Is Urban Meyer The Next Hire?

Here is what Brett McMurphy reported today:

Remember, school president Carol Folt has to sign off on a Meyer hiring. She is also the one who will have to defend Meyer’s baggage, which she may or may not be willing to do.

But the fact Bohn was working in Ohio and no doubt knows Meyer makes this interesting.

51 thoughts on “Is Urban Meyer The Next Hire?

    1. Wolfie hates everyone that isn’t a socialist. Remember when he posted his pictures of the Bernie Sanders rally in 2016 in LA or his snide swipe at Ben Shapiro’s voice last week ?

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      1. Lay off the wolfman, karma!

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  1. Meyer has had medical issues for years. It is hard to know what has motivated him to serially enter and exit coaching given his health. But if he is game to get back in coaching, turning around SC would seem to be the prime opportunity.

    He does have baggage, and I don’t know all of the details about what happened under his watch, so setting that aide, if he did come to SC, suddenly the Pac-12 would become a real conference again.

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    1. ND wanted him before he went to Florida. I remember the ND plane flying into SLC, big green clover leaf on the tail, Meyer told them they had to lower their standards to be a winner, they refused, the rest is history

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      1. MG
        Well said, but perhaps it goes further…as Street & Smith noted in its January 2006 ratings (yes, just before that game) of the 50 greatest college football programs, at that time USC stood just barely behind Notre Dame at #2 with a directly upwards trajectory (Alabama was #4…and Notre Dame was coached by Charlie Weiss!)…so as you say…yeah, let’s just get that big old No. 2 Urban Renovation pencil eraser out and dispose of the last decade’s results…note: To the Mule: UCLA not in the Top 25 at that time (and one strongly suspects that during the succeeding years there has been much to change that favorably)…To Owns: great pictures and writeup for Terry Donahue, Gaston Green, Troy Aikman, Gary Beban, and the Vic Bell! (I own a copy and am looking at it now)…as MG noted, that’s the way the Tootsie Roll rolls…

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      2. @gotroy isn’t Stanford the Stanford of the West? How bout southern cal is the trade tech of south central.



    2. LOL ’67, what a load of crap. So SUCCX employs Meyer and “…suddenly the Pac-12 would become a real conference again.”

      ’67, what is Meyer, Don Juan, a Yaqui shaman FB coach?


      1. He’s not what bel-air tech hired no matter how this season plays out.

        The Pac-12 has no other program to warrant any national respect save USC. If USC is good then it ups the game and effort of the other 12 but hey in your case that annual game against USC in late November is bel-air tech’s ‘bowl game’ right?

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      2. He did the same thing for the Big 10 which was a joke of a football conference (notwithstanding officials giving Tressel the title in ’02) and a perpetual punching bag to the rest of the nation…and he instantly transformed the landscape…same thing would happen in the Pac 12 if he were to be hired…

        I actually thought that UCLA was on to doing something similar when Mora Jr. got off to such a good start with Hundley…

        The Big 12 is also desperately hoping Riley can be that coach…

        Really, come to think of it, it has happened in the SEC as well…Stallings and Saban at Alabama followed lean years…Meyer resuscitated Florida following the dropoff post-Spurrier…Saban again at LSU (an otherwise theretofore overrated program)…

        Problem for the Pac 12 is we need it in both football and basketball (just like USC being bad in football is bad for the conference as a whole, UCLA and Zona being down in basketball is also bad for the conference as a whole – I’m not a hater)….

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  2. Meyer’s baggage is overblown. He was found to have done nothing to hide his assistant’s spousal abuse. Also if you actually dig into the issue, it is largely believed that Zach Smith didn’t actually ever abuse his wife. Which is why Urban refused to apologize to her. Her own mother took Zach’s side. Urban was famous for preaching 0 tolerance of violence against women. He’s a really high quality person. Even if he needs a break from coaching every few years to keep himself healthy. I know I’d need a break if I went as hard as he does.

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    1. Urban is one of these guys who pumps himself up for the Big Challenge. He needs it and he wants it. He drives himself as hard as a human being can until he meets his goals—and then wants out. If he comes to USC he’ll take what’s left of some very good recruiting classes, add plenty of players of his own —and have us ready to compete against anyone next year…..

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      1. Yes, he can survive the pressure….for 2 or 3 years, gt. And, then, he’ll go into permanent retirement (not the perpetual type, the rest and relaxation type), having won National Championships at 3 different universities…..

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      2. And most importantly, it won’t be just what he does while he’s the head coach (already sniffin’ that glue…and it is indeed fine stuff!)…he’ll rebuild the foundation (like any good emperor, since we’ve indulged in so much Rome talk), so that he can enjoy that retirement by watching his anointed successor (or come roaring back like Diocletian) enjoy the same or greater success, just as is going on at his three previous gigs…the glue indeed good stuff! After a decade, we should all get to take a good toot…Urban Renewal…Urban Praetor…Urban Meyer! Sniff, sniff…

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  3. Carol Folt and interim AD Dave Roberts have baggage. They’re both lousy. Roberts was special assistant to Mx Nikias for six years when all this crap was happening at USC. Worst part was that Roberts was his legal counsel, and look what happened to Nikias. Both need to be put out to pasture.

