Discuss The USC-Oregon Game

Clay Helton has to know it’s over.

What a pathetic performance. Oregon came into the Coliseum ready to fail and USC let them off the hook and then gave up.

I have said forever that Helton is not a leader of men and tonight he was also done in by his poor coaching hires: John Baxter, Clancy Pendergast, Graham Harrell.

Baxter’s decision to do a full kickoff at the end of the first half was disastrous. Pendergast thinks he can blitz even with a depleted secondary. Harrell thinks he can just pass, pass, pass.

Meanwhile, Helton punts on the Oregon 42-yard line down 25 points.

Enough. Already.

49 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Oregon Game

      1. Just puke,

        You are hilarious. We all know that Thug U arak U Clowns Lose Again bought all of the basketball championships. Thug U has no traction, I take that back, yes they do, it is called lying, cheating, and stealing.


  1. The black socks look like shit. How in the world do you expect you expect to beat any team passing 95% of the time with a true freshman QB. It is not going to happen. There is no balance. Worst special teams play in USC history. Please Lord, let’s clean house tonight and get this nightmare over with. I will not watch again this year, it is simply to painful.

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    1. In every football disaster there is a moment that signals the collapse —how fitting that the moment was provided by the big, fat fuck that Helton refused to replace cuz he “like[s] him so much” —I give you, Coach Baxter…

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      1. Everything anyone would ever need to know about the Helton experience embodied when he was hugging it out on the sideline after the last scoring play…and players were celebrating more than the Nats did after the final out…

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      1. Thanks for making me laugh a bit earlier than I planned tonight, Arturo…..


  2. I thought I’d said enough tonight, but there’s so !ugh unsaid. If you’re wondering why USC folded like a Wal-Mart futon. Well considering the demoralizing effect of seeing the opponents being given 30 penalty yards literally for free on back to back stopped drives. The players know when the Refs are jobbing them. And the emotional leader, read coach, is not arguing his case, but is seen muttering profanity on the sidelines.
    I called it the other day the Refs aided Oregon’s first two scores in plain sight. They unloaded their bladder on The Trojans and their feet. The real question is how they will get yellow stains out of their socks.


  3. Always support my Trojans and hate to see them lose. The silver lining is that there is absolutely no reason to retain Helton any longer (VERY good man but as a coach not so much). We will have a real AD on Monday and can begin a coaching search/hire shortly thereafter. The doomsday scenario…SC wins out, wins Pac12 title, beats Ohio State at the Rose Bowl always has been a fairytale. Get a REAL coach here and he will turn around recruiting in a hurry. Please give our new coach lots of time to recruit before the early signing period in Dec!
    Fight On…This too shall pass.

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    1. Not sure that Helton is a “VERY good man”. Perhaps at one time, years ago, but not anymore.

      If he was now, then he would not pretend to be something he is not. But it is all pretense, nothing more than that. Andt he more he fails and the more the team underachieves, the more he pretends.

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      1. I’m not sure you can even call what he does “pretending” anymore, 67. It’s gone past that —into something WAY more richly neurotic. I expected him to shed a few tears at the press conference —but he’s so enveloped in the ‘wonderful world of imagination’ that he was talking about winning the Pac 12 South….

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  4. Can we just run the tape of the other losses rather than hear Clueless Clay say the same things over and over:

    I’m so proud of these young men.

    They fought like warriors tonight.

    Whe you hold the #7 team in the country scoreless in Q1 you are doing something right.

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    1. Yes you’ve done something but the end result was shamefully embarrassing. Maybe the players played their hearts out but that’s not enough. Without proper coaching.i believe that’s why you get the kind of results we get. I say give the players a real fighting chance and by hiring an experienced top notch successful coach.

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  5. A typical Clay Helton excruciatingly painful loss. We came out roaring like a lion on both sides of the ball in the beginning but instead leading the Trojans to 14-0 after the interception we had to settle for a field goals. This I believe characterizes a CH team. Your given an opportunity to really turn up the pressure on your opponent and you can’t do it. Again more inconsistent play on both sides of the ball, poor tackling, undisciplined play with too many penalties, poor special teams play and a unbalanced offensive game plan that puts enormous pressure on a young QB. I was in attendance tonight and to my eye the stands looked 60/40 USC/Ducks. As the Ducks made the score 42-17 the mass exodus of USC fans began. Unfortunately the players seem to model their play after their impotent head coach. The players seem to be ok with being humiliated. Clay Helton can’t be relieved of duty any too soon. The experiment didn’t work. Can we please move on and go out and hire a coach of the caliber of Urban Meyer?

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    1. Mr. Helton had no experience as a head coach when he came to USC. None. He came from mediocre programs and appears to have been largely mentored by his father before accepting a supporting role at USC. His appointment to Head Coach by USC’s golf playing AD appears to have been in despair after the disasters of his predecessors. Has anyone noticed that USC’s best chance at a head coach is leading LSU to # 1 in the Country.

      Tonight’s debacle was a combination of mediocre coaching and a true lack of fundamentals. Did anyone see three passes dropped in the Red Zone before USC settled for a field goal. Every pass hit the receivers’ hands. Special Teams were just terrible, and USC simply gave up when Oregon capitalized on interceptions and run backs. If anyone thought the coaching was anything but awful, they were watching another game. Long past time for a change.

