USC Struck Out With Bob Stoops

You can choose to believe Mike Bohn when he said he never spoke to other coaches, but even inside the McKay Center, the hot topic was former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops.

Sources said USC spoke to Stoops but things broke down over how much money his coaching staff would be paid.

If you’re going to hire Stoops, you don’t argue about coaches’ salaries. He is going to hire real coaches. Not John Baxters.

Why else would it take until Wednesday to bring Helton back? USC botched its chance to hire someone else.

30 thoughts on “USC Struck Out With Bob Stoops

  1. Sounds a lot like when Haden talked to Petersen. From what I heard, Petersen wanted to hire his own people from his personal secretary to his OC and DC but Haden wanted him to retain some of the SC assistants, not because they were such good coaches but because they had long term contracts and SC didn’t want to pay up. That’s why SC will never get a great coach. A great coach will always want to take control and do things his way. No great coach will ever let the Board of Trustees, who don’t know a football from a watermellon, run his program.


  2. It’s hard to say who the idiot buffoon is, Carol Folt, or Mike Bohn ? USC has been one good hire away from bringing back the football program to national prominence. And it’s amazing that the process has been on going for close to a decade, and they still can’t get it right.

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    1. Are they idiot buffoons, or is this an intentional de-emphasis on sexist homophobic patriarchal football by the veteran educrats Folt and Bohn, who were specifically chosen by future Mayor of LA Rick Caruso, preachy Democrat Steven Spielberg and the rest of the BOT who want to make USC into The Stanford of the West? Have you considered that they don’t want to get it “right”?


      1. I wonder about this. Conspiratorial as it might sound to some, it would explain what is otherwise completely phucking irrational. A great football program is a source of cast revenue, and de-emphasizing it makes utterly no business sense.


  3. I had a Chuck Yeager flight simulator Apple IIc computer game back when I was like 8 years old in the mid-80’s. The only thing I remember about it is if you crashed or got shot down the computer would take at least 3 minutes to load a voice file that would play and say “You really screwed the pooch on that one..”

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  4. Carol Folt says she want’s to “win with INTEGRITY….doing things the right way”(LAT)

    meanwhile the shrieks of thousands or Orks/USC fans fill the southland!!

    and she literally LAUGHED at those who thought her decision was “delayed”…..i think that laugh was directed at YOU, wolfman!!!

    “My expectation is excellence with integrity,” Folt said. WOW! flies in the face of Scandal U, and all those Dummies who still defend Durty Todd McNair, Durty Reggie, and Durty Andy etc!!

    chillaxx, Dummies! you can have integrity AND win Nattys!!! look at UCLA and Stanford!! Tied for the Natty lead at 116 and STILL never a scandal!! Feels so clean!


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    1. Upchuck,

      Have you forgotten Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden, Jim Harrick, soccer coach, kidnapping in the dorm on campus, football player crashing car with girlfriend inside, payoffs to get students in, Pa kettle bell, Towel waiver, murder on campus, Angela Davis and her friends the Black Panthers, and gym turned into a swimming pool . These are just a few of the scandals at U Clowns Lose Again.

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      1. Evidently a GYN at UCLA is under investigation presently.
        (I don’t usually follow this kinda’ sheit)


      2. umm try to stick with this CENTURY, Wonder Boy!! you Dummies have the Feds up all youse bootys while the investigations GO ON AND ON!!!!



  5. My name is Mike Bohn,

    5-7 records
    Blowout loss to Oregon
    540 yards by UCLA
    122nd in penalty yards
    112th in turnovers
    70th in recruiting
    Free falling season ticket sales
    Free falling merchandise sales
    13-14 against power 5 teams
    Double digit losses
    Not a single top 20 recruit from California
    Stupid penalties


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  6. I know the media said Clay Helton’s making coaching changes, but has anybody heard anything officially? Is this going to resemble changes in the past, like swapping out analysts? I heard Joe Klatt mention Utah’s defensive coordinator, Morgan Scalley would be perfect for USC. But can’t imagine him leaving Kyle Whittingham for Helton, especially since it doesn’t appear Mike Bohn is paying top dollar for assistants.

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  7. This is deeply, deeply disappointing. There is no point in shelling out $7-9million a year for a proven winner in a head coach if you are simply going to hamstring him with mediocre assistants and outright lame-asses like Baxter.

    Isn’t there somebody in the Marshall School of Business who could explain to these idiots, that investing in the production of a great on-field product will result in massively increased ticket sales and improvements in other sources of revenue for the athletic department which will much more than offset the investment required to bringb in quality assistants? I hate to say it, but Stoops was smart to turn this down given the terms he was offered. An absolute insult. I would love to have had him as a head coach, given his record, but what would be the point if he would not be enabled to bring in real coaches to assist him?

    Stoops has tremendous contacts throughout the coaching industry, and would have brought in great people. He also would have cleaned up recruiting in California, without Texas to compete with (OU, football-wise, was basically the second Texas school). He would have done even better at USC than at OU, for this reason.

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      1. Tempting Sami.

        I can’t do it, as I really care for the players who suit up, suffer (FB practice still hurts), pin their life’s hopes on the brand, and play their hearts out for the Cardinal and Gold.

        If you don’t want to fork out the bux for C&G and season tickets. Fine. My annual donation for 2017–after the beatdown to OSU–went to the general scholarship fund. No donation at all for 2018. I was gonna make a donation to the Eric Scoggins endowment this month, but instead I will send a letter of explanation along with my donation to the general scholarship fund. The present USC FB program does not represent Mr. Scoggins’ (God rest his soul) effort and CERTAINLY DOES NOT REPRESENT MR. Lott nor the Award named after Mr. Lott.

        Sending your hard-earned cash to the #15 University (per WSJ) university in America? Easy.


  8. In a now far-away era, there were coaches who – in this scenario – would have reached out to USC just for a chance for an interview.

    Not like that anymore. This is what a culture of neglect, avarice and sweeping problems under the rug with lawyers and non-disclosure agreements does to an institution. You become sick. You become marginalized. You become the Typhoid Mary of colleges.


  9. This is pure fiction. There is a 0.0 chance that Bob Stoops was involved in discussing terms with any school in secret when they have an employed head coach on campus. It’s complete nonsense and anyone who buys this stuff doesnt know a thing about the man outside of his name and record.


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