USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Decision Met With Cheers

Not everyone was upset with Mike Bohn’s blunder Wednesday.

I hear the Arizona State coaching staff celebrated when they heard the news Clay Helton would return next season.

I bet there were similar reactions at 10 other Pac-12 schools too.

So when Bohn says not everyone wanted Helton fired, he is right. The other Pac-12 schools are prayed for his return.

47 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Decision Met With Cheers

  1. I celebrated the Helton retainment by treating myself and my stepdaughter to some froyo. At dinner, my wife and I drank the full bottle of wine and Jack the cat was served can food not dry

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    1. Doggoneit, Ducky.

      I was trying to like you as I thought from a few early statements that maybe you were a real CFB fan.

      Froyo, Oregon wine, and a cat lover?

      Come on, man!

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      1. If Ducky were half the man we thought he was, Bourbon, that celebration would’ve involved 2 bottles of Chilean wine…apiece.
        {Yes, I’m trying to sound like Edward G. Robinson talking to Debra Paget in “The 10 Commandments”]…

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  2. Seems SC has more people involved in the admissions scandal than previously known, all seem to be in the athletic department working for the fired dyke.

    If she sings to save her ass, look out.

    And the basketball fiasco is far from resolved.

    Welcome to the mess that is USC athletics

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    1. BK: Bland is gone and Melton didn’t play–despite receiving no improper benefit HIMSELF. MBB showed “an abundance of caution,” and tanked what could have been a good season. I feel sorry for Metu and his teammates who were counting on Melton.

      It’s OK to cheer for MBB this year. The Pac 12 is looking sporty early on, with several teams ranked. Hoping 4 get invited to the dance–which should include USC MBB. I’m planning the long trip to Vegas in March (and my wife and I despise Vegas). If I were anywhere near Galen, I’d show up.

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      1. Enfield is a gaped tooth Gomer, he hasn’t a clue on how to coach and if he didn’t hire Mobley’s dad he wouldn’t have gotten either kid, and the one at SC now isn’t tearing it up.

        I wouldn’t bet on SC making the dance at all

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      2. BK:
        I’ll take the Mobley hire over the OJ Mayo “hire” 10/10.
        It’s been done this way in MBB nationwide routinely.

        We all agree that the Enfield era has been marginal so far.
        It’s not like USC MBB has been killin’ it for the last 50 years.
        Nevertheless, if 1/5 of all D1 MBB teams are invited to the dance, I think it is a reasonable expectation that USC goes dancing 9/10 years.

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    2. I hope SC burns down the ground, and then have spikes driven into the ground. just bomb the crap out of it and then have Bohn, Folt, Max, Haden, Swann, lesbo assistant ad, lopes, and the rest of the corrupt jerks arrested and all have to stay in the same cell for 30 years. These jerks brought SC down. They need to pay for their incomptency and arrogance and cheapness. Fornicating bastards and bitch.

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      1. the way Clay develops and recruits? Really? He is the worst developer of talent than any coach in the country. Players get worse when they come to USC. This guy is a bullshitter.
        He salutes Helton for wanting to get better. Oh my? I am afraid we have inherited a weak, bullshitting, ass kissing AD who now has his nose firmly in Folts ass – way up to the brown.

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  3. USC is a sleeping giant, so of course other coaches in the PAC 12 celebrated Clay Helton’s return. Can you imagine what an effective coach, with all the resources SC has to offer could do nationally? Other then a Kevin Sumlin at Arizona, Helton is the worst coach in the conference, because I guarantee everyone else would’ve taken the Trojans to new heights after four years

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    1. Was firing Wilcox the day after McCaffrey ran roughshod on USC in Santa Clara (and re-hiring Pendergast) a mistake Fanboy?

      UWisconsin picked up Wilcox the next week or so and had a stout Defense (after Aranda left) the next year.

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      1. Steve Sarkisian’s 3 downs and out offense made Justin Wilcox’s defense look bad, because they stayed on the field too long . Wilcox proved to be a decent coach after he left USC

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      2. My theory is that Helton fired Wilcox cuz he used to take every word Scott wrote as Bible….
        …Then he was faced with a conflict —- cuz he realized that taking this premise to it’s logical conclusion — meant he would have to fire himself…

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    2. USC football is dead, if they won’t spend money for assts and support staff they’ll never be back, and since they seem to not want to hand over control to a coach, Gomer might be there for life

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      1. BK, cheer up, man
        The cup is 3/4 full.
        I think there is a high likelihood that USC FB is 3-3 by Mid October 2020.

        If Larry Scott rolls true to HIS form, here is the likely schedule:
        (fill in the W’s or L’s yourself)

        At Stanford (will Dave Shaw rebuild?)
        At Utah
        At Autzen

        From there on, the Interim coach should go 5-1–maybe even 6-0 if he can beat the Princess at home. (While the fighting Herm Edwards are improving, I think we can beat ASU in LA. Mel Tucker’s UC Boulder team will become winners, but we won’t lose to him in LA)


  4. Moving forward, which asst. coaches are worth pursuing (that would be available)? And do we make the assumption this is Helton’s last year when looking at asst. coaches?

