USC Update Coming

I’m going to post something around 5 p.m. that could signal some good news. I’m still talking to some sources.

21 thoughts on “USC Update Coming

      1. I like your style, Orlando. And I’m with ya on this…
        But, technically, Daniel didn’t use the Lord’s name…
        #…NowThatEcclesiasticalMattersHaveBeenDealtWith… #CanWeGetBackToBashingHelton?


      2. The person who had to read you the menu, Racist Ted, forgot the part that said

        Enjoy your burrito, Teddy.


      3. Arturo, I am not racist! I just don’t like you! I like mexicans as much as the next guy! Some of my best friends are mexicans!

        I just don’t like putos, cabrons and maricones.



      4. Ted, hurry you are going to be late for your KKK meeting.

        BTW I forgive you for all your compliments. Don’t hate anyone, Teddy, it isn’t good for you. Have a nice day.


      1. gt,
        Moses was very cool. I personally don’t think he should have been locked out of the Promised Land just for tapping the rock twice instead of once….


  1. Thanks Wolfman for trying to find out what’s really going on with this circus clown show that has become USC. Lets hope after the firing and hiring. You can work on next, getting the swamp drained with the bots’ You know the ones who are holding the football program back with their pathetic decisions. These swamp creatures need to go, some of them have been there since the 80s. That’s exactly why they have a hard time finding a real hf coach every time a change needs to be made. They don’t want to give up their power over the football program. So real coaching candidates that should be hired won’t even consider it. Because their hands are going to be tied on major decisions, to improve things once there hired. Then getting blamed when things don’t go right and the losses start pileing up. This is exactly why Petros is not liked at his alma mater because he’s been calling them out on this for years. They can’t handle the truth period!


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