Here’s An Amazing Mike Bohn Quote

I recommend listening to this radio appearance below I did with Sarah Spain, not for me but for the Mike Bohn comment played by the show.

“I think it’s important to recognizethere was not unanimous support to make a change from our base and supporters. I think we have a lot of support.”

4 thoughts on “Here’s An Amazing Mike Bohn Quote

  1. This dumb fuck,Mike Bohn said that when recruits see a sold out Coliseum, they will be so excited, that they will commit to USC on the spot….😂😂 Somebody wake that clown 🤡 up, and inform him that attendance has been rapidly declining under Clay Helton, and there won’t be any sellout crowds . Because he’s coming across as a bigger dumb ass then I thought.

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  2. There’s a possibility that there’s a group of jokers in the USC Athletic Department that’s refusing major changes in it probably because of their own job security and all the fringe benefits associated with it. They may be acting like senior members and the new recruits like Folt and Bohn might be finding themselves impossible to kick them out.

    If I used my fertile imagination a little further, there may be a flock of anti-USC fatcats in organizations that foresee the college football and they’re directing the traffic of power coaches to prevent SC from being in the national picture for the immediate future.

    More scenarios? I’ll leave it up to the ones with even more vivid imaginations. lol.


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