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      1. Why would Clay Helton go for a 1st down half through the 3rd quarter down 2 touchdowns on the Duck’s 40 yard line 4th and 8? Why take a chance at this point in the game? Of course we were stopped short of a 1st down and turned the ball over to the Ducks. Another incompetent call by an incompetent head coach.


      2. While I agree with your sentiments, Helton was the choice of Pat Haden, the former football analyst for Notre Dame’s NBC football broadcasts …he may play golf with the links-man and former USC AD, Lynn Swann, and maybe even Max Nikias, but I’ve not heard that it was his primary passion.


  6. So if Utah loses one game and we run the table we replay Oregon in Vegas…….and go to the Rose Bowl.
    What a bunch of Debbie Downers.
    LOL……none of these kind left I expect.


    1. But your tickets for Vegas now! It’s guaranteed! Just don’t expect to attend the PAC-12 Championship Game while you’re there. You’ll have to go to Santa Clara to watch that game.


      1. I guess you know Wilma buries Fred alive in the last episode….


    2. IF Utah loses one game and IF we run the table, we play Oregon again. And IF we get good coaching we beat Oregon and play in the Rose Bowl. Hey Fred Flintstone, IF my aunt had balls she would be my uncle. You sure sound like Gomer at a post-game presser.


  7. It’s not all bad. Slovis has shown enough to force JT Dirt into the transfer portal. Silver linings people, silver linings. It’d have been interesting to see how well the team would have done w/ Jack Sears. It’s fitting that Helton who’s said his hands were tied regarding JT Daniels is going to die on that hill. I’m curious how his hands were tied? He didn’t even get the next Mater Dei QB, that dude is getting out of dodge to Alabama.


  8. The X’s and O’s were obviously a big disappointment but there is one thing that should be noted and why it deserves to have Helton fired now.

    Helton could not calm down AND motivate the team tonight.

    The players got too many unsportsmanlike and late hit penalties. That’s the job of the HC to calm the team and players down.

    And, some have said the players quit on Helton in the 2nd half. Of course, it’s the job of Helton to keep pushing the team to play to the very end, even when the game is out of reach.

    Helton couldn’t calm down and motivate the team all in one game tonight. That’s like the old joke where something both “sucks and blows” at the same time. And the guy who both sucked and blowed tonight was none other than our own idiot HC Clay Helton.


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  9. ok enough of the cheap shots and low blows. i have a serious real-world concern about this situation. many on here are talking about hiring Urban Meyer as the new coach. this would be the most egregious act of criminal negligence in the annals of sports!

    can you imagine Urban Meyer, with his history of chest pains, watching the Southern Cal QB toss three INT’s and fumble it twice???? he would have to be air-lifted cross town to UCLA Medical Center to even have a fighting CHANCE!!

    with this crappy team, i can see a charge of Negligent Homicide if anything happens to Meyer. best case scenario, Adam Schiff tells McCoy, “Just make the deal…..Man One”


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  10. and wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a long-lost blood-brother, and would never contradict you publicly, but you picked the TrOXans to win this game??

    did someone drop a dumbbell on your head last week while you were doing that exhibition at Muscle Beach??

    #KindaKnockedHisEyeballs ALittleGoofyALittleBit


  11. The worst thing about the Oregon loss is Nov. 9, Clown U will travel to Tempe, Az, and face Az State FB coming off a bye, and nursing an ugly ‘tude because of its pre-bye week defeat @ UCLA.


  12. The Trojan’s, led by the calming, guiding, firm hand of The Helton, were dominating the #7 team in the country, the U of Oregon Canucks, with such ease, that the NCAA, CIA, FBI, Fox Sports,, the Rose Bowl, ESPN, the BCS, AP, UPI, TASS, NY Times, New Orleans Times Picayune, et al., pleaded with Russia, the Chinese/NBA, and the Ukraine. to interfere with the obvious outcome of the contest, and save the Bowl Season TV ratings…the gladiators from Troy, busy thrashing the clueless, baffled, and flailing, Oregon fowl, were suddenly hit by shockwaves of negative energy….the power of yellow flags a-flying, curious play calls, and the mass exodus of fleeing Trojan fans, created such a vortex, that the mighty combatants from USC—try as they might—were unable to overcome… the young men battled their tails off, and The Helton? He couldn’t be prouder….hats off to the Ducks…when you battle the #7 team in the country, in your house, to a 24-56 stand off, you’ve accomplished something….”can’t wait for the fans to see this team in November…watch out.”

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  13. Oregon came in ‘ready’ to fail???what the hellton does that mean?
    they surely came in ready to play , and demolished sc…hellton ball ,et al.

    the 1st 1/4 Oregon led in penalties and sc had its best 1/4…after that , the sc tackling and game prep aka soft practices, showed up…slovis played his best,actually showed moves here and there,but no threat to run,hurts sc with that mediocre ‘O’ line.

    ND SHOULD HAVE LOST TO VaTECH…they were out played .
    Florida played Georgia tough to the wire,with that walk on q/b ,a senior who had not played since high school until a couple games ago.
    Utah showed Wash a thing or 2…


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