USC Has Officially Botched Clay Helton Situation

Herm Edwards fired three assistants today. Other schools are making moves.

USC is letting the media dictate the situation with Clay Helton. It should come out with a statement today.

Instead, there are conflicting reports on what will happen. USC can’t even fire Helton properly, if that’s what will happen.

For what it’s worth, a donor told me right now he still expects Helton to be fired Monday.

40 thoughts on “USC Has Officially Botched Clay Helton Situation

    1. Either get in front of a story, or be prepared to be portrayed as a sh*tshow.

      Which is what happened with the Nikias firing.
      Which is what happened with Med School 1. And Med School 2.
      Which is what happened with Tyndall.
      Which is what happened with firing Dean Jim Ellis from the B-School.

      The beat goes on.

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      1. GT22, thx for posting.

        I am thinking that a wishy-washy announcement from an assistant AD far down the food chain still means that Helton will be gone.

        Maybe money is an issue regarding the buyout? Donor negotiations?

        Caruso, step up to the plate and write a big check. You are accountable for this sh*tshow.

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      2. ’67, whenever SUCCX comes to mind, you’re front and center – the epitome of Clown U’s loud and blind Rah-Rah/Pimps.


      3. 67 —If it weren’t so sad this would be hilarious —USC actually thinks it’s being smart by saying “How dare anybody say Helton’s fired —we have no idea what we’re doing on this!”
        Wait for Folt and Bohn to squeeze next to each other at the podium (kinda like Pelosi and Schumer) and say with a smile, “this kinda all hit us by surprise —we want to take our time now even MORE than we did before we were eliminated form the Pac 12 Tilte Game —it’s hard to explain…”

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    2. I’m totally pissed at Lady Prez and Bohn. They fucked up. Make a damn decision and then say it!
      Get him Out, Now! I’m a Cardinal and Gold, but not another penny of my money goes, until Clay is Gone!

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  1. How in the hell can USC let this happen…AGAIN?! Is there a dumbs hit exam you must pass in order to become a higher up at the university? I swear to God you couldn’t make this garbage up. You screw up once, o.k. Learn from it and don’t let it happen again. But when it becomes a habit, as it is at USC, then there is something bad wrong that needs to be corrected immediately. This all lands at the hands of Bohn/Folt. I wonder if Steve Lopes has his hands in this? If he does, then he needs his ass fired as well.

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    1. When any professional screws up big time ONCE he’s given a pass. If he screws up big time TWICE he’s seen as an amateur. When he screws up EVERY time out he gets the reputation of being a menace….and is treated with disrespect…

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  2. I assume they want to handle this “properly” on Monday, not have people learn about it through the media, but by doing that, they have allowed the media narrative to spin with contradictory reports.

    If they make the right decision, a day of conflicting reports just doesnt matter.

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      1. 67 — At the very least, these dummies should have known that —after months of waiting — all of Los Angeles would be expecting some kind of statement on the Helton situation. Even if the ‘Brain Trust’ is involved in oh- so- complicated negotiations with a coach still under contract through the playoffs, they should STILL have had some kind of bullshit statement prepared for TODAY…..

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    1. It’s Sunday for cripesake.
      It can wait until Monday (December 2 or 9).

      IMHO, The Trojans have written off the 2020 recruiting class.
      It’s about getting the “hire” done correctly.

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      1. I could handle “writing off the 2020 class” (well, actually, I couldn’t –but I’ve reconciled myself to the dynamics of USC ‘decision making’) IF we got Urban Meyer …..but no else out there has even come close to winning a National Championship— so losing the 2020 class AND hiring a Question Mark would really represent a special kind of twofer….. even for USC….


  3. There is a money/buyout issue. Not with the amount but when Helton is let go.

    If they fired him today, the buyout is different than if he is fired tomorrow. It is a significant amount, hence the wait for another 24 hours to save the difference in amount.



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    1. None of which prevents USC from putting out a statement of SOME kind… in order to look as though they are operating on some kind of timetable …and haven’t simultaneously lost Helton and his staff to Louisville and Meyer and his staff to Dallas….[it doesn’t have to be more than “we will soon be making an exciting announcement regarding the coaching staff for the 2020 Football Season —stayed tuned, Trojans”]…


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    1. I recall JR lightening up on tackling drill in late November.
      If you haven’t had enough repetition and learned to tackle by that time of year……

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    2. Hey pudly76—-you better get off your ass and start looking for transfers for Mater Dei–seems like they didn’t get enough to win!!!


  5. Either way USC doesnt look good here. Have always said Folt is over her head at USC and lets be honest . Bohn being at Colorado and Cincinnati is a far cry from the USC football hot bed. I mean whats Helton telling these recruits? Im back? No worries?

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      1. Kind of like back in November 1970 Ben Davidson regaling all the sportswriters after that defeat turned to victory against the KC Chiefs when the Chiefs had a 1st down and it meant the Chiefs would win. Suddenly a huge rumble started – both sides separated and offsetting penalties gave the ball back to the Raiders for one more drive – boing – field goal and tied game – that gave the Raiders into post-season and punched the Chiefs to ‘palookaville’ .

        The writers asked Davidson “What happened out there?” Davidson replied “Well I saw them keeping the ball soooo I started a fight!”

        Not allowed anymore by the way.

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    1. Great point. Seems anyone & anything that comes into his orbit gets tainted.

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    2. Perhaps something else is going on here. If it had been decided to fire Helton, it’s not much more then a telephone call or in-person meeting. Perhaps there was a buyout clause in Helton’s contract for some amount less then the remaining balance. If true, Bohn would be wise to wait until the Utah/Colorado outcome. If he’d been fired before that game and Utah lost, Helton may have a legal basis for wrongful termination and sue for the balance of his contract. I’ve negotiated over 100 highly paid entertainment executive contracts and they all had buyout clauses. If the full balance amount was paid out, the employee gets “sidelined” for the remaining time. If this is also the case with Helton’s contract, he might take a lesser amount with the right to coach somewhere else immediately. All of this would require new legal docs and the back-and-forth takes time.

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      1. Possibly, but please explain Helton recruiting visits to solid bozo u commits.

        Are we to assume Helton is visiting his recruits to announce he been fired? Those of us who’ve been fired know there’s a definite aural “of the blade is about to fall” reality.

        I doubt Helton is such a suck-up he’d lie to his recruits and families so Clown U can get its PR ducks in a row.


  6. ASU isn’t SC where Edwards probably has a lot more say. Texas is the real irrelevant so called power that hasn’t finished Top 10 in forever so the real dumpster fire is in Austin. I’d rather Bohn get it right then rush into something a la Haden and Swann.


  7. Botched is hardly strong enough; this situation is disrespectful, inconsiderate, and downright rude to the fans, the players, and Helton himself. Leaving people hanging like this, unable to make plans and move forward with their lives is inconsiderate to say the least. This guy Bohn should take a stand and live with it. Good or bad this limbo stuff
    can not be allowed to go on. Man up Bohn!


  8. Well , monday has come and gone and we are still crapping on our selves. Are the other Institutions just more courageous. Make a decision and move on . There is only one right decision. Just get rid of Helton. Or maybe they think God sent him. Maybe Helton finally convinced us that he was sent.


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