Carol Folt Takes Credit For Helton Decision

Sources tell me USC president Carol Folt was in meetings on campus yesterday making it clear she took part in the decision to retain Clay Helton and fully supported it.

She even volunteered to talk about it in one meeting yesterday, she was so comfortable with the decision.

It’s disappointing to hear Folt, who has been a positive presence at USC, gave Mike Bohn her blessing and perhaps even suggested that Helton be retained. Can two people be this clueless?

If they struck out with Bob Stoops, fine, go get someone else.

31 thoughts on “Carol Folt Takes Credit For Helton Decision

  1. Pres. Carol Folt is a loser who is in over her head to run this university.
    She was down the list for choices to be the next failed leader where she
    will join Nikias as a disgraced persona non grata on campus .

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    1. FOLT is over her head??? what about the ridiculous Maxie Nikkias? he left her to deal with no less than THREE massive scandals, (Gyno, Admissions and Bland) none of which are near done!!

      please FORGIVE Folt for TRYING to clean up this insipid cesspool of a school!! maybe she should have hired Todd McNair with Lake as his Asst Coach!!

      once the SC Dummies actually find out what it feels like to have a CLEAN school, they will end up kissing Folt’s feet!!



  2. Carol Folt is a fucking idiot and a hypocrite.

    Folt talks of integrity and uses that as an excuse for not wanting to hire Urban Meyer because of what happened at Ohio St. with Meyer’s assistant.

    Yet Folt doesn’t have a problem with USC keeping that criminal C.L. Max Nikias on the payroll, in an office on campus and in a $4 million dollar house in Manhattan Beach that USC gave him the money for.

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    1. I sure wish your comments would hit the LA Times, because you’re on point, and it clearly exposes the hypocrisy at USC . But something tells me that Rick Caruso has a hand in some of these idiot decisions, too

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    2. I’ve been a SC fan my whole life of 57 years, and l am sickened at the football program. Every coach after Ed Orgeron is pathetic. True Trojan fans CANNOT tolerate loosing, nor should the University. I am finished with the football program until somebody of authority hires a coach that will take the Trojans back to the glory days of WINNING! Not a favorable start for the new hires.


  3. She can take credit for the loses next year as well!

    Alabama LOSS

    New Mexico WIN
    Notre Dame LOSS

    Pac-12 Home:
    Arizona State, TOSS UP
    California, WIN
    Colorado, WIN
    Washington TOSS UP

    Pac 12 Road:
    Arizona, TOSS UP
    Oregon, LOSS
    Stanford, TOSS UP
    Utah LOSS



    Then what??????

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  4. This was posted earlier today by another reader:

    If you watch it, Bohn states several times that “the best athletes will come to USC because of the playing venues and the USC professional connections. Who wouldn’t want to come here?”

    The BOT is toxic. They keep presiding over awful decisions, including hiring a former failed 3rd tier university president, Carol Folt.


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    1. How the hell does Bohn know why athletes come to USC? He’s been the AD for 5 minutes. What qualifies him to make such a statement? This is “cover your ass” PR rhetoric with no basis in fact by a guy that hasn’t spoken to one USC recruit. It’s bullshit.

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  5. Idiots Carol Folt and Mike Bonehead should be required to attend ALL USC football games next year so that they can get an idea of alumni dissatisfaction with their decision to retain Clueless Clay. They need to walk along the sideline and NOT HIDE in the press box or suites.

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  6. Academically, the #15 (per WSJ) University in America*, and the #1 or #2 research university in California–having passed up UCLA and UC Berkeley on the research front. We didn’t get there by accepting B students with substandard SAT/ACT scores from nowhere High Schools without a known academic standing across America. Nor did Mssrs Zumberge and Sample get us there by accepting failed non-tenured professors from tiny little colleges with no competitive standard.

    For all the DISCRETIONARY money spent on University Athletics, Dr. Folt should hold ALL the Athletic programs to the same standard to which the student body and alumni achieve(d.) The 2018 version of USC FB–not her fault–was a solid F. The 2019 version scored a solid 67%, with a chance at 69% if it wins its bowl game. I think a glorious USC professor would score that D+/C-.

    And yes, I will be sending $t,000 to the academic scholarship fund but nothing to athletics for 2019. I know the academic cash was earned by the student.

    *#22 if you prefer USNWR.


  7. This all about the $20 MILLION BUYOUT FOR GOMER CLAY HELTON they were never go to PAY in the first place to Fire HE’LL TON. Did not and wouldn’t do it….Lynn Swan Caused this pathetic program with lynn S wann giving Gomer Helton such a Biggs F in Contract….

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    1. GeeZUS!!! SC is even DURTIER than i thought!! every carpet you lift up is covering up some Durty Scandal!! and you DUmmies want Folt to bring in Durty Urban!!! what a joke!! If Jerry Sandusky was available, i think SC would hire HIM if it meant a guaranteed trip to the playoffs!!



    2. Yes, we’ve all seen that. Another that got very little press was the loss of the cardiovascular fellowship earlier this year! If any of you haven’t heard about it, look it up. We’ve had one thing after another. Not good.


  8. Good…now.I know who to blame, when we get destroyed in the sam arena by the same team with the sam coaches at ATT Stadium for our first game. She must not be too bright, to immediately alienate 95% of her alumni and donors in the first few months of her job. I will be saving $7000-8000 next year by not renewing my Cardinal and Gold and season tickets.

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  9. Unfortunately, USC has turned the corner to join the politically correct California University crowd, where “aggressive” sports are not liked. Female President, latina female medical school dean.
    Anyone who reads Trojan Family magazine over the last 5 years saw this coming. This isn’t our fathers USC anymore, just like this isnt our father’s California anymore. Goodbye my alma mater, You will be missed . Maybe I’ll adopt Oklahoma as my new team.


  10. Hopefully this incompetent fool is 1 and done like in UNC. She can take her puppets Bohn and Clay out the door with her.. Hey when are you alumni going to get together and start pushing to get Nakkias the fuc out of there. Nothing going to change with a dirty rotten fish head at the top. Start demanding it.


    1. I wonder if you have any idea what you are talking about when you reference UNC, or are you just plainly an idiot. I am a UNC alum, and I can tell you Carol Folt salvaged our 230 year old institution, with is proud academic reputation, from the ash heap of an administration that forgot its primary purpose as an academic institution in favor of trying to improve it’s athletic profile. USC is lucky to have
      Ms Folt after decades of people like you and most of you posting here putting your precious football program ahead of everything else especially for academic integrity.

      Based on my experience, Ms Folt is the exact right person for the job at the exact right time for USC.


      1. TESTIFY, brother TOM!!!!

        SC is so durty and scandal ridden, they can’t even IMAGINE what it’s like to be a clean school! even the NOTION is ridiculed like a crazy fairy tale!!

        some people complained about the Wall SC built around it’s perimeter to keep the homeless OUT, now i know the City built the wall to keep the Durty trOXans IN and away from the rest of the City.



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