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    1. PJM — I don’t know if WE should make that assumption —- but 5 Star seniors in high school and college coordinators with the brains they were born with are making it….

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      1. I’m marginally intrigued by USC FB for 2020, MG.
        How USC plays in San Diego or San Antonio this month will be telling.

        We all will have much to talk about in 2020.
        I’m stoked for 2021, as I don’t think the present iteration will continue into 2021. Also, 2021 should be Kedon’s Heisman year. I’m gonna have to learn more about Fickell, cuz I’m thinking that may be where we go…..
        (#8 defense by FPI in 2018).

        Now that we all had our tissy fit yesterday, time to get behind some fine young football players and (hopefully) enjoy their effort.

        Pittman for Biletnikoff.

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    2. PJM:

      Over the past 10 years USC FB suffered under these DC’s:
      Monte Kiffin (reverse nepotism)
      Pendergast #1
      Pendergast #2

      Give Wilcox a pass if you wish.

      Of the top 10 defenses (per FPI) from 2016 to 2019 inclusive, I’ve culled out two young DC’s who might take the big payday and build a GREAT D at USC:
      Jim Leonhard at UWisky and Morgan Scalley at UUtah.

      Last I checked, Dave Aranda is happy at LSU. I wonder what his HC would tell him about life at USC? Venables seems to be content at Clemson. Dave Brown at UMich is oldish, as is Kevin Steele at Auburn.

      All of Nick Saban’s DC (and OC’s except Sark) spend a year with Nick and get HC jobs.

      As AD I sell the prospective DC/assistant HC on the idea of, well, “things can happen down the road….”

      Ron Rivera–a Cal Bear great–is an interesting sidebar story within this thread. JDR–had some great defenses here in Denver (or was it Wade Phillips’ players and philosophy? I dunno)

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      1. Pudly says:

        “Goodness gracious! I thought this was a story on Trojans at first…

        Read it, Pudly–thanks!

        It does read like a Trojan story for the last 10 years–and maybe the twenty between JR 1 and PC.

        I think the common thread is this:
        1. So Cal is a CFB recruiting hotbed–any everyone poaches players from the region. Oregon/Wash/Utah contribute a few decent recruits to the PAC 12, but everyone fattens up on So Cal recruits. Now the SEC and ACC are diluting out our recruiting efforts.
        2. Same goes for Texas HS FB. Everyone (including USC) goes into Texas to fatten up on Texas recruits. Oklahoma and Kansas HS FB contributes little to nothing to the conference talent pool.
        3. Bringing in sub-par schools into your CFB conference is not necessarily a bonus. It gives legitimacy to CU, Utah, ASU, Az etc and gives So Cal recruits somewhere else to go besides the premier school.

        I think the UT, Tom Herrmann/Charlie Strong story is quite similar to the USC story.

        That said, the 2020 UT recruiting class is looking robust.

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      2. Bourbon
        If Rivera went to SC as HC he would be persona non grata at CAL. I don’t think he would accept that consequence.


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      3. Re: Texas article.
        It did read like life at USC until this: “… athletic director Chris Del Conte noted that UT now has had three winning seasons in a row and has a chance to win a third consecutive bowl game”. Well, that’s different.

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    3. Gomer is a dead man walking, again. Therefore, recruiting top players and coaches to SC is impossible until he’s gone. Clearly, financial issues exist at SC. The bureaucrats don’t want to spend money on an elite program or they absconded with it (the money).

      It’s as simple as that.

      Lastly, I can’t stand looking at Gomer because he comes across as a disingenuous Conference USA punk.

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  5. I am hoping and praying that SC’s attendance falls by 50%, they lose 80% of their games, and are embarrassed by what is on the field when the teams is giving up 50 points on average per game. I hope Folt and Bohn will finally realize that they need to fix the problem by hiring and paying coaches and not listening to anyone but themselves and to get the problem fixed.

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  6. So my question is,
    Since Helton came out and said his hands were tied on starting Daniels, then who tied Bohn’s hands for keeping Helton? That person should have to sit and watch the game from atop of the coliseum each and every game with no binoculars or radio.

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    1. I will always support the kids on the team, but not employees of the university who don’t make good decisions.

      Seems that Bohn was neutered by Folt or the Board. She was a weak hire after being fired at UNC. Flush the whole f’ing BOT. They are toxic.
      And they are apparently accountable to no one.

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  7. “I hear the Arizona State coaching staff celebrated when they heard the news Clay Helton would return next season.”

    Well, Wolfie, the past couple of weeks has proven that what you hear and what is reality are often light years away!

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  8. Has anyone written to Bohn via email and let him know what and how you feel about this bloodbath? he won’t change his mind for next season, but maybe the following season he will when he gets 20k emails saying he is a spineless wimp who has no idea what SC is about.

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