USC Morning Buzz: Only One Game Today

Even if Utah beat Colorado today, Clay Helton could return as USC coach.

But it will put more pressure on the powers-that-be-at-USC if the Utes take care of business and win the Pac-12 South. That would make it easier to remove Helton because USC will not be in the Pac-12 title game.

A USC coach I spoke to Friday believes Sunday will be D-Day for the staff to learn their fate.

38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Only One Game Today

      1. Higher learning is not that way…these two present a lot of smoke and mirrors to survive.,,heck, one of ‘em even had an interim President say they’re safe because they’re not out carousing…we all get that, baked in ingredients to most successful long term success, but, that can’t be the only bar….And, nepotism, hiring parents, is never good at any price….


      2. If pops is that good, let him have the lead job. If not, where’s the loyalty to USC? They commit to USC, just because we give dad a gig?


      3. Do you date women, who just want your money? Fun for awhile, but it doesn’t last,, and creates conflicts of interests….that’s life in the big city….


      4. Chris and Stephenmcghgy…

        Nice interchange. Only at Scottie’s do you find this type of entertainment.

        And we still haven’t seen Ed G. yet today.

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      5. Coach Mobley developed a bunch of these teenage “stars.”
        He knows their “emotions” after mentoring them as they grow up.
        He’s an asset to the staff–even if the nepotism item stinks (royally).
        It’s not a violation of NCAA rules, at least.

        NCAA men’s BB is facing an existential threat. If a “minor BB league” gains traction and becomes preferable for the best BB talent, then NCAA MBB becomes a second-rate show. We old guys recall when NCAA baseball was as competitive as Minor League baseball. No longer.
        I haven’t cared about baseball since our last Natty in 1998.

        Admittedly, the “pay to play” law which Newsome signed into law could save mens BB.

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      6. As a player in both sports, growing up right here in SoCal, I never even considered mom and dad to roll like that….certainly, wouldn’t hold a sport(s) hostage over it, as you infer with minor league basketball….I root for the name on the front, not the back(figure of speech )….always have, always will…As great as players get, they come and go, yet the sport/school/team lives on….you start exploiting everything, and you turn away many, if not more, than you gain…


      7. I’m Independent, but it reminds me of the Democratic Impeachment effort that’s inevitably failing, and risks the possibility of bolstering the incumbent, and costing them the next election…..


    1. Yeah, stephenmcg, I mostly concur.
      I love CFB JUST BECAUSE the kids leave (graduate or go pro), and we get a new crew to cheer (jeer for some). It’s about the traditions–a sprinting Bison, Traveler, the 8-clap (ugh).

      Of course, it’s about the name on the front. Never seen a University sports program go Baltimore Colts and pack up in the middle of the night and leave, right. I gave up on the Rams after they moved to Disneyland.

      But if the best HS grads skip NCAA MBB–including Duke, KU, Kaintucky–and go “minor league pro,” the level of competition may diminish signficantly. The traditions will be there. The student section might attend. I recall watching a skinny Barry Bonds come to Dedeaux year after year and play vs the Trojans. Terry Francona from UA also.
      Nowadays, most can’t miss HS grads sign a lucrative minor league contract and forego the university experience.

      As a sidebar question–are University sports and the University sports experience relevant in Europe? I dunno.

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      1. Education is a ladder to the future. College has been a wonderful vehicle for many many years…..if players don’t want the full benefits, that’s unfortunate. It gets more people involved, in a multitude of experiences, inside and outside the classroom, while providing regional, national and global competition. Social interaction Is abundant, enhancing a person’s senses…..As a consumer, I’m not interested in watching minor league ball. That’s an easy call. My first job, after graduating USC and my career over due to surgery etc., was professional umpire…I trained, studied and qualified at Joe Brinkman’s Umpire School in Cocoa Beach, FL…I’ve seen the minor league experience….Bonds? I was at USC when he was a Sun Devil. What a great player, even then!….Every country needs the college scene. It helps progression, but, I’ve never been to Europe, so I don’t know it. However, foreign students/athletes have been flocking to America for decades and decades, seeking a better life….


  1. What’s your plan A? plan B? plan C?

    My Christmas wish is that the perfect hire already has a contract sitting on his desk waiting to be released right after the conference champ games are played. I can wait another week for the good news (as will some recruits). Best part of Christmas is WAITING to unwrap the gift.

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    1. At this point, it’s so obvious, might as well draw straws….Hey Mr. Bohn?! Calling on your throne for help, here?…President Folt?! Please? I’m staying out the new name business, that’s on you all, but these two coaches have been given enough time, chance and resource…?


      1. If the school can afford it, please feel green lighted…if not, ok, I get it, but this is alma mater agony! We look up to you! Fight On, and win…it’s our song….

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      2. Man why you just be another ‘jimmy dean’ here a’ headin’ down CA ST 46….try this … do a ‘re-birth’ of ‘Howl’. You’re too kool for school – you can be Ferlinghetti and that ass clown Owns can be that hairy ape Ginsburg.

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      3. Speaking of Owns, this is usually the point he says to you, have another drink, lush, and get over your fraternal rejection…you never had the love you sought, so you pretend, even in your 70’s…


  2. Since I’m always wrong at predicting things, I’ll go ahead and predict that Clay Helton will be back next season, then hope and pray that my streak continues 😂

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      1. 67 —I’m not sure Fan Boy will have to resort to prayer in order for Utah to come out on top today. So MANY things would have to happen for Colorado to pull this off — they’d need a couple of real suspect interference calls to go THEIR way, every Utah loose ball would have to bounce THEIR way, all injuries would have to be on the Utah side (particularly at quarterback) ….and they’d need at least one real cheap pick six at the end to seal the deal……

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      2. Michael, yes indeed, Colorado winning would be the equivalent of hell freezing over.

        I believe that we will get good news on Monday morning.

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      3. 67 —I think we’ll get news —I’m just HOPING it’s not the “going from the frying pan to the fire” variety. Some of the names being bandied about as “next up” are not only not going to lead us to the promised land —they’re going to present us with more of the same…..

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      1. Guarino’s just mad cuz Buddha called him a kiss ass, and I laughed. Michael should be glad I played rich man, poor man…


    1. Fan Boy —As someone has already mentioned, our sincere thanks for doing your part. But where’s Scott?! Now is the time for him to help out by doing his “10 Things Utah Needs To Do To Win!” column…….

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  3. If Enfield hadn’t hired Mobley’s dad he never would have gotten the kid or his brother and the older brother sure isn’t setting the world on fire.

    How can you let one player beat you ?
    How can you not play to your talent ?
    How can you play so bad with this kind of talent ?

    Gomer and Enfield, two Haden chosen fucking piece of shit losers

    And just wait until you see how bad the rest of the sports will get at USC thanks to Swann’s lazy hires.

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    1. Lazy MIGHT be a compliment, karma…..


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