If It’s Wednesday, Clay Helton Is Invisible

It is Wednesday of the USC-UCLA and Clay Helton can’t be troubled to speak to the media because he chooses not to on Wednesdays. And no one at USC tells him he has to.

Imagine if this game actually had big stakes attached. Maybe Mike Bohn, who is seems friendly and accessible at all times, should also take into account his football coach goes into hiding from the fans on Wednesday.

If Lane Kiffin had done this, he would be pummeled by the media. But no one cares because it’s Helton.

So instead you get Clancy “Mr. Personality” Pendergast telling the media the following on UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson: “He’s a handful to try to prepare for.”

  • How is your blood pressure? It might go up after you read this Yahoo article on the risks Bohn must weigh if he fires Helton. Article here.

14 thoughts on “If It’s Wednesday, Clay Helton Is Invisible

  1. There really isn’t much of a risk if Bohn fires Helton.

    If he keeps Helton, everyone knows what happens. Something around .500 football at best. No enthusiasm. Attendance in the 40s-50s, maybe.

    If he can hire a top coach, then recruiting turns around, and 10-2 in a weak Pac-12 would seem plausible, hopefully even better. And that adds up to a lot more $$. More enthusiasm. Good for the university.

    They key is Folt and the BOT – do they wish to restore SC football? Or impose their own preferences?


    1. It’s my sincerest hope that the BOT billionaires pony up the cash for major change, and NOW. There are too many wealthy donors and alumni that care deeply about football and their school being on top with that kinda cash to make it an easy call to clean house. I’m one those alumni, just not a billionaire one. I want change. If there’s no change, my interest level next season will severely drop, and I’m one who lives and breathes USC.

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      1. I want change also for obvious reasons. I’m not sure the BOT and Folt want change as badly as we do. What we really need is some wealthy donors outside of the BOT willing to commit the $$$ to make the firing of Bozo and his staff and the hiring of a competent coach a reality.

        As far as Scott’s complaint that Bozo doesn’t speak to the media. Who cares?!? Everything he says is mindless drivel that just inflamed the fan base even more. Everyone is. Better off if he just keeps his trap shut.

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    2. Come all you true TROJAN fans unite!! Clay Helton is a decent man who graduates players and wins Rose Bowls! He takes guys like Sam Darnold who was a 2 star with a 3-7 high school senior record and turned him into a Rose Bowl winning 1st rounder. He is doing the same for a 2 star QB in Slovis. In the end, Slovis will end up owing Coach Clay Helton big time for coaching him up!

      In a few years all the naysayers will be glad that Bohn didn’t listen to them as they attend a National Championship trophy ceremony at the Heritage Hall!

      Clay Helton is like novacaine, give it a minute and all pain will be gone!

      #FightOnClay #FightOnTrueTrojans #ThisYearTheRoseorAlamoBowl #NextyearNationalChampionship


    3. ’67, You are correct. Does Folt stay out of Bohn’s way or does she pull a Mad Max and tell Bohn who to hire or keep. To save USC football, you must put Helton out of his misery and take him behind the shed along with Pendergast and Baxter. Take Harrell with you. SC needs to go back to its roots and run power.


      1. Fine with your nearly all of your advice PT, but Harrell has done a good job under the circumstances and should not be flayed by the Trojan fans. The worry was that Tailback U would abandon the run under Harrell. Before all the RB injuries, rushing att were about 31 per game and passing att about 38 per game. Yes, he (and/or CCH) blew the BYU game. Otherwise, hard to blame Harrell for this year’s struggles.

        As posted earlier, this year’s offense ranks higher nationally (at #18) than the Darnold/RoJo year of 2017. USC has faced 5 defenses in the top 18-20 overall nationally so far this season and done very well. Untimely turnovers/penalties along with ridiculous special teams have gifted the opponent with short fields has been the undoing this season. Add in a young, inexperienced D that can’t control the edge and you have this year’s team.


  2. Bohn needs to make a splash hire to get his tenure off to a great start. Helton is respected by his players because he put their welfare first. Bohn will handle the transition properly from now until Dec 1. They will hire a coach before the bowl game.


  3. All ways wunted too bee invisibull but jugde all ways say Ed downt u try too highed under the tabel we can still see u, ok I say but I aint tuch any one, he says Ed. You keep quite know and let them jurey deside taht, and I say ok jugde but I dont tuch otehr poeple only my self,

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  4. The PAC 12 Network has been showing the 2005 USC vs. UCLA game. The difference is in how USC executed (perfect word) that game and their lack of consistent execution under Clay Helton. Some may say it was better players, but we all know the the talent level hasn’t dropped off that much. What has happened is the way the talent has been handled by Clay Helton. If he were a doctor, there would be a case for malpractice. The evidence has been displayed time and again. Clay Helton does not know how to handle talented football players. He has stumbled around like a blind surgeon doing eye surgery. It’s too bad the University cannot use this as leverage against the buyouts for the staff. Dereliction of duty is cause for dismissal. From the mishandling of Darnold, to the use of Toa Lobendown, Helton has only been successful by sheer luck. It is tragic that expects to be paid for doing nothing but looking busy.

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  5. Who knows? He might be praying for a contract extension at a local church. Hey, don’t laugh. It might happen. It happened before. After all, he’s the epitome of the spirit of Fight On, right? lol.


  6. USC is going to have to eat that $20 million for the time being, because there’s no way around it if they fire Clay Helton. But a successful football program will eventually generate the money back to the university. If Mike Bohn decides to keep Helton another year, the program will be set back once again, as ticket sales continue to spiral


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