Of Course JT Daniels Is Coming Back To USC

Why are people asking JT Daniels (or his father) if he will return to USC next season?

No player at USC is happier than Daniels over the return of his bodyguard, Clay Helton. He had complete control over the starting QB position as long as his protector was coaching the team.

The time to ask Daniels if he will transfer is after Kedon Slovis starts vs. Alabama next season.

Now I have to mention there are actually people who still believe Helton will try to start Daniels if he is healthy.

Helton can’t be that stupid, can he?

43 thoughts on “Of Course JT Daniels Is Coming Back To USC

    1. According to sources, news of JT Daniels coming back to southern cal has boosted the recruiting ranking for the trOJans! All of the ghetto dwelling, criminally inclined southern cal recruiting targets are trending towards southern cal with the promise of free pizza party courtesy of Daniel’s father.

      Slovis and Fink meanwhile are thinking real hard about entering their names in the transfer portal. They are hipster whiteboys who are on a carb-free diet!


      1. “criminal indictments”, says ted.

        What was Sam “the fixer” Gilbert indicted for? Hmm…so many criminal counts it is hard to keep track.

        As bruin Bill Walton said, “UCLA should have been on probation for about 100 years and should have lost 8 NCAA championships.”


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    2. Here’s some twisted logic, or something like that, start JT and let him take the pummeling that the tide will unleash in game 1, then start Slovis in game 2 and for the rest of the season.



      1. Maybe if everyone boos loud enough, CH will quit saving USC the buyout mula then using that money to hire a real coach.

        Could Bohn be that smart?


      2. يصمت ويحضر لي فرايز الفرنسية

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      3. Arturo, you insensitive Islamophobic infidel. I speak Arabic to you and you wish me “merry christmas”??!! Look who is the true racist!!

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        Now take your Feliz Navidad and get me my papas fritas!


    1. Wow – saying that “the fans (customers) are wrong and screwing up recruiting” is the equivalent of a man bites dog story.

      Do people lose all concept of rational thought when they take an administrative job at SC?

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    2. I totally agree!! All of you who are hurting recruiting with your negativity need to get behind our coach Clay Helton and our starting QB JT “money” Daniels and start pulling in the same direction!
      What would it say about USC if Clay Helton were to name Slovis the starting QB!!?? Recruits would be turned off because it would state that you would lose your job if you get injured at SC. It is a time honored rule in team sports that you don”t lose your job because of injury or Mormon mission!

      #ImwithClay #JTisOurGuy


      1. If you follow me, #1USC, you know I never diss Gentleman Clay.
        You have previously stated that you attend Sunday Church with the Heltons. Time for you to get to work.

        If you truly are a USC and Helton supporter and you understand football (along with Christianity), then please make sure that the Heltons understand that his tenure at the #1-10 coaching job in America (at the # 15 University in America) is predicated on him hiring a top 10 defensive co-ordinator. Gentleman Clay did it with Harrell, and the results were spectacular. Gentleman Clay can do it again with
        1. Jim Leonhard at U Wisc
        2. Morgan Scalley at U Utah
        3. Heck, Ron Rivera or Jack Del Rio would do better than Assistant HC Pendgergast.

        A fan of 50 years (exactly)
        An alumnus of 40 years (exactly–BS and MD)
        A player of 2 years (1982&83)
        A believer of 58 years.

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  1. While I haven’t exactly been a CH defender, I have called on people to relax and let this all play out. I won’t cry and say I’m going to stop attending games. But I will be seriously ticked off if KS doesn’t get the start. He improved as the season went on. We didn’t see that last year in JT. CH is going to lose any & all non-haters, except for JT’s dad if he pulls that!

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      1. At this point, GH would be crazy not to leave for a more stable situation if one presents itself. The football program was already dysfunctional. Now it’s been marginalized even more by Bohn’s (and Folt’s) lack of vision and backbone. By staying with CH, Bohn has chosen mediocrity over excellence just as Haden and Swann did before him. Working in such a poorly managed program under a head coach that lacks the respect of his CFB coaching peers is a black hole for GH’s career. He should learn from his former head coach, K. Kingsbury, and get out of Dodge.


  2. This speaks to the core of the overall problem. CH is an average coach. Why? Because he doesn’t have the vision for great plays, coaches, talent, etc. You can teach someone the mechanical usage of a 35mm camera but you can’t teach them the “eye” for great composition, framing and uniqueness. This is why his teams play the same each and every game. It’s why he doesn’t rid himself of average coaches. It’s why he doesn’t play freshmen until absolutely necessary and then finds out there better then the ones above them on the depth chart. CH doesn’t have the “eye.” How many pressers has he said “we’ll look at the tape and clean it up?” 50 times? 100 times? And does it every get cleaned up. We all know that answer. PC was amazing with halftime adjustments…you just couldn’t outcoach him. Not the case with CH. In fact, just the opposite. Would he want to make those great adjustments..of course..does he have the ability to see what needs to be done..of course NOT. The great leaders that I’ve worked for created cultures that demanded like-minded people and wouldn’t accept average. Same is true for the great coaches be they college or pro. This is why they keep winning! And I believe this is, in large part, why alums and fans are so angry. Things aren’t getting better and we don’t see hope for improvement. Not sure why Folt and Bohn couldn’t come to that conclusion but CH is now on their watch. Good luck with that. Let’s say we start next season 3-3 and the Coliseum has 30,000 empty seats. Does Bohn finally fire this guy? If yes, won’t Bohn look like an idiot for not having done it earlier? It’s a little stunning that an AD would say that he’d have to sit down with his HC to discuss evaluating assistant coaches..why doesn’t the HC have that evaluation already completed. The only “eye” that CH has is within the middle of the hurricane he’s created.

