USC Podcast Time!

In this edition, we zero in on a coaching candidate for USC.

We also look at the scenarios for Mike Bohn to fire Clay Helton.

We also recount some of the most unexpected USC-UCLA game results.

You can listen by clicking on this link.

13 thoughts on “USC Podcast Time!

  1. Turned it off after 4 minutes. First 60 seconds are advertisement, next 30 seconds some sort of loud music thatn Aram comes on and sounds like he just smoked a joint. Then Wolf joins the party and they talked about the weather for a minute. Geez, Scott was not expecting rain. ROTFLMAO!

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      1. it is a bummer that you don’t have better things to do with your time than listen to Wolf lisp through ten minutes of bullshit.


    1. I recall that moment vividly. When SC pulled to within 1-point late in the game, I told the sucla crowd around me, “Go for 2. I don’t want to tie these guys. I don’t want to be that close to these guys.”


    2. On the Monday after that tough loss, JR brought the team together to announce that he was leaving USC to take the HC job with the Anaheim Rams. It was abundantly evident at that juncture that a tie in his last game with UCLA was never an option.

      In a tough fought game with ND the next Saturday, JR was sent out by an incredible group of seniors with a W.

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      1. He didn’t announce anything. Robinson didn’t get the Ram job until 14th Feb 1983 – nearly 3+ mos. after the ucla game (20th Nov. 1982). He did state he was going to stay on as a some kind of ‘professor’ just as the NCAA was moving in that’s when he decided to split and fast

        The program was under deep investigation prior to his leaving for the Rams. ‘Jolly John’ set the precedent that Pete Carroll copied – left rather than move the team through the front end of an NCAA sanctions.


  2. That has to be the worst excuse for a podcast I’ve attempted to listen to.

    For God’s sake is that the best these guys can do?



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