Graham Harrell Update

I’m told USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell really wants the Texas offensive coordinator position. I’m also told that he has not been contacted by UNLV about their vacant head-coaching position.

And below is where I said a mannequin would do a better job than Clay Helton.

19 thoughts on “Graham Harrell Update

  1. Uh-uh, SURE, Scotty! And Jim Mora turned down the Texas job when “they offered it to him” a few years ago. At least that was his story and he’s sticking to it!


  2. According to sources here are the reasons why southern cal couldn’t land the following coaches and ended up with Helton.

    Urban Meyer- Wanted not only his own assistant coaches but also he wanted his own pick of the AD and the President. Bohn and Folt called him an A$$hole and hung up the phone.

    Bob Stoops- Wanted to hire his own assistants but southern cal insisted that Graham Harrell stay on as OC. Stoops called Bohn and Folt idiots and hung up the phone.

    Chris Peterson- Didn’t even pick up the phone.

    Jim Tressel- Was willing to keep Graham Harrell on as OC but when Folt brought up Pryor incident he said F(_)ck you and hung up the phone.

    Clay Helton- Asked whose ass does he have to kiss to keep his job and Bohn and Folt dropped their draws and Clay puckered up and went to work. Also he got the okay to keep JT Daniels as his starting QB.

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  3. Daniels is too slow to make decisions on the field. his footwork is too slow and his throws are off. He doesn’t understand the offense from his throwing errors. if he comes back as the first string qb, then SC will be 5-7. With Slovis, it will be 8-4 again.

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  4. SC minus Pittman is worth two losses more easily. That kid was a like centaur, just no way to keep up with his speed, size, strength, and he has great hands and ball skills. He was 5 star only because they don’t give six.

    Without Harrell (he’d be a fool not to go to Texas with the cloud over SC, and Texas is being more could be a blessing in disguise if they try to find an OC of a more suitable offense, though SC won’t really have the talent waiting for big boy football as the incoming class comes comes in, and if other classes follow anywhere remotely like it. Darn, so close….


      1. No they won’t. St Brown is, like his brothers, a great physical specimen but not anywhere near the talent level of Pittman. That’s why Pittman could be put into the backfield and look like the five star RB he was projected to be without practice just like he is the five star receiver he was projected to be. Drake is just a an athletic TE playing receiver but not anywhere close. Put them all on the field at the same time (as we did) and you see it.


      2. Errrr….
        Looking forward to a great year from Amon Ra and the Drake. Hopefully we all agree that Tyler V should stay for his Senior year, bulk up, and catch 90 balls and go in Rd 1 or 2. A lot of great WR coming out in the draft this year. Also looking forward to Ford and Bru breaking out.

        I hope I never forget about Pittman–going back to the Freshman year with Sam&Co. Can’t say how grateful I am to Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. for staying with us. I’ve made Michael’s case for the Freddie (Bilet) repeatedly. No one in D1 played against tougher D than Michael this year. Go on line and vote for him.


      3. GC:
        It would appear that the baby of the bunch, Amon Ra, is the best athlete of the three. Equanimeous was pretty good at ND, but hampered by poor QBs. Osiris is pretty good, with some good QB talent, but an unimaginative coach.

        Among my many Christmas wishes this season, I ask for Coach Harrell to stick with this talent and for Coach Colbert to take Amon Ra to the next level–90 catches/1000 yds, 14 TD’s.


    1. If Harrell leaves for Texas, who’s Clay gonna hire as the new OC? I believe the following are available:

      * Seth Doege
      * Robert Hall
      * Taylor Potts
      * Zebbie Lethridge
      * Billy Joe Tolliver
      * B. J. Symons

      (Patrick Mahomes is currently not available unfortunately. Neither is Davis Webb but that’s probably OK.)

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      1. Oaktown knows the Air Raid.
        (Truth be known, I’ve been quietly hexing King Kliffsbury of AZ Cardinals all season. Yet, I’d still let him in as OC at USC)


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