Bad Things Happen When Mike Bohn Speaks

Here’s a Mike Bohn interview with the Pac-12 Network where he repeatedly puts his foot in his mouth (again).

“The way Clay develops players,” Bohn said. “The way Clay recruits.”

He also talks about how being ranked No. 22 shows what a “wonderful” job Helton did.

23 thoughts on “Bad Things Happen When Mike Bohn Speaks

  1. Bohn must be getting paid a ton to spout this. He was neutered by Folt and the BOT. Folt and the moronic BOT don’t want a high level coach.

    Nothing will get better until the BOT is flushed. They are toxic and are not accountable to anyone.

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    1. Carol Folt was brought to UNC by libs to rid them of the Silent Sam statue that was a memorial to the 130 Civil War dead who went to UNC. She doesn’t care how mad people get. Imagine how mad they were there and she skittered away like a roach with millions of dollars. This is nothing to her. She went to UCSB so she probably hates SC.

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    2. Maybe trying to keep it positive during recruiting period.

      Bohn has a plan.
      Unless we get SERIOUS help with a DC and unless GH stays at USC, we will see the plan by mid October.

      It’s OK to stay “optimistic” until mid September 2020.
      (However, the Bowl game this month will also be an “indicator.”)

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  2. I honestly believe that the criteria for the athletic directors position at USC is that you have to be a “Dumb Ass” . This fool sounds like a uninformed idiot. Didn’t he do any research on Clay Helton at all ? Keyshawn Johnson already referred to him as a Bone Head on the air, and it’s not too far from the truth. Bohn is the same clown 🤡 who hired Dan Hawkins at Colorado, and allowed him to run the program into the ground, because he wanted to start his son at quarterback. Which eventually got him fired, because he was the worst quarterback in division 1 football.

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  3. Wolf didn’t mention the other gaff. (Paraphrased) “I recognize finishing 22nd is not the expectations USC fans and college football fans in Southern California but is indicative of Clay Helton. ”

    Nice sales job, you nailed it buddy…. yes he actually said that.

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  4. To paraphrase Bohn, USC would get better recruits if the dissatisfied fans (i.e. us) would just shut up, pay for tickets to see subpar football, and fill the Coliseum. Gotcha.

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  5. So there are tough decisions to be made to get the team to improve, and they’re going to look in all areas, like mental health for instance.

    I think Bohn is mental. How about starting with the basics, like losing the bums and hiring a top notch staff!

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  6. He doesn’t have a clue. Even worse, he thinks everybody’s crazy, but himself. Let’s see how well he sings in the first two games following yesterday’s decision to retain Helton.

    Holiday Bowl
    Michigan 45
    USC 17.

    First game of 2020
    Alabama 57
    USC 9.

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  7. This guy thinks that everyone of us USC fans are stupid. This clown thinks that Gomer is the answer going forward. He is putting the touches on the 67 to 70th ranked recruiting class in the country. Maybe at Colorado that would be acceptable. If my kid was a blue chip recruit, and Helton was recruiting him, I would laugh and him. And we are big USC fans. All I can say at this point is good luck in the upcoming bowl game because Gomer will need it. Everyone in Tuscaloosa is licking their chops knowing that USC will be undisciplined, unprepared and over there heads in trying to match Xs and Os with a real coaching staff. Feel bad for the players who are the true losers with the decision to bring back Helton. And one final thing, good luck with attendance next season Bohn.

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    1. For a guy who has been here a month he sure doesnt have a handle on the USC athletic program and expectations of its donors and fanbase. Its just sad to see the acceptance of mediocrity .

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    2. 24
      Our bowl game, Baylor or OU which ever is number 2 in the Big12 will boat race Helton, setting him up for the next total beat down. Saban will miss the playoffs this year, he will want no losses next year and the higher the winning score the better for Bama’s playoff hopes, it’s going to be brutal.

      I hope Bonehead travels to Dallas.

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  8. 13, sadly I totally agree with you. The worst part about this situation is that the true losers are the players at USC now because there is still a lot of talent there now. It’s a shame that the schemes and coaching, failure to play physical football always show up vs elite teams under Helton. Helton teams usually beat the average to mediocre teams but when matched up with elite teams…well we know what happens. OU or Baylor will be big favorites in bowl game. And Bama will probably open up at least a two td favorite with Gomer leading the way.

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  9. Okay I finally know ho Helton feels. I had a winter concert for my middle school music classes. Three times my kids stopped playing and embarrassed themselves. All I could think was this isn’t how it happened in rehearsals. But I didn’t let the kids off the hook. With the administration sitting in the audience I asked the parents to raise their hands if their students had practiced at home. Four or five parents raised their hands. I said in the most positive way I could,” when you all raise your hand this band will be able to play through this music.”
    Anyway Bohn is a Big 10 plant. If he kept Helton because of his recruiting and player development, he was sent to eliminate USC from the football world.


  10. He obviously has a mental disorder. 2000 fans polled, 95% wanted Helton gone. A big familiar
    F U to the alumni and fans. Political correctness has taken over SC like UCLA…this is California in 2019….Liberal whack jobs running the asylum
    Bright side..I save 7 or 8 grand next year by not rejoining Cardinal and Gold.


  11. What a total Fucking dumbass! Everything he said is what we expect and want at USC but did he do anything different to make us believe that that’s what he wants? Clay develops players? Seriously? What happened to this situation? To say that he’s glad to be working with a pussy president who doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes except the ad’s. He’s so intimated by the prez that he’s a yes boy. Man we are no better off than if we would’ve kept Swann aboard. This really sucks


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