Follow The USC Assistant Coaches

I’m hearing some USC assistant coaches are already putting out feelers for potential job opportunities.

This is a typical sign of a sideways program. All these big promises were made in the offseason (culture change, harder workouts, new offense) and the wheels are falling off the program after only nine games.

I would have told Clay Helton 23 months ago to fire his entire coaching staff or he would be fired. See how much time we have wasted in the meantime with a sloppy program?

11 thoughts on “Follow The USC Assistant Coaches

  1. “We?!” Flow, you’re the furthest thing from “we!” If nothing, this sloppiness and disarray within the football program, and USC in general, has kept you with enough TMZ shit to report you could keep going for another year if it all stopped tomorrow. But then what? More free time with Chaz Bucket I guess…


  2. They are putting out feelers not because this team is unraveling, even though it is, but because they are all gone at the end of the season. For some, like Clay and Clancy, this is as good as it will get. GH will land on his feet, I still think he will turn out to be a good coordinator, Clay slows his whole staff down. I’d consider keeping coach K and maybe Greg burns. All others can go.

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    1. What about Nansen? You think Helton gets a coordinator or QB coaching job? Or does he ride off into the sunset with his buyout? Either way, MAJOR change is needed.

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      1. Yes, keep Nansen for recruiting. He puts in work in that department.

        I think Clay will go on his brothers staff at WKU. Seems logical.

        Adam Maya reporting Bohn is announced tomorrow and the Urban offer is on the table. Let’s hope!


  3. If it’s not Urban, Franklin, or Stoops…it will all feel like a failure. Helton has USC in worst shape than when Sark took over after scholarship reductions, There is no time to waste.


  4. Pendergast is a deadman. The moment the season is over, fire him. Too many players have been injured under him. We don’t know if it is the schemes, conditioning, or coaching but he has to be gone. His defense sucks.


  5. I think Helton is the major problem. He could hire great assistants and still gum up the works. Great assistants are needed but firing them without getting rid of him is not the answer, in my judgement. We need to stop nibbling around the edges. Simplify this process, just hire Meyer. Show some backbone.


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