USC Night Notes: Is Recruiting On Line Vs. Oregon?

Clay Helton was asked tonight on the “Trojans Live” radio show how much the Oregon game means in terms of recruiting now that the Ducks are recruiting better in Southern California?

” It matters a bunch,” Helton said.

He never got around to mentioning why USC’s current recruiting is suffering and how he could turn it around? Or how Oregon was allowed to take some big Southern California commitments last year?

  • ESPN reported former Rams coach Jeff Fisher could be a candidate at Vanderbilt.

Let’s hope so. The last thing USC needs is Fisher, who never coached college football or showed any inclination to do it when he was in the NFL, sniffing around USC if Helton gets fired. USC needs a dynamic coach, not someone who has nothing better to do.

17 thoughts on “USC Night Notes: Is Recruiting On Line Vs. Oregon?

  1. Man going from the NFL to college ‘sometimes’ (Pete Carroll) works but you also have to have the personality to , at a minimum, entice kids to want to join your program. Fisher reminds one of Don Coryell i.e,. if he ever smiled his face would shatter.

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  2. Recruiting…..whats that.
    Just a year and one half ago…..on another site…..many many posters who claimed to be experts stated that Oregon was a nobody program that could never threaten USC on the field or on the recruiting trail. Even when it was pointed out to them that Oregon was rolling they attacked personally instead of using reason.
    They insisted that Helton’s recruiting was just great and that challenging him was stupid. That the star system did not work because Helton’s insight was so superior.
    Well…….folks like Wolfe have been correct all along……and some so called experts with 10000 posts are just a pack of rats and fools.

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      1. Simply put, I think he could succeed at USC. He’s a break from the line of Lane/Sark/Helton and other coaches (Tee) and their horrible football philosophy – offensively and in leading a program. I think he could restore the toughness that those line of coaches don’t seem to care for.

        Del Rio is not from their line despite efforts to characterize him as “another USC hire.”

        He is not the perfect candidate and I actually prefer Urban Meyer. But I don’t think Urban is going to happen (too much criminal baggage for today’s P.C. USC) so I think Del Rio is the next best choice.




    1. I like Herman from texas as first choice or Tedford. Tedford has a proven track record in the Pac 12 and he is a winner and is from Downey. herman is from Simi Valley. They both know what SC means to football in the Southland and the nation.


      1. Tedford wilts in big games and with national attention.

        He struggles in the spotlight. Dropped the 04 game to USC. Had his Cal team poised to end up No. 1 midway through 2007 and failed and then struggled to keep the team together to handle the attention. Doesn’t seem to have a killer instinct as a HC.

        He’s probably above average (not mediocre) but he’s not the guy you want leading your team the higher up the team goes.




  3. I like Jeff Fisher as coach or Del Rio…they know good asst coaches too,which is the best thing a head coach can do to develop these athletes to want to be SC football players,win championships …hellton never ever will elevate to those levels.


    1. That is why I am on the Del Rio bandwagon – he knows good assistant coaches.




    2. I knew both of them and both were excellent students. Jeff was very studious and quiet.Del Rio is a born leader with courage and heart. Del Rio was the student leader who led the fight to get rid of Ted Tolner. He was successful. Outstanding , both of them. I am proud of both.

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  4. Meyer. Period. Don’t give inept (stupid, vacillating, unqualified, et al) people choices (I know – I take that approach in waking up every day!)…


  5. Sorry everyone. I have to hope for the best and that means Clay Helton is no longer in charge. If that means seeing him get smacked by Oregon than it’s what has to happen.
    I can’t feel for a guy who makes millions and runs his team like it’s in the WAC or Big Sky Confrence.


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