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  3. “Now I have to mention there are actually people who still believe Helton will try to start Daniels if he is healthy.”

    Yes, and I am one of them. It’s a given. (JT or his dad must have some dirt on old Clay.)

    “Helton can’t be that stupid, can he?” I don’t think I need to answer that question.

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  4. This afternoon USC men’s water polo defeated Bucknell 15 to 9 and will face Stanford on Saturday in semifinals. Winner plays Pepperdine/Pacific for NCAA national championship on Sunday.

    Also it appears our former assistant AD, Donna ‘LGBTQ” Heinel is throwing entire USC athletic dept under the bus. Amazing how Max aka the Cypriot really damaged the university.

    Sorry BOT aka Caruso, your aspirations of being mayor or governor are vaporizing by the second!

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      1. Recall ruso that Stanford and UCLA have racked up impressive numbers of Natty’s–and they boast those facts daily–just by winning at these NC* sports. Since PC’s departure, and Dedeaux’s retirement, we’ve mostly earned Natty’s in these same NC sports.

        Max respect for McAlpine, however. He could build us a juggernaut.
        Lifetime contract if I’m AD.

        *No one cares


    1. Thanks for posting that I was just talking to my Friend who’s husband is a USC alumni and told her shyt was going hit the fan soon because people involved in the scandal are talking. Does anyone else know if the go between Attorney who was directing this scam for the Universitys is talking as well. I want to here what he knew and has to say about this fraud pay to be a student body scam!


  5. Yes, he can be that stupid. It was supposedly an open competition last year, and the only reason Slovis got the start was JT got hurt. At least we got to see a quality quarterback for a season.

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  6. Joel Klatt made a laser sharp remark on Cowherd’s show yesterday as they discussed the Dallas Cowboys.


    “The Dallas Cowboys have this great history….known all over the USA….America’s Team kind of like USC…long legacy of success but what they both have in common is the ‘rust’ is starting to ‘corrode’ the present as to realistic expectations are ‘average’.”

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  7. If ‘In other USC News’ is right about that lesbonian Heinel doing as all guilty perps do – get under that bus fool!

    Actually it may be a plus….all of a sudden if Bohn acts different than he did in retaining Helton – he could toss a lot of dead entrenched clowns out of the AD and, like any good purge, get rid of whoever he wants.

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  8. It was no fluke that Clay Helton started Max Browne over Sam Darnold, so yes, Helton is stupid enough to sit Kedon Slovis on the bench in favor of JT Daniels. And did anybody really think Daniels would transfer out? 😂. He’s an average quarterback that was surrounded with the best talent in high school. There’s nothing special about him, and he would struggle to start at most Mountain West Conference schools.

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    1. Slovis has been an extraordinary find, and a testament to great developmental coaching–Kurt W and now GH.

      JT actually did an AWESOME job as QB in 2018, considering that he really was a HS senior playing against D1 defenses. JT suffered by the SarkiffinMartinHelton QB school in his first year. JT would have had a pretty good 2019.

      Irrespective, unless JT works his body like Adrain Petersen did after HIS ACL tear, then I don’t see JT even ready to compete for #1 QB when camp opens in August 2020. Great kid with plenty of good years ahead of him at USC–just not 2020 season.

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      1. Only one problem with your argument, JT was held back in middle school so that he could compete with younger players. He was 18 when he graduated so he never really was behind/ahead depending on how you want to look at it.


      2. Fair minded assistant. I went back and watched the film of Fresno State game and JT was on point. I honestly hope he is not ready for the fall so there is not competition.Hopefully, JT can get his degree and enter the transfer portal with years of eligibility and get a masters too. Smart kid. How come awesome Sears hasnt found a home yet?


      3. JT does not look like a USC quarterback, does not play like one, he looks like white trash from a trailer and plays like one, chuck and duck…common what the hell are you talking about?


      4. He was not a high school senior last year. He was a USC freshman. When sports obsessed dads hold their sons back a year, for the sole purpose of them being bigger & stronger than their classmates, that perspective is askew. I would have expected him to improve as the season went on, as we saw this year with Slovis. He didn’t. He was making the same mistakes he made earlier in the season. I think he suffers a bit from what Barkley did, a “there’s no play I can’t make” mentality. There’s no window that’s going to close faster than he can get the ball to his receiver. Whichever way Jack Daniels goes, I hope he can get past that. But for 2020, CH needs to start Slovis.


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