USC Injury Report; Bru McCoy Involved In Altercation

Linebacker Palaie Gaoteote, who sat out the last two weeks with a high ankle sprain, will be a game-time decision vs. Oregon.

Tailbacks Markese Stepp, Stephen Carr and Vavae Malepeai are out. Drake Jackson is apparently day-to-day.

  • Meanwhile, freshman wide receiver Bru McCoy, who is not even playing this season, was involved in an altercation last weekend at a USC fraternity, according to Annenberg Media.

USC campus security was called to the Phi Delta Theta fraternity Saturday between 10:30-11 p.m. “The official report states that a student was in a “physical altercation” with another student who was “trespassing at the location,” on the northeastern corner of 28th and Hoover.”

33 thoughts on “USC Injury Report; Bru McCoy Involved In Altercation

    1. Surprised at you, MG. We all have to fight from becoming old, pessimistic geezers, and not see everything half empty. Bru I’d typical 18, 19 year old.


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    2. “Be more like Pudly.” ?! Holy shit, Arturo —is that your extra polite way of asking me to never come back?

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      1. Pudly is a front running punk whom is attempting feeble passive aggressive behavior for sympathy.

        Pudly, stay the bleep away.

        #Pudly should be arrested


  1. Somebody better make Bru McCoy aware of his geographical location, before someone hands him his hat. Because football player or not, he’s still in South central LA .

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  2. “Meanwhile, freshman wide receiver Bru McCoy, who is not even playing this season, was involved in an altercation last weekend at a USC fraternity, according to Annenberg Media.”

    Really? Does anybody who comes by here have any interest whatsoever about irrelevant altercations at a frat party?

    Scottie, why not rename your blog “Inside USC via TMZ”


      1. Well, well, Kal86, the premier Kal douche bag is back.

        When are you going to breakdown Kal’s game performance vs Utah? Utah never had a chance did they ’86?

        And what’s up with Kal, 1 – 4 in the North Conf.

        #Prortal on Sugar Ray.


    1. Hey mule
      How’s your Colorado blvd free ticket give away doing. Let me know when you need a new pair of shoes. I can help you.
      Speaking of attendance mule, how’s my favorite 100lb overweight non recruiting legend doing? Setting the standard for fitness. Ole In-N-Out chippy sure is putting some excitement on the field, isn’t he? The crowd luvs him. All 10,000. About 50th in the nation now for recruiting? The legend lives. Don’t call me, I’ll call you. I coached pro, don’t you know?



  3. Really? An SC football player getting in fight on the row Is news now? Did any of you kooks even go to SC? It’s obvious Wolf sorry ass would have never been let into any of the parties, but I thought more of you knowitalls would have a clue.


    1. I did. And we had dudes in our house who knew a lot of the football players back then and those players were welcomed into our parties with open arms. Not sure why that’s changed? Maybe because the kids these days are soft and pansies? Flow, in no way, would have been allowed into one of our parties. I vividly remember Marcell Allmond getting into a fight and picking up a dude on the sidewalk in front of our house and slamming him onto the hood of a car parked on The Row. No joke. No bullshit. Those were the days.

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      1. Nailed it. I was there at the same time and shared the same general experience. Most houses were happy to have football players there. And then sometimes shit went down. Never made the news and no whiny ass bloggers trying to leverage it put down their alma matter.


      2. gt — I used to hang out with a Marcell Allmond type all throughout high school. Generous to a fault. Great buddy. Great boxer. But wherever we went he’d find a way of getting into a fight. Sometimes he’d start it. Sometimes someone else would start it. But being with him was like walking around with a dark cloud over your head.


  4. Never, compadre. The blog would lose cache, class, etc You keep this thing going, bro. That is why you can’t go to the dark side, dog.


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  5. Don’t y’all worry a bit. The NCAA has a solution for all this…CA$H!!! Throw this kid some cash and this type of event will never happen again. Trust me.


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