USC Can Afford Any Coach

Penn State coach James Franklin will make $6.25 million in 2022 according to CBS Sports.

That’s nothing by USC standards. And that’s three seasons from now.

USC could easily pay Franklin $8-10 million next season. I’m not saying he would take it but money is not the reason to stay at Penn State. Iowa State coach Matt Campbell makes $3.25 so he could easily double his salary.

Over to you, Mike Bohn!

18 thoughts on “USC Can Afford Any Coach

    1. James Franklin??!! Wasn’t he the coach that got his @ss kicked by Clay Helton in the Rose Bowl??!!

      Why would you trade the WINNING coach for the Loser??!!

      #ClayisaWinner #MyersisaWomanizer #FranklinisaLoser #YouGuysare@SSholes


  1. Lord, I will be glad when this over. So tired of Wolf’s tiresome speculation, conjecture, and keeping alive his never ending wish for Helton to go. I want Helton gone as well, however, I think now it is a 50/50 proposition. Helton beats UCLA big on Saturday and it is going to be hard for Bohn to pull the trigger after being hear three weeks.


    1. I respect your thoughts, and I think Helton is a good dude. He’s just not THE dude. There is no way he’s coming back. All things are pointing in the negative direction surrounding the entire football program.


  2. MG, My nights are not the same without you. There is now a void in my life that only you can fill. Please come back and make me a woman again.


      1. and taken a like’n to ya.

        Just Owns,
        If the Houston Astros (A-Holes) aren’t stripped of the 2017 World Series Title i’m gonna probably end up behind bars for smacking one of these 12 year olds on my sons team (Not likely) or the two of the other coaches that keep playing the spoons on their knees with a smile because they want give me and the Dodgers fans updates on every reason we didn’t win it that season and these sign stealing a$$$$$hoez did.

        But seriously. That POS team went James Bond 007 with their tactics and robbed the Dodgers. As ballplayers/coaches they should be ashamed and are lucky because they need to get the same treatment that Shoeless “Joe” Jackson and his teammates got, and the same deal Pete Rose got. This is as bad or worse because this was all brought up during that series but nobody listened.

        Put them in baseball prison and kick them out for 3 years. For them getting away with this for 3 years.


  3. There are maybe 3 or 4 HFBC’s worth 8 – 10 million a year.

    One coach in CFB and 2 or 3 in the NFL.

    I can’t think that any those 3 – 4 HFBC’s would seriously be interested in Clown U employment for the obvious reason – the money’s not worth the coaching demotion.


  4. 24/7 is posting a source close to Urban Meyer said he’s done coaching football, which means the deal is almost done if past is prologue.
    I sure hope he’s playing that card.


  5. Pete Thamel’ article on Yahoo sprts – a laser sharp analysis and isn’t going to make a lot here happy at all.

    Note the line “The Helton contract was one of the worst administrative decisions in modern college athletics, as former athletic director Lynn Swann bid against himself to keep Helton and guarantee a large swath of that contract through 2023. “

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    1. Savvy, thorough reporting, but the Clown U FB quagmire of circumstances is foundering in is hardly surprising.

      The person most responsible for the current bozo mess, Nicky Squid, was rewarded with a lifetime memberships to the SUCCX BOT.

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  6. Sammy:

    Let’s be fair, sign stealing is part of baseball. But high-tech sign-stealing isn’t. If Houston did, in fact, steal the Dodger signs then Houston’s World Championship s/b vacated but not awarded to the LA.

    The question I have is why didn’t the Dodgers spot it and report it?

    Answer: Dave Roberts. A playoff team vs the Dodgers doesn’t actually have to cheat; they just need to wait for Roberts to do something stupid.

    That Roberts stupid list is a mile long. Check out his game 5 gaffs vs the Nationals. Thx to Roberts, the Dodgers can say the lost the playoff series to the eventual World Champion, Wash. Nationals.


  7. Just Puke and the rest,

    Stealing signs is just as natural as Thug U aka ruinville cheating. It has gone on for centuries, 1900’s and 2000’s. Just look at Johnny Cheeetin’ Wooden, Jim Harrick, and soccer dude coach for ruinville.

    BTW, who is to say that the bum dodgers would have won if the Houston Astros did not steal signs? They were bombing the pitching staff of the bums. To them it was like batting practice.


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