Should Everyone Cancel Their Season Tickets?

The answer if Clay Helton returns as coach is “yes.”

But here is a pretty good case why in many ways USC is not providing much value for season-ticket holders in the next few years.

Let’s take a closer look: You can join a donor group like the Committee for $10,000. Four season seats is another $3,000 plus renovation fees.

Now look at the home games for 2021-23 and examine your viewing options, which will be split between traditionally attractive games and bad games in parentheses.

2021 – Stanford, UCLA, Utah (UC Davis, BYU, Arizona and Oregon State)
2022 – Notre Dame and Cal (Rice, Fresno State, Arizona State, and Colorado). This might be the worst home schedule ever.
2023 – Stanford, UCLA, Utah, Washington (Nevada, BYU, Arizona)

Let’s say you get 40-yard line seats for at worst $500 a seat or $2,000 a game on the secondary market.

You save yourself between $5,000 and $9,000 per season.

You could even donate the money you save to academics and get full tax benefits, which you don’t get with athletic donations any more because of the new tax rules.

Maybe Mike Bohn should consider this before he makes his decision on Helton.

32 thoughts on “Should Everyone Cancel Their Season Tickets?

  1. Economics drive everything and allegedly this guy was hired to shore up fundraising that, assumedly, declined under the roadkill shiftless Swann. If that’s the list for the next three years good luck meeting the budget needs of other sports acitiviteis

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    1. He was fired for not being a good fundraiser at Colorado. If he was hired for that purpose USC fucked up once again, and if he keeps Gomer people will rightly suspect he’s just a puppet for the BOT

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  2. Mike Bohn will make a coaching change, because he must realize that if he doesn’t, he will be the one on the hot seat next year, not Clay Helton. After every loss, people will be pointing the finger at him, not Helton, for being responsible for the loss. He doesn’t want to lose sleep every Friday night before a USC game worrying about another loss and the resulting blowback. He knows that his decision to keep Helton, and thereby becoming the point person for fan criticism, will suck the air out of his other responsibilities and goals as athletic director.

    Since I am one of those who are frequently wrong, but never in doubt, expect the announcement that Helton has signed a 10 year contract.

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    1. Your insights make sense – he must realize there is only a downside keeping Helton – no upside whatsoever i.e. Helton is perceived nationally, outside the media, to be an incompetent who shall never be prepared for any major opponent.

      Yes very true this is Bohn’s first major move – he blows this by retaining the hill billy – it’s over.

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      1. Alv —Local and national press is beginning to coalesce behind Helton. The man they non stop criticized up til roughly one week ago. What gives? Who benefits from Helton staying?

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  3. I remember going to games in the 60’s and 70’s and seeing Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Miami Fla, Arkansas etc. We played at Oklahoma, Arkansas, LSU, Arkansas, Alabama. One season SC played ranked Alabama and Nebraska back to back, now we play UC Davis !

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    1. Hey buddah hopefully uc Davis gets cancelled. Then Rice the following year. Start. Hey alumni start banging on Bohn to cancell those games. He said he wanted to invite everyone back and take input from fellow alumni. Let him know this is unacceptable for USCs standards. That we don’t play pansies to fatten their win record. Wr are SC not the Sec.

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      1. Bohn has to prove he isn’t a BOT puppet by next Monday ( If Utah wins ), if Gomer stays, let the speculation begin.

        As for the shitty home games, what difference will it make if Gomer is still the coach ?


  4. If Mike Bohn decides to keep Clay Helton, which at this point I’m thinking he will, then the fallout will be tremendous, and there’s nothing he can do to spin it. And why do I have a gut feeling Helton will be retained? Because if Bohn doesn’t have an agreement with a perspective coach already, then recruiting will be totally lost, and the program will be a rudderless ship .


    1. Good to see you, Cal75.
      As for 2022 —who really knows which teams will be fun to watch? [I do like the idea of Scott starting a parody of the Sports Illustrated “Way Too Early Top 25 Projections”]….

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    2. We all want to Cal to return to competitive FB.
      It’s good for the Trojans, good for the Pac 12.
      Man, the Rodgers/Marshawn/Mychal Kendricks days were epic.
      Keenan Allen and Marvin Jones and CJ Anderson?

      I think the implication was that the Cal ticket was “attractive” compared to Fresno State, Az, et al

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  5. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see Helton’s return next season due to USCs reluctance to step away from mediocrity. The fact that Helton who hasn’t grown as a Head Coach will accept another year is unbelievable. Hard to accept him as the face of the football program after the disgusting Game Ball fiasco. Helton’s new team motto will be “Not how you play the game but how good you can kiss butt” As a non alumni I don’t have the right to a opinion but the integrity of USC Football is headed out to sea via the sewer system.

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  6. Look at the odd teams that Alabama schedules to build their resumes for the year. Those tough schedules get the players hurt. You need healthy players for the big games.


    1. I guess you would rather see bad teams just to get a win? The season ticket holders will not renew for these kind of games(the smart ones)–trojanbooogs had it right—DON’T BE LIKE THE SEC—we want to see good hard fought games!

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      1. My Bros and I we have been die hard SC fans since we were kids. I’ve been a fan nearly 40 years and I’m 46 now. We take pride and our proud that USC has never ever played a level 3 team just for easy wins. We even give Notre Lame and the Ruins credit for not doing it as well.
        Hopefully the alumni start banging on Bohns twitter and email and a new coach gets hired. Who Gets/ understands USCs heritage and tradition has the game against uc Davis cancelled. We are SC not the SEC! Fight on! Thanks F!

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  7. I only go back 44yrs to Steve Barkowski & Vince Ferragamo & neither of those two played Varsity as an 18yr old. Kedon Slovis aka Cleetis with 515yds against the chipper was as good a west coast performance as I can remember. To give THE GAME ball to anyone else is a travesty.
    Bohn & Holt. Ppffffffffft. Helton is Dr. Wedge & creepy.


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    1. Cal75 —
      I wish Helton weren’t so….obvious.


  8. As for cancelling season tickets , it’s done. Not just the price, but the paying more for less. I can go to a Mt. Sac game and see a college team trying to win a football game. The hassle factor has caught up with me. Going back a few years when clear plastic bags were required at the gate and inconsistent guards. I do not recall giving up my right to privacy as a condition of entering a football game. We pick and choose games we want to go to now and usually grab an away game for fun.

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  9. Kiffin is on the verge of winning another Conference USA Title. BOT folks need to swallow some pride and arrogance, do a total Haden Reset and revert back to 2010. Anyone else remember what Kiffin did with a full roster? in 2011? at Oregon? Or quickly at Tennessee at Alabama in 2009?


      1. I don’t want to see Lame Lames Denny’s menu anywhere near a USC sideline ever again. No to lame lame running the same plays, stupid bubble screen over and over again. Getting his receivers killed on the field. No to the Kiffer as some call him on this site.!

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