USC Morning Buzz: A Mythical Title Returns

Clay Helton obviously has been talking to the team about something he only talks about: Being state of California champions.

Yes, it’s again to discuss that meaningless honor that only Helton considers important. Here is what linebacker John Houston said Wednesday about beating UCLA.

“It’s another chance to showcase our ability, see who runs California,” Houston said. “At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”

There was a time when the USC-UCLA game was about being crowned champions of Los Angeles. That matters because you see USC or UCLA fans every day and want bragging rights.

But Helton preaches the importance of being state champs, which no one ever discusses with any seriousness. I can’t remember getting into too many arguments with Cal or Stanford fans, myself.

But creating mythical titles is what happens when you can’t point to more important goals, like being a College Football Playoff candidate.

  • USC athletic director Mike Bohn is requesting fans wear cardinal to the game Saturday. That ought to make it hard to tell how many empty seats there are at the Coliseum, which has red seats.

35 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Mythical Title Returns

  1. I realize the choir does not want to listen to what Thamel wrote last night as a credible possibility ‘but’ Helton may indeed, last another year. I’m not aware of the ‘buyout’ for himself nor his staff but it must be ‘big’. Folt is the one in charge specific to the money. I daresay it is her ‘vision’ of what she wants/hopes she can impact USC that matters as I also believe that is why the BOT (Caruso) chose her. I belive Bohn wants Helton gone but I also believe that, regardles of who is chosen to replace him, it has to go through her first.

    Doubt anything happens next week—‘maybe’ after the Pac-12 CCG…after that well hello 2020.

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    1. If USC as expected destroys the pathetic ruins and the Utes choke in Tucson then Bohn will have to wait on any coaching change until the Pac 12 Championship game. The pressure will build from the pro-Helton faction to save money and keep him and see if he can win next year with an experienced Slovis, shut down defense, great receivers and healthy stable of running backs.

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      1. I hate to admit that this scenario has occurred to me also.
        I’d hate to lose both Pittman and Vaughs–though London and Amon Ra are a great duo to build upon. Bru and Ford are inexperienced, but expected to be great talents. Yep, gonna be a great offense to watch.
        (BTW–per the computers at FPI, this year’s offense is rated HIGHER than the Offense of Sam D and Rojo 2017!)

        I agree that next year’s defense has great potential, esp if a defensive coordinator can get us to develop a brutal edge rusher (along with some semblance of edge control).

        So…if you are CCH and you escape by the skin of your teeth into 2020, do you go to Folt/Bohn and request the cash for THE splashy DC hire?

        I don’t like any of this. Just thinking ahead….

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      2. Utah is not going to lose to AZ or Colorado. They win the South. If we should lose the gutties Helton is gone as of Monday AM. If we win and are 8-4 it makes it hard to fire Helton. Nobody wants him gone more than I do. Folt has been on the job 5 months and Bohn three weeks. I am not sure they fully understand the gravity of USC football with regards to the alumni base. Folt is going to listen to that miserable prick Caruso. Bohn is going to listen to Folt. If UM is out of the picture I say USC punts and does nothing. If UM is in the picture it becomes real hard not to fire Helton. While $ should not be a consideration this is a whole new administration and we really don’t know how they are going to react. If it were Steve Sample there would be no doubt he would move. Nikias still has influence and Folt probably listens to him. Nevertheless, a critical time for USC football and the University. Interesting to see how it plays out, if at all.

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      3. Other than the handful of people who are directly connected to Helton (and of course all those who benefit by a pitiful SC), WHO are the Helton support team…those who are content to be mediocre at best? Those who long to get rid of big time sports at SC? perhaps its the GOP in Cali who are more than satisfied with being out of the picture…..


    2. Nice, “nuanced” view of a highly fluid situation.

      That said, Folt knew how important MBB was to the Tarheel Nation and kept Roy Williams in place. She is a Californian at heart and knows how important is the USC FB brand to the future of our school. UNC is “decent” academically with a few flagship sports. USC is superior academically, financially, historically, and has performed at a high level in multiple sports (too many to name since the early 1960’s. She will do the right thing.


    3. Today the California Champions! Tomorrow NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!! Helton isn’t going anywhere this year or the next. He will be here as long as he graciously wants to coach the Trojans.

      All you so called “fans” will be so glad that Bohn didn’t listen to you!

      #CoachClayisaWinner #Y’allAre@SSholes


  2. Wearing won’t work for more than a year or two at the most, because the constant sun will turn the seats pink like the ones before these.
    As for seeing an empty stadium that’s fixed by a simple three word sentence toward the coaches;”You are Fired”
    The state championship only means something if the teams you beat have winning records. I don’t see that here. California has four teams whereas the other states have one or two. Does Utah call themselves state champs?

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      1. In the last 6 years, UCLA BB is not 44 – 64 vs Pac 12 BB competition like Andyain’twinning’s, defective prophylactic BB program.

        #Andyain’twinningdidn’tknow squat……LOL


    1. Like how you roll, SW.

      I spend too much time looking at the ESPN FPI data (and quoting it)….
      (Soon everyone on this site will smote me for quoting it.)

      Per FPI, 2.4% chance the Trojans win the Pac 12 outright–which would be a Rose Bowl berth.
      Per FPI, 89.9% chance Utah wins both of their next two games–or a 10.1% chance USC is the South division winner, playing Oregon for the title.
      Under this scenario, I think that Oregon would be left out of the CFP (even at 12-1) and would go to the RB.

      A lot of dominoes have to fall. I’ll take 2.4% 😉

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  3. Instead of asking the fans to wear cardinal, Bohn should ask the fans to come out and contribute $20 for the “Urban Meyer for coach fund” or the “Clay Helton Buyout fund” with collection sites around the Coliseum. He would sell out the Coli and with 75000 SC fans donating an average of $20, he would reap $1.5M just in donations. Add in a full Coli with parking, ticket sales, concessions, and souvenirs and the fund quadruples.

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    1. Mike Bohn should ask Rick Caruso and his BOT buddies for $20 million.

      They presided over this sh*tshow.

      Med School. Twice.
      Haden. Swann. Helton,
      The firing of Jim Ellis.

      Easily the most incompetent trustees of any university. Anytime. Anywhere.

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      1. You nailed it 67…….one of the reasons there is a chance the moron could be granted another year. If they do…I’am out until a change.

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    2. Oh Hell Yeah!

      Nov 30th at the Coliseum? (Rams are away, Dec 1–I checked)
      Live broadcast the Utah vs CU game on the jumbotron to “create some interest.”
      Leverage the tailgate experience?
      Spirit of Troy?
      Song girls?

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      1. Would be tempting if there weren’t so many other great games scheduled! Maybe if it’s a late kickoff.

        #22 Iowa State Kansas State TBD
        #2 Ohio State #13 Michigan 9:00 AM FOX
        #5 Alabama #15 Auburn 12:30 PM CBS
        #12 Wisconsin #10 Minnesota 12:30 PM ABC

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      2. GT22, as Sam Kinison said to Rodney Dangerfield in Back To School, I like the way you think!!

        Remember! You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning!!


  4. If Gomer is not fired , I am done with SC football until he is fired. Imagine next season opener vs Bama. You clearly remember the last time he matched up with Saban. The only people that will be happy if Gomer is being retained is all of SC opponents. What a joke this program has become. Enough already. Get rid of Gomer and bring USC back where it should be competing for National Titles annually and not some joke of a state title. All the teams in California are average to mediocre at best.


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