He’s Baaack! And Mike Bohn Is Not Ready For Prime Time

Mike Bohn went on twitter to announce he is bringing back Clay Helton.

What a small man Bohn has proven to be. Unable to meet a challenge head-on and fix it.

A coward who will hide behind his desk and the status quo. He was a good cheerleader his first few weeks but proved to be just another bureaucrat.

I bet people are laughing in Colorado right now, probably thinking they could have predicted this outcome.

“Heading into 2020, Coach Helton and I will work together to take a hard look at all aspects of the football enterprise and will make the tough decisions necessary to compete at a championship level,” Bohn said.

What does that mean? Firing Clancy Pendergast and John Baxter?

It’s amazing USC is acting like a mid-major right now. Willing to accept mediocrity.

USC has the talent to win the Pac-12 next year. I think I might pick them to win it. But I know they will not play to their potential with Helton. He is not a leader of men. And neither is Bohn.

You know who is celebrating? The long-time, old guard in the athletic dept. They despise change. And they laugh at the normal fan, who doesn’t have the millions to merit their attention.

44 thoughts on “He’s Baaack! And Mike Bohn Is Not Ready For Prime Time

  1. Wow…just wow..

    Question for Scott Wolf: Why was your source way off? or were Urban Meyer and Bob Stoops just not interested, among other candidates?

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    1. Well, back to the drawing board…

      The following is an excerpt from a call today between Gomer and Pudly…

      Gomer: ‘”I guess all of my hyperbole has paid off.”

      Pudly: “You’re right, Clay.”

      Gomer: “I think I’ll name JT Daniels the # 1 quarterback next fall.”

      Pudly: “You’re right, Clay.”

      Gomer: “Let’s celebrate.”

      Pudly: “I’m really a man.”


  2. Didn’t take long for our Wolfie to get down-in-the-gutter nasty with Bohn. I guess this will be another SC ‘true insider’ that Scott will never share a beer with.

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  3. “Coach Helton and I will work together…to compete at a championship level,”

    I just looked at next year’s schedule. 4 losses at a minimum (Alabama, ND, Oregon, and Utah), and it’s entirely possible they’ll go 5-7 again, or maybe even 4-8. There aren’t a whole lot of layups on the schedule.

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    1. Ok. I predicted Clay stays some time ago. Secondly USC beats Alabama as Saban and his team imploding. Not happy about Clay staying, but them is the facts, Jack.


      1. Have you seen Clay’s season openers? Not pretty. Remember the Trojans crawling like dogs on to the field in Texas before get routed by Alabama. Is that great leadership and an organized, disciplined team? Or the other games Helton’s open the season with that were supposed to be blowouts so the second and third string could see the field but instead turned into a close contest keeping the #1 on the field for too long. Helton keeps this team from achieving their potential.

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  4. AND so now the USC Ticket Office can layoff half its staff from the dearth of ticket sales it will have to process. Way to go to increase the unemployment % in CA!

    I always wanted to go to a Mountain West School, but I went to USC instead.. now I can see what that would look like!

    Fight On! … and ON… and ON… Money (or lack of wanting to spend any) and Old Tired Blood wins out over Excellence and Relevancy!

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    1. Don’t despair, Ex! When word gets out that Clay and Bohn don’t even have a staff in place (they didn’t know they should even start LOOKING —nobody told them specifically that USC would be playing football in 2020), recruits are going to flock to USC like never before…
      Morale for the Bowl Game will be sky high as USC begins interviews to replace all their assistants during bowl practices (Clay mastered this path to success back when he fired Wilcox while the team was getting ready for the Holiday Bowl with Wisconsin— but it has to be combined with shaving at least 5 full days off your NCAA allotted practice time).

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  5. Oh sure —It’s easy to criticize Clay Helton. Some say he’s a self promoter. Others say he’s a phony. Still others say he has a way of hiding talent on the bench and playing only ass kissers until injuries force him to do otherwise. That’s not what I see! I see a man who works hard at putting together the best staff and the finest strength & conditioning program USC has ever seen. I see a man who has no ceiling as a coach. A man who will start the 2020 season off with a bang by upsetting Alabama (something Urban Meyer was too scared to even try). A man who …… I can’t go on …. it’s just not funny anymore…..