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  4. So not to throw a wet blanket on Traveler’s back what if all of the Urban renewal talk could in order to orchestrate a raise from his TV gig. I mean after Kingsford charcoal played USC like a banjo on his knee, I am not getting excited until I see him on the Coliseum sidelines and I don’t mean as a talking head for TV
    I actually fear we will be used to job shop by several big name coaches. If USC is serious they may have to charge a fee for interviews. The fee could be refunded upon notification of no interest of moving forward or offer of employment. A rejected offer of employment would forfeit the fee.

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    1. True that save this – what’s he do for the 3rd (2nd being this December) year in December as the national press moves in overdrive to cover the: programs, players and coaches….wait again for August to roll round? Not saying he’s going to USC but he’s going somewhere.

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    2. Rialto — USC will be taking a HUGE step in the right direction if they simply refrain from signing Urban to a contract with a ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY THOUSAND BUY OUT —as they did with Kingsbury….

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      1. I hope you’re right, but as GT22 is pointing out (and our friend Owns pointed this out a couple of weeks back in conjunction with publication of comments made by Meyer during an interview with our biggest USC cheerleader Colin Cowherd explicitly to this point), the Cowboys’ gig is the one in addition to USC he seems to be making it clear he would be interested in pursuing…

        Just hope it’s us (and not a much higher stakes game of poker with us getting the Kingsbury Shuffle again)…as I was joking about in other comment tonight, it’s been a decade…we’re way overdue for some good times!

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      2. gt —Yes, Urban wants a challenge…. he wants to conquer a new world. USC fits the bill….


    1. This is what drives NYC nuts, in fact, most don’t realize but they have only one football only stadium for 8+ million in NYC alone not even counting Northeast NJ and Southwest CT. By this Summer LA will have 3 (LA Stadium, Rose Bowl and the Coliseum).

      NYC one stadium is located across state lines in NJ

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      1. gt —I think home prices & state income tax are not on Meyer’s list of concerns…..but they could make a difference to everybody else being mentioned as a possible candidate….


  5. Memo to: Commie Lush

    a reply to CL post:

    He’s not what bel-air tech hired no matter how this season plays out.

    The Pac-12 has no other program to warrant any national respect save USC. If USC is good then it ups the game and effort of the other 12 but hey in your case that annual game against USC in late November is bel-air tech’s ‘bowl game’ right?

    What load of CL arrogant BS.

    CL how about reminding the Blog how much prestige accrued to Pac – 12 FB after SUCCX lost 52 – 6. Hell, Mighty SUCCX didn’t score a TD.

    CL how about reminding the Blog how much prestige accrued to Pac- 12 FB after SUCCX is up 12 points with 10 minutes to go and then lose the NC game to Tixas.

    Tell us CL about the time SUCCX had 5 HFBC’s in three years. Remind us of SUCCX premium purchased alcoholic FB coach who showed up shitfaced at a FB pep rally.

    CL remind the Blog about the bozos last NCAA football program sanctions. Those SUCCX sanctions were incredible PR for the Pac-12 conf.

    Oh Yeah, CL last year a 5 – 5 mighty SUCCX FB team rolled into the RB to face a 2 – 8 UCLA team. Piece of cake, can of corn, huh Commie Lush.

    Ding goes the UCLA Vic Bell!

    SUCCX FB reminds of a stupid, pathetic, bully FB program that still doesn’t realize the game has passed the FB program by. The program has shrunk into mediocrity, a hollow, bygone, those were the day’s, SUCCX memory.


    1. This isn’t Owns! This is The Mule…and full of Mule Drool…even if you want to disregard USC fans (and that would be perfectly fine), the same point about the health of the conference is raised by partisan and non-partisan journalists alike – it is best served by the restoration of USC to its pre-eminent perch (when has the Pac-12 mattered in football? When USC was great under McKay, Robinson, Carroll…and for a brief period of time when the Dub was powerful under Don James…as mentioned earlier, the same holds true with basketball and your Bruins and Zona)…Come on Owns, come back…you’re probably still right about him playing billiards with this position to land the gig at Jerry World…but if not, and he rides into the Coliseum…like in Full Metal Jacket “Come on son, get on board with the winning team!”

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      1. James —You’ve done it again! All is clear! In actuality, there are 2 Owns….

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      2. J, let’s agree to disagree. The very thought that the prestige of the Pac – 12 rests on the shoulders of Clown U FB is ludicrous. The Pac-12 has won more NCAA NC’s than any other Big Five Conference.

        Oregon, Az. and UCLA have won NCAA BB NC’s. SUCCX BB is OOOforever and in serious trouble with NCAA – nothing new there.

        Az, Az St, Cal, UCLA, and Washington have won Softball NC’s. SUCCX doesn’t even field a team.

        Clown U is behind UCLA and Stanford in total team NCAA NC’s.

        I could go on and on. The Pac-12 is twelve Div 1 Universities of equal statue, not 11 teams and Massa Clown U.

        Let’s not forget ESPN had an excellent reason to hang the “Clown U” moniker on the Toejams. And J, Clown U continues to earn its Clown reputation.

        Bartender, whatever J is drinking, fix him a double on my tab.


  6. Owned is so stupid, he doesn’t know up from down or left from right. It all starts (and ends) with football. It’s the revenue leader in all domestic D-1 competitive universities. It’s eyeballs for TV advertising every autumn Saturday. It’s even got a nod to Adam Smith (a rising tide floats all [PAC-12] ships). That’s how dad did it, that’s how America does it, …and it’s worked out pretty well so far.

    Look at history – PAC-12 relevancy occurs when USC is at its best. Being blind to this is the only defense… that, or just incredibly stupid.



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