Now People Want Staff Changes?

With USC on the verge of going 8-4, I’m seeing some talk that maybe Clay Helton should be retained on the condition he fire Clancy Pendergast and John Baxter.


I was advocating that two years ago after a 10-win season. We are in 2019 and it is too late to merely fire a defensive coordinator and special teams coach.

There is a leadership vacuum at USC and it won’t be solved by firing two assistant coaches. Will that solve recruiting? Will that solve penalty problems? Will it cause fans to return to the Coliseum next season?

28 thoughts on “Now People Want Staff Changes?

  1. Fire Baxter, fire Clancy don’t matter none! Clay Helton could win with monkeys as his assistants!! He is that good! But you @ssholes better not mess with the master that is Clay Helton!



  2. Pudly is conducting some form of evil mind control. He’s hacked my account and will probably hack everyone else’s account too. At that point, you will not have any control of your thoughts. All of your thoughts will be his. Therefore, I need you to go to my for-pay website and leave your credit card information. It’s the only way we can defeat that dastardly Pudly!!!


  3. Fire Baxter, fire Clancy don’t matter none! Clay Helton could win with monkeys as his assistants!! He is that good! But you @ssholes better not mess with the master that is Clay Helton!



  4. poor Hell-TON is the Richard Jewell of football! he does most everything right and STILL you Dummies are trying to persecute him!

    he lost his starting QB and STILL led his team to an improbable RANKED position with two more games to go!

    Bohn SAID “Finish Strong” is all he could ask of Hell-TON, and he is on the verge of doing that in spades!!! they all say Bohn is a man of his word!


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    1. “he lost his starting QB and STILL led his team to an improbable RANKED position with two more games to go!”

      C’mon, Charlie. You know as well as I that if JT Daniels didn’t get injured the Trojans would have another 5-7 season–or worse. Clueless Clay lucks out again!

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      1. There is a Yahoo article about 20 million to transition to a new coaching staff and keeping Helton for another year so Bohn can really evaluate the program. There is another article about Urban Meyer not wanting to coach again. It sounds like if Helton beats UCLA and wins the bowl. He’s staying for another year. His players are saving his butt.

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    2. 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿
      👉🏿👉🏾 👉🏽 FUCK UCLA 👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿

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      1. Dear Pisley, prime SUCCX Rah-Rah/Pimp: Home sweet home after spending a month or so on vacation nitpicking up Traveler’s kazoo!

        #Ding goes the Vic Bell!


      2. Pudly –

        I hear the food is pretty good at Pelican Bay. Good to see that you earned some internet privileges.

        Now go dress up like little bo peep, you sick f##k..


    3. I’d say he’s the ‘antithesis’ of the ‘peckerwood’….Helton will never get any credit but hey ‘the peckerwoods’ toilet deposit smelled like perfume right? No? Ah gee better look out those ‘addicts’ of the ‘con’ are going to hunt you down

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  5. Both of those guys do need to go but Helton doesn’t really have the clout to hire anyone else who is really outstanding. Even if he did, most coaches see what the Board of Bustees doesn’t seem to see….namely, that you are going to have to fire Helton soon anyway. If you don’t fire him now, We’re going to be getting 2’s and 3’s as far as recruits go. This guy can’t win with that kind of talent. What really good assistant wants to sign on to a sinking ship?

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    1. The drug pusher will try to convince us to “just take a little hit.” Won’t hurt.
      The CCH experiment will “turn the corner” if he just gets a better DC…
      I’ll admit that I’ve pondered “what if …? ” (we just got a splashy DC hire)

      Hate to quote Nancy Reagan, but “just say no.”

      All of the indictments of the CCH years continue:
      soft practices, poor tackling, excessive injury, stupid penalties, etc etc etc.

      He’s a great guy, solid O coach, ran a clean program and graduated our student athletes. He had to boot out a bunch of 5 star Sarkiffin recruits due to felonious activity. He did it. He deserves to go out on a winning note and allowed to rebuild a Power 5 or Group of 5 program elsewhere.

      The smart folks on this site know–unequivocally–what is the USC FB brand. Started sometime in 1929 (or so). CCH has not curated the USC FB brand.


  6. It’s too risky for Mike Bohn to retain Clay Helton, because 90% of the Trojans offense will be gone next season. Football Scoop, and the sports writers for Yahoo, think Helton will be dismissed Monday morning regardless of the outcome of the UCLA game, and I have to agree. It’s not unusual for a coach to be dismissed after a 8-4 record, especially if the team struggled to get there. Michael Pittman single handily won the Fresno, Utah, and Arizona State game. So if it weren’t for that, the Trojans would’ve had back to back 5-7 seasons .

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  7. Really hate this blog. When I wrote this it was the first in-line. But posting has been a pain. I copied and emailed this to myself to post under a different name. I am glad I can quit this stupid stuff soon.
    The fan base, of which I am a proud member, is eroding faster than the clean air over a bovine fertilizer factory. The assistants in questions should have been evaluated and dismissed last year. However our humble, hugging, humanist coach is also a eunuch. Now if I am reading this correctly, so it seems is the problem with the new Athletic Director. But the good news is he has the power to buy new balls without going to an on campus clinic. He had better make a move soon, or there won’t be a fan base left.
    Unless he has been on another planet, or a place as remote as Cincinnati, he has surely heard that the fans raised money to fly a plane over the coliseum expressing their demand for change. Kingsbury was the immediate response to the call to fire Helton, but the myopic Athletic Director named after a majestic bird misread the sign, thinking a simple change would suffice. This simple mistake caused the man to sing his swann song a few months later. The board of directors threw the fan base a bone to chew, but again (so far) this has proved displeasing like a chicken bone in a beef broth. Time is running short and the fan base is growing restless. Nothing so simple as replacing a few old worn out parts will save this coaching machine, it’s time for a new crew.

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    1. That’s what I said too but I seem to be blocked. And since I’ve tried to say it on multiple devices, I know I’m being blocked. Please moderators tell me what above is so wrong?

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  8. Helton is not good enough or well respected enough in the industry to replace those two with assistants who are significantly better.



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  9. SC is below mediocre.
    1. Defensive Yds/game is #66 (out of 130 schools)
    2. Turnover Margin is #106 (out of 130 schools)
    3. Stopping 3rd down conversion is #66
    4. Total Penalties is #107
    5. Rushing Yds/game is #70
    6. Passing Yds per game is #75
    7. Plays per game is #87

    Surely, the HC has responsibility for this fiasco. Helton may be a wonderful guy, but overall stats don’t lie. His teams perform poorly and are consistent year after year with the poor performance. AND this doesn’t count the miserable performance against the IRISH and the blow outs which happen every year.

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  10. Count me in as one who wants staff changes, starting with Helton..If he isn’t canned, none of the other changes matter…It’s not like Helton is Pete Carroll with a lousy staff…
    Besides, do you think keeping Helton is going to turnaround recruiting…? Seriously? Put butts in the seats next year? or, or, or…over their last 24 games they are 12-12… That’s great at Oregon St. …but no other Pac 12 school would be satisfied with that, especially given the undeniable talent disparity between SC and other schools…I heard that UC Davis is going to cancel the game with SC if he remains head coach….by the time that game rolls around, beating the Trojans will be like beating CSUN…
    Apathy has replaced frustration…If Helton survives, I will no longer waste my time…


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