Yes, USC Does Have A Team Meeting

You might have heard USC has a team meeting at 5:30 p.m.

I’m told it was scheduled to discuss bowl plans and there is also a barbecue afterward. Plus, athletic director Mike Bohn is out of town.

Now, anything can happen at USC, but Sunday meetings are not unusual. But of course, I will monitor it, just in case.

18 thoughts on “Yes, USC Does Have A Team Meeting

  1. Scottie, thanks for being our eyes and ears, but there can’t be much happening tonight at the team meeting.

    Better to see if you can find out Bohn’s location.

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  2. Bohn is out a town? What city is Urban Meyer in?
    But really the meeting is to allow the team to vote on the coach. I am saying this because it seems the school is running the team like a peewee football team.
    All those in favor of Coach H coming back next year raise your hand. Or do you want a mean coach? Shakes head in disbelief with how this administration handles news.

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    1. Are they, maybe, trying to line up a replacement before firing Helton? That would make, at least, some sense. And, it could explain how it is even possible for Bohn to be “out of town” during a time such as this. Still, this whole ordeal is frustrating.

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    2. Hilarious, Old Trojan! But let’s take it one or two steps further —“And how many would like Lynn Swann back? Oh, look at that —all of you! Well, guess what my little men? Guess who’s behind that door just waiting to be welcomed back!”

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  3. Next story : Did we dodge a bullet with Kingsford? (Schnozberry -whatever that guy’s name was) The Rams dismantled the AZ Cardinals coached by our former( 3 weeks in the off-season) offensive coordinator – the genius Kliff Kingsberry. The wunderkind has directed 11 losses so far-reaching he woulda got right in.

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  4. USC needs to have a meeting with urban Meyer let urban Meyer take over All of Usc football team…like Pete Carroll taking over the Seattle Seahawks. ..PAY Urban Meyer the BIG Dollars 8 to $10 million recruit the best recruits and TAKE Over the Pac 12…then every 1 else can go shut it…. First fire He’ll ton


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