he “loves” the most. I see a USC win often times as an accident, they happen in spite of Helton, because these players have more fire than the previous ones that lead the team. The simple phrase “We decided to go in a different direction” would totally apply to firing Helton and it will.

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  3. ASU Stadium is a lot smaller than the coli. Even after the remodel. And there is nothing else to do in Phoenix. I know, I live here.


    1. That was my thought exactly. I’ve visited both Sun Devil stadium and the AZ stadium. At both games the empty seats were filled by group home people. They showed up at the AZ game with vouchers for two beers. They also cleared out once their vouchers were redeemed Anyway a sellout crowd in AZ isn’t the same as one in L.A. However Phoenix isn’t really that small my best friend from high school lives in that area, his name is Bob Miller. Do you know him? See it’s not that small.


  4. I have most likely simply missed coverage on Bru…..
    Is Bru McCoy still ill? or has he recovered medically? Does he work out w/team/practices/scout team etc? (if healthy?) Did NCAA officially decline our/his eligibility request for 2019? or, is it all still pending b/c of his health? One of the most exciting players in our future.

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  5. Would a new athletic director put his main money maker in the hands of Clay Helton for another year? I’d say no, because if he or she is experienced, then they’ll consider much more than wins, and loses . Remember, this is Helton’s forth year, and ticket sales have dropped, and recruiting is average at best for a school like USC

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    1. @ Fan boy “Below average” as you inferred, is no wheres near the caliber that our brand recruits. W/O a quick fix elite hire to replace Gomer, this (mid 60’s) 2020 class mediocrity could hurt us for a number of years. At this point, The “Helton culture of failure” is proving that our brand now no longer recruits itself, as was the case in earlier years. Word is out, The kids all know and talk..the elite players even just in So.Cal alone, were pretty much all slam dunks to USC. Now they’re all headed out of town. They’re all going where they feel they get better coaching development in order to advance to the League.. they don’t admire, losses to mediocre losses to BYU, struggles to barely pull out against Colorado, pitiful road play, double digit losses in major national TV games, and the list goes on.. It’s time to change the culture b/c WeAreSC


  6. The litmus test for Helton is that the 5* local players quit defecting to elsewhere and again commit to SC. Anything short of that is not worth retaining Helton. You know you have picked the right coach to replace Helton if Ulagaiellei and Justin Flowe switch from Clemson to SC.

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  7. Regarding attendance, there’s a 600 lb. gorilla in the room a lot folks tend to ignore, BEER/ALCOHOL SALES. The Rose Bowl and the Coli are dry stadiums, plus the game day experience has been clamped-down on at USC. It’s tougher to get a tailgate spot, the Menlo lots are now the construction zone (formerly the Cardinal & Gold Parking). Have attended games at Arizona, granted it’s a smaller stadium, but the food, drinks and atmosphere are better than what the Coliseum currently has to offer.
    Don’t get me wrong, to me, the Coliseum is hallowed ground, and there is no better place to be on a Saturday, followed only by the stadium in Pasadena that “Just Confused” and his buddies have fouled with their two Pac-8 title banners.
    Improve the game day experience, sell alcohol and make tailgating easier and the fans will come, oh and by the way, hire a coach USC fans can get behind and support. CH ain’t that guy.


  8. Just Puke,

    I am sure that when you refer to Clown U, u are referring to Thug U aka ruinville. I have taken classes at ugly though for my profession. They were like Jr. High quality. As far as “Maroon” goes, bring it up with the writers of Bugs Bunny, you bonehead. You have to understand that Bugs had a Brooklyn accent when he said that and with the acidity of a Bronx attitude. Or in a written language that you can understand, bonehead, What a Moron. Like I said, “What a Maroon”. Thank you Bugs Bunny.


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