USC Turns To National Media

USC is mostly communicating with national media (Pete Thamel, Dennis Dodd, Pat Forde, Bruce Feldman) today.

There’s always been a caste system in the athletic dept., where national writers get treated better. But is this an effective way to communicate?

Why go out of your way to say it is “ridiculous” if there is a chance Clay Helton could be fired? That quote will really look “ridiculous” if it turns out eventually that Helton is fired.

Such a strange way to get your message across. I can’t imagine Carol Folt endorses this strategy.

  • Meanwhile, Texas coach Tom Herman fired his offensive and defensive coordinators today, among others. Graham Harrell is being mentioned as a candidate. That does not bother me.

26 thoughts on “USC Turns To National Media

    1. Silly season, rusoviet. If Harrell is leaving for UT, then obviously Harrell had no security at USC (infra vide). Texas’ problem was defense this year, not offense. Anyway.

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      1. John Daniels well said suh’ per Harrell….he’d be a fool to stay longer as he’s already proved his worth as a brand new hire but now a 2nd year with the same ‘boss’ – what gain is that esp. facing AL right off the bat and Helton has shown over and over he never does anything different in the 2nd half which just exhausts the starters.


    1. Scott –it BOTHERS me if we lose Harrell —UNLESS we’re getting Meyer.
      If we keep Helton and lose Harrell —– oh, I don’t even need to finish this sentence….

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      1. Why, MG? The team has basically learned the Air Raid and Harrell doesn’t strike me as a great play caller. The Receivers will be out of this world next year- not to mention the RBs and the OL will be improved.


  1. If SC doesn’t have a clear answer, one way or the other, by tomorrow, then it would seem that either they truly are grossly incompetent, or something is being held up with Helton’s buyout.

    Otherwise, this would be way too much silence if they had decided to keep him.

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      1. Agreed. As if God doesn’t have more important things to worry about than wins & losses.

        It’s a good thing to always be grateful to the Big Man upstairs when two schools get together to play such a violent game and all walk away with no serious injuries. To that I say, “AMEN!”

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  2. At this point it would not shock me if Harrell jumped off the sinking ship that is USC. Can anybody say…GUMBO offense with Gomer calling plays again and back to “PHYSICAL FOOTBALL “ as he used to promise? What a joke this whole thing has become. What is so hard about firing a coach who is 13-11 in the last two seasons with ELITE talent? What an absolute joke if USC accepts mediocrity again after 5-7 last season.

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  3. In the 20th century, this thread of mass hysteria, is he, ain’t he, blog posts would qualify as a major Rah-Rah/Pimp Chinese fire drill.

    Of course nowadays “Chinese Fire Drill” isn’t PC due to the number of Chinese Mainland students enrolled at SUCCX. There’s just no accounting for bad taste and throwing away large sums of money on, at best, a c- education.

    #Helton is staying; the BOT has affirmed it.

    #Po’, Po’ Commie Lush, nobody cares what stinking, POS, drunk thinks or screams.


    1. @Mule

      Hey mule are the kiddies at Fucla med school still doing for pay transplants for the Yakuza?
      Mule just drink a big cup of STFU.
      #Clang goes your fb program you jackhole


  4. Funny thing is that at least two of those writers absolutely despise USC, speaking objectively. They make Scott Wolf’s sort of “saying honest things that need to be said not nicely” seem like he’s the biggest USC booster. When it was around sanctions time or the admissions scandal (which included 30 schools but SC seemed to attract undue attention partly w the hate, partly with BoT snitching)… anyway, Thamel and Forde took the opportunity to really be waaaay unprofessional and make clear their dislike for USC as an institution. So did a few others. It was weird. SC’s media relations is just way behind the times, and it is rewarding its detractors and people without a vested interest like local writers. Nothing seems to be done quite right at SC these days in HH.


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