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  6. Whaaah, listen to poor little scottie throw a tantrum because he was wrong again… All of his ‘anonymous’ and inaccurate sources let him down again… I called it before the ucla game, but I knew scottie boy would be pouting in his mom’s basement when this happened…
    Great journalism scottie, way to have the “Inside USC” information. Such a putz and whiny little bitch


    1. Hilarious! [Bohn & Folt have only begun watering —- it’ll take time for that tree to get to where it needs to be. Patience. All comes to those who wait]……

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  7. Scotty’s head is sploding. Why should Bohn give a crap about what Scotty thinks. In fact it’s the opposite. Ask Scotty what he thinks and do the opposite. Guaranteed success.
    Oh, and nice high-placed administration sources. Your grandma does better.


    1. Geammymb, completely agree.

      And Wolf better be really careful when he calls a man “small” and a “coward”.

      Say that to his face, pussy

      What a tool


  8. In 2016 Alabama beat USC 56-6, and the score won’t be too much different in 2020, because Clay Helton teams are more finesse then physical. So another lopsided score will give full indication, that the Trojans have been walking in place for four years, without growth. Scott Wolf seems to think SC will win the PAC 12 next season, which really says nothing, because it’s a weak conference. So I hope Mike Bohn gets his long lists of spins together, because he’s going to need them, sooner than later

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  9. This decision is really shocking. Despite all the back-and-forth (staying and going), I thought, for sure, he was gone…as did 95% of everyone who follows the program. Imagine how empty the Coliseum will be next year?! I recall about 45,000 being in the Coli for Tollner’s last game..felt like a funeral. Harrell probably goes to UT..does the Air Raid make an exit, too?? So CH gets to make the mistake of picking bad coaches again. I believe it was the LATs that mentioned how strong the LA pro team are now and with the return of two pro football teams, who needs SC football?! Imagine the firestorm after the Alabama beatdown. Hey, here’s an idea: make UM the new DC, so he can take over after the first couple of games

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  10. Some people are quick to criticize Scott W, but the man knows what’s going on. Most likely the big names didn’t want anything to do with USC and from this decision, I can see why….bohn and folt had a lot lot of time to figure this out. All we get is this bullshit letter about integrity which they show no signs of. No season tickets for me after having them for over 50 years!

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    1. hahahaha
      Scott knows nothing. Hasn’t been accurate about anything in a long time. He operates on rumors and runs with them, and isn’t even allowed on campus… How can you be a journalist with ‘inside’ information, when you aren’t even allowed any access?
      Scott is a joke


  11. As we all know, sports is one of those great activities that bring all of us together, regardless of race, creed or color (and political affiliation). Today’s terrible decision means many of the longtime Trojans fans that I have seen only at football games will depart and I’ll miss them. 1pm kickoff at the Coliseum is terrific. I won’t be going to any games next year..too frustrating to watch an average team playing way below our heritage. Literally every text I’ve received (and there have been many) express first surprise and then disappointment with the retention of CH. Can we rescind Bohn’s contract based on lack of performance?


  12. This is a terrible situation. “Coach Helton and I will work together … to make the tough decisions, etc., etc. Well Bohner has already passed up the first tough decision and placed himself right in the middle of the decision making process going forward.
    Suppose the team has a lousy year next year, which many expect, will he take responsibility since he is now involved with the decision making process? And now that he is so palsy walsy with Gomer how will he fire him? I repeat, this is a terrible turn of events for Trojan football. I for one am done. The opportunity was there and he blew it.


  13. Plan A
    seemed to be Urban, Urban, Urban. I couldn’t see why he would risk his reputation on a rebuild of USC. Ten years of dysfunction.
    I guess I heard a few votes for Matt Rhule out there (1 winning season in Power 5 FB). A few were clamoring for ISU’s Campbell–who reminds of Clay Helton: one signature win per year, often loses vs inferior opponents.

    Back to thinking about Plan B, team:

    Hiring a kick-ass DC (who might fill in as HC if the Trojans start out 3-3) for lotsa money. My short list has been YOUNG Jim Leonhard (UWisky) or YOUNG Morgan Scalley (Utah)–the latter has also coached Special Teams very nicely in prior years. While all may be demoralized, it’s time to solve problems. Ron Rivera would also be an awesome hire–though an epic Cal Bear might not want to join the USC circus. Would JDR be an improvement over Pendergas?

    Plan C:
    Retaining the entire crew (with or without OC Harrell), was never under consideration. I have my worries, however.


