Mike Bohn On Coaching Timetable

USC athletic director Mike Bohn said the following about a timetable for making a decision on Clay Helton with the Los Angeles Times.

“Any time you’re a part of a significant enterprise in something that so many people are invested in, it’s something we don’t want to race into,” Bohn said. “We’re not on a specific timeline that would do anything to jeopardize momentum or opportunities that exist, regardless of what those are. Revealing any type of timeline or plan at this point would be premature and probably inappropriate.”

So he wants to wait until the season ends. Fine.

Does “opportunities that exist” mean he needs to wait until the Pac-12 South gets decided? That’s potentially troublesome because it could impact a search.

I doubt Bohn doesn’t line up who he wants no matter when he decides Helton’s fate. His reputation rides on this hire.

18 thoughts on “Mike Bohn On Coaching Timetable

  1. If Mike Bohn is stupid enough to listen to the stupid fan base on this blog and let go of the undeniably a top 3 coach USC has ever had, the word on the streets of Tallahassee is that Florida State will pick Helton right up as there coach.

    For all of you crying for the firing of Coach Clay Helton, Wolf is the biggest proponent of his firing. That ought to tell you right there that it is the wrong move!! When has Scott Wolf ever stood for anything other then harming our beloved Trojans??!!

    #WakeUp&FightOn #FightOnClay

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      1. How many conference titles and rose bowls did hackett win?
        Hackett was in a league of his own, both as a person and as a coach.


      1. MG
        What was once fun and enjoyable was definitely diminished…hopefully change in circumstances will soon obviate the need for the site and those of us who are just fans will bump into each other elsewhere…


      2. I think THIS particular problem is more-or-less solved on Monday morning, MG.

        Your FB IQ, wit, and writing skills are well-known to this site.
        (We can tell when someone hacks your posting.)


  2. Yes. He’s an incredible coach with all of his in game adjustments and development of staff and players. Word on the street in Boston is he will immediately replace Belichick if let go. He actually might replace Saban as well. Boosters are currently working on buyout options. I think he should simultaneously coach both teams.

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  3. If Bohn really knows what he’s doing, a confidential searched commenced moments after he accepted the USC job, and Urban Meyer’s agent was the first person contacted.

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    1. too late ..
      Take the hit and get rid of this POS and sue Haden for hiring the idiot and Swann for extending his damn contract when he should have been sent packing


  4. As much as I despise the Clay Helton hire, Mike Bohn is doing the right thing by waiting until the season is over to make a coaching change. I’m sure the feelers are out, and potential candidates are patiently waiting. And don’t be surprised if it’s a seamless transition, and the new coach hits the ground running. Bohn is an experienced athletic director, who’s done this before .


    1. Darn, a rational voice logged in.

      The entire football team and staff deserve a fantastic banquet on Sunday.
      Monday? Back to the real world of multimillion dollar University Sports.

      Huge numbers of experienced O and D starters (and P/T players) return next year. It is a nice jump start for a top line new HC.


  5. Bohn,

    You are not in Kansas. Dude, you are in the stratosphere of sports. You have the kings, lakers, clippers, rams, chargers, the jv school called Thug U aka ruinville, the fornicating dodgers, the original baseball team, the angels, and ducks. This place moves fast. Pull your head out of your rectum and make a decision. No one will like you choice until they win so get over yourself. You should have had the new coach lined up and on Monday announce the new coach. The early deadline recruiting is Dec. 18. The coach has to get out there and recruit. Time is a wasting.


    1. So right … if Bohn goes flaccid, he is just another crappy small timer like Gomer. He better have a plan and a good one or SC football is dead again for yet another decade


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