Did Anyone Mention The Crosstown Rivalry Is This Week?

Oh, by the way, this is Crosstown Rivalry week.

Clay Helton even messes this up because more people care about him than the USC-UCLA game.

I think USC workers waited until Monday morning to cover Tommy Trojan in duct tape. That tells me evne USC thinks people are not paying a lot of attention to the rivalry.

In some years, USC would cover up the statue two weeks before the Crosstown Rivalry.

I think people will say USC is going to beat UCLA because the Trojans play more intense this season or care more than a year ago.

I would put it another way: USC is being led by someone (Kedon Slovis) who plays with more energy and leadership and takes a lot of hits.

  • How Andy Enfield-like is it that the extremely talented USC basketball team was only beating Pepperdine, 81-78, with two minutes left in the game last night?

26 thoughts on “Did Anyone Mention The Crosstown Rivalry Is This Week?

    1. Andyain’twinning is 44 – 64 vs Pac-12 competition during his 6-year bozo HBBC stint – I guess that’s why Wolf has issues with Andyain’twinning.

      Andyain’twinning is allergic to quality BB competition.

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  1. “That tells me evne USC thinks people are not paying a lot of attention to the rivalry.” This tells me even Scott is not paying a lot of attention to the proof-reading.


    1. Scott delivers these posts from his mothers basement on his cellphone. With his fat fingers and lack of concern for spelling and punctuality his mistakes are to be more than expected. Not to mention, his continual snark about all things USC.


  2. Now we get Scottie boy’s ‘thoughts’ on what happened. He thinks they waited until monday to cover TT… He can only think because he’s no longer allowed on campus to actually cover anything related to USC. He reports hearsay from his bed (aka his mom’s couch)…
    The reality is that all the statues have been secured since last Wednesday and the taping up of the statues was completed last Friday… get a clue wolfboy


  3. There it is. But it’s missing the classic, “Thanks, Enfield!” I guess we’ll continue to wait for that first loss. Maybe on Friday, eh, Flow? You could only hope.


    1. If all goes according to plan, UCLA will play Kansas, 11/26, at the Maui invitational.

      Remind us 04, what top 10 team is the bozo’s fixing to play?


    2. With the easy preseason scheduling that includes Fairfield and Florida Gulf Coast, won’t happen until the Pac 12 conference games start.


  4. Pepperdine has a good veteran/experienced team…one guy scored half their points …38 pts…everything he shot went in…I think his name was Ross…when you are hot ,you are hot…he was red hot. They have a good experienced coach.

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    1. Trojans have 3 big guys–two young, one senior (Nick R)–who will “be a force.” Hopefully Jonah Mathews has a strong year. The rest of the guard play will need to improve.

      I’m psyched. Already thinking about a trip to Vegas for the Pac 12 championship (I don’t live in So Calif) in March

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      1. hope you go and for the best of reasons…SC had a great season
        I see potential for a 25 win season + maybe a sweet 16 appearance.


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