Another Name To Keep An Eye On

A former USC coach told me that on the coaching grapevine, people are saying not to rule out Bob Stoops.

The speculation is Stoops showed little interest in the Florida State job because he would be interested in USC. He would be a big name if USC is unable or Carol Folt is unwilling to hire Urban Meyer.

24 thoughts on “Another Name To Keep An Eye On

    1. Stoops–A step back from our present situation.
      It’s “Larry Smith all over again.”

      It’s a young guys’ game now, don’t you think?

      Lincoln Riley–young
      Ryan Day–young
      PJ Fleck (though I’m not sold)–young
      Sean McVay (though I’m not sold)–young
      Kling Kiffsbury–young, hip fuckin Ryan Gosling MF.

      Stoops? no

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      1. Doesn’t describe UM either. He’s 55 and looks 65.

        Rhule is only 44, but also looks about 10 years older. But he should be on the short list. I’m still hoping they talk to Matt Campbell!

        All this may be moot. CH is probably coming back. As I said on the other thread, I’ll be disappointed. But with major overhauls (CP & JB), I’ll just shake my head and keep my fingers crossed. I’ll be there to root them on in 2020 no matter what!


  1. Stoops has won a Natty despite the fact that he had to do most of his recruiting out of state. He has always loved CA’s fertile recruiting grounds. Stoops would be an outsider who could do really well here. His pass happy offense fits right in with SC’s new philosophy focusing on the passing game.

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    1. Remind me Arturo, why’d they call him Big Game Bob? And how many of his brothers were on his staff? I could see the fun that would cause in a friendly town like this. BTW, thought he was making good money coaching in the new league.

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      1. I get that, Pud, but my point was that he was accomplishing some things with very good, not great, talent. He won a Natty and beat Bama in 2011. He made the CFP a couple of times, do those count? He also whipped Texas more often than not- does the Red River Rivalry count as a big game? If he could do the same against Notre Dame and get Troy into the CFP like he did at OU, most fans would be more than happy.

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      1. You’re probably right. But something in the back of my head wonders if we’d end up celebrating the hire the way SUCLA celebrated Potato Chip Kelly’s hire and then scratching our heads a few years down the road. Stoops’ best years may be behind him.


    2. His defense were exposed in the bigger games. He had too many brothers just like Kiffin kept Monty it wasn’t a smart move. But i would hate this move. I have to disagree with all due respect.


  2. UM is the best coach out there. He’s exceptional. The problem the school, the BoT, and possibly the AD need to get past is themselves – to make that hire. The question truly is whether USC wants to win, or wants to not lose as much. Political correctness be damned, hire on the merits.

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    1. You’d have to be completely crazy to think the school has the runway with all the scandals and problems to hire somebody with Meyer’s character. The arrests, the lying, the suspension. Maybe in 10-15 years SC could make that hire, but no way right now.

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  3. Recall about 10 days ago I brought up the name, Morgan Scalley, (Utah)
    as a rising star DC–and a guy I’d try to steal from Kyle Whit.

    Evidently he was named a Broyles Finalist this week.

    Scalley and Jim Leonhard (at UWisky) are the future Venables/Aranda.


  4. Bob Stoops Oklahoma program was a step above mediocrity, it was Lincoln Riley who took the team to new heights. USC must be cursed in the athletic department, because they can never seem to get it right .

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