  14. Sources were wrong, but the gut feel by most loyal Trojans was spot-on.

    As long as the current cabal is in place at Heritage Hall, the badness will fester.

    Helturd is just a symptom, it will get worse.

    Next up: Graham Harrell will leave.


  15. It’s true the average USC person doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the image of their school and the legal quagmire they’re currently knee-deep in. This is what you’re seeing with right now. Normal – as you call them – USC people – define the USC’s success – not by alleged academic prowess – but by 1st downs and QB sacks. Outsiders know this. USC people secretly know this as well. Folt and Bohn know this. But their mission is much, much more important than the success you so badly want back on the football field. They’ve been tasked with resuscitating the broken moral and ethical compass of the school.

    That’s why Clay Helton remains your coach. You can all go to your rooms and cry this one out, but the institution’s healing and financial survival hinges on showing contrition, as well honest and forthright attempt to shed the school’s cheating, lying, win-at-any-cost image (an image BTW that was fostered by the football program for decades).

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  16. My letter penned to AD Bohn:


    Your first big challenge you can’t even say you had a “swing and a miss”…you didn’t even swing. You had a chance to directly impact a football that has been underachieving and failing to meet expectations. I like Clay Helton am a nice guy. However, being a nice guy without achieving the results expected by USC fans is still no bueno. So much for the die hard fans that have helped make USC’s football program what it is. You looking at tough sledding for her on out with compassionate loyal fans.


  17. “It’s true the average USC person doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the image of their school and the legal quagmire they’re currently knee-deep in.”

    Not true. If I’m honest this is a good thing. There is no more Old ‘SC. It’s Shangai Tech, Brandeis, SJWs on faculty… The sports scene will now be a way for that to work out to. The Row has been neutered and spayed, though I hope my house is lasts if one day USC comes back.

    That nasty little troll as president can now get rid of Traveler and serve him bbq Albanian style for all I care, like she pulled down the statues at UNC in the dark of the night. Thankfully the UNC BoT fired her, and it is telling we picked her up. (And she picked up a loser ran out of Colorado for just phoning it it an making shitty choices, running the department bankrupt.)

    The money people, the infighting in the administration and board, all of it, has come to this. I’m just trying to become a person that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about ‘SC. It was once a special place. I caught it on its way out, then it had a last spark with football and an one more old run with Sample (nice old school, but weak, let the rot set in), and perfectly, old Iron Mike at the helm of HH.

    Old SC people that I know and run into will be special. But SC just is becoming not SC anymore, so no more games, apparel, money, volunteering. There were better ways to spend that time and money, on something I, and people I know can actually influence and change.

    Great posters here, I recognize some of you guys by your posts (different names) from the boards (quit them after Helton came back last time) and Social Media. It’s one of the few places to do with SC that I’ll still check in on if SC makes a headline to see if you guys are still around.


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    1. When we think of what a white privilege, 4th tier academic club U$C was when you, Missy, competed for Helen of Troy and bleached your dull hair bright blonde….well….nice to see you whine and suffer so!


      1. First, who said I’m white? Secondly, SC was never a forth tier academic club you piece of sht, and I also have two other degrees, from Ivy League schools. Thirdly, you’re still stuck being you, and you hoped going to ‘SC would change that but no, instead the school is turning into a punch line, a recurring joke, another UGLY, so just get my order right. Dean’s an angry loser who hoped he could get the frosted blond ‘do to be believable. loool Have a nice day.


      1. “Avoid, Deny, Deflect, Pump-Chest” – the Old School U$C Alumnut motto.
        Give it a rest Tammy…you people ARE the reason SC has sunk so low…so decayed by dry rot.
        But, hey…congratulations on that “USC Alumni” license plate frame on your leased Cadillac! STYLIN’ !


  18. “Praise God!” says Helton after every win…it’s his sad lil’ battle cry…after losing 2 games to the Mormon God, and the Catholic God, and getting chop-busted by The Featherheaded God, and chewed apart by Dawg Himself…U-Dub.

    USC will now be just a relic in the annals of CFB history. Hallelujah…and pass the season tix! 8-5! 8-5! 8-5! Fart on!


  19. From the medical school Dean smoking methamphetamine and to the oby gyn and at USC fondling the nursing students, you think that the administration would give us football fans a tiny cracker
    .but no. A big F U from them….my F U will be quitting Cardinal and Gold and not renewing my season tickets


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