USC Athletic Dept. Feeling Heat?

I hear USC athletic director Mike Bohn is planning to hold small round-table discussions with members of donor groups in the near future.

Sounds like a response to donations being cut by angry fans. Keep it up!

Many of you already know the Trojan Athletic Fund website was shut down this week for a very coincidental “data transition.” That just happened to mean you couldn’t change the amount of money you donate. What an amazing coincidence.


40 thoughts on “USC Athletic Dept. Feeling Heat?

    1. Bohn truly doesn’t get it. He is a grease ball hack from Cincinnati, not ready for the big time. Clearly is not all independent from Dolt. Neither one of them get it. USC is screwed for seeable future. Not only in football, but in the way the University is going to be run as politically correct, lean left school. Piss on that.!

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      1. I don’t think anyone would be free of Folt in this current mess – the basketball investigation is still burbling somewhere and Heinel is preparing her ‘….they did it too!’ rat defense. The end of Singer’s evil and Lori Laughlin still awaiting trial.

        No we’ll have to wait out this year and ‘hope’ <1 year hence Helton is finally gone.

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      2. Link, piss on you! Nothing wrong with leaning on the leftside of the fence
        instead of the ultra conservative way back in the 50’s – 60’s – 70’s, etc.
        What did you accomplish on the baseball team if that was really you per
        previous post?


      3. Steve – let me guess, you think Pelosi is doing a good job? California is a well managed state? I do not think it was ultra conservative 30-40 years ago. Don’t remember any scandals back then do you? Yeah, I played baseball, was a pitcher. The five guys in front of me all went to the major leagues. What I accomplished was a got a good education, made a boatload of friends, raised a great family, and now live at the beach. That what I did. And again and now, piss on you!

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      4. With all the blessings you’ve had at your wonderful home, why do you come to Scott’s home, and disrespect him? From your own testimony, you don’t want even the state, that helps you maintain your nice life, to interfere or mess with you in any way…that’s your deal, just afford Scott his. I don’t really care about your opinion, because I know you’re an unjust man, good life and all…at Judgement you will fail, so, enjoy now, cuz sooner or later, you’ll face my boss, with testimony against you…,unless, you repent….


  1. On another blog I mentioned that Folt and Bohn completely underestimated the importance of Trojan Football to alumni, donors, fans, friends, the community, and especially to USC’s unique family culture. They’re getting blindsided for their “non-decision” re: CH. Consequently, they’re both having a polarizing effect on the university’s most important stakeholders, and they’ve only been on the job for a few weeks/months. They will become institutional pariahs if not careful.

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    1. Bullseye….yeah yu can hide in ‘the court’ only so long but every so often you have to meet the ‘hoi polloi’ and yea verily sir – you nailed it – they’ll have to ‘stand’ and ‘endure’


  2. I hope the fan fallout is epic, and donations dwindle in a big way, because this bullshyt has been going on for close to a decade. How much longer do these different administrators think they can play their faithful fans for fools ? If you really think about it, a National championship would be just what the doctor ordered for USC. Because it would deflect some of the Max Nikias, and George Tyndall crap 💩. I wonder if Carol Folt ever thought about that ?

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      1. Folt & Bohn just gift wrapped So. Cal recruiting to Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Oregon, Ohio State, Oregon, etc. with the dumb decision to keep low results helton. Those coaches & others are celebrating & thanking them both for keeping helton in place as they continue to extract the premier recruits from the So. Cal area. Helton can’t even put a fence around recruiting with the resources @ USC & that’s very telling. Yet Folt and Bohn obviously ignored this big part in evaluating helton. Winning games against. 500 or below programs, being a nice guy, having integrity are not good enough reasons for helton to have returned as head coach. He doesn’t have 1 elite Southern California recruit committed to the program. That speaks volumes about him & his leadership of the program. He is not the right coach for USC period. He is more suited for a job @ unlv or new mexico state.

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    1. “blind, ignorant rah-rah pimps”?

      Says the guy who claimed ucla would beat Oklahoma, Utah, and SC, and who said that Chip Kelly was “building a roster to compete for a natty.”

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  3. They were nevr r going to PAY $12 TO $20 MILLION for Gomer He’ll tons BUYOUT. And Urban Meyer was NOT Ready to Coach again every thing was all TALK no Do…


  4. I am so sorry, Trojan Nation. I thought things were bad for us under Helfrich. You’re screwed from the top down.

    There’s always room on the Duck Bandwagon if you’re tired of not being elite. We have:

    1) best unis in all of sports
    2) first class education
    3) Eugene’s temperate climate, yet sunnier than Seattle
    4) we beat the mutts year after year after year
    5) scandle free
    6) Nike U! Phil Knight’s mark is all over this university. It is so cool to have the coolest athletic wear company rep this college. It’s like being a part of a club!
    7) just 1 hour from the beach
    8) did I mention we have the best unis in all of sports? 😉


      1. Steve B:
        Some believe that being the #104 rated University in America (per USNWR) is “first class.” The WSJ does not, however. They rated UO #347.
        Evidently the WSJ looks at performance AFTER graduation.

        UO does have the best costumes in CFB.


  5. I almost forgot:

    9) progressive professors, politically left. We are inclusive almost to a fault (if that were possible).

    10) best nightlife. I remember reading we have the bests clubs and restaurants. I think it was a top ten list I clicked on


    1. DickyFucksworth
      You need to leave mom’s basement & get out more. Anyone can buy clothes.
      You left out:
      #11 attendants to pump your gas.
      #12. ‘You remembered’…you clicked on best restaurants…lol.
      #13. Highest property tax rates in USA
      #14. Oregon wouldn’t have any people unless CA threw them out.
      #15. One hr from the beach
      Good one.


      1. Hey Cal75minus75=ZERO,
        Thank you for adding to my list. Yes, we don’t have to inhale carcinogenic gas fumes at the pump. And higher property tax means the rich pay their fare share and the rest of us don’t pay tax on food, clothes, beer, etc.

        For the record, I moved a way from home 2 years ago to start a family and I have 2 step kids, a wife and a cat as dependents.

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      2. Ducky:
        Oregon gets MANY things right. Enjoy ’em.
        The Deschutes IPA’s are my “go to” beer when I live in CA.
        I hear the skiing is good. I ski Colorado.
        Ore CFB and MBB are doing well, with a bright future for some time.
        Yes, the CFB costumes are interesting.

        Highre Education is not one of the things that Ore gets right, as I’ve shown you lately. Chip Kelly was involved in quite scandal as he left the Dux, and the MBB program was part of the FBI investigation. The CFB was guilty of recruiting violations in 2016 (level II), a woman’s track athlete had an “F” changed to a “B-,” and both WBB and MBB had level II NCAA violations.

        Politically, I like your rainy day fund and balanced budget initiatives, so I purchased $300,00 of AA rated tax free munis from Oregon at 4.5% yield. ( I support your local school districts).


  6. You mean Bohn couldn’t hold a round table discussion BEFORE he made his decision? No, the choice was made in advance and he foolishly thought he could ride out the storm. The only thing he’s gonna tell those donors is, “I understand your anger, but my decision is final. Now pay up.” Also, where were these big $ people when it was time to pay Helton’s buyout and hire a big name coach?

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  7. Being a long time supporter of USC , it pains me to say this but I hope that the home opener next year vs mighty New Mexico draws 10000 fans or less so that this incompetent administration can see that most people wanted a change. The only fans that are happy that average at best Helton is back is all of our opponents along with Clemson, Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio St because they know that the rich recruiting grounds out west are wide open till further notice. Bohn heads remarks about recruiting when he refers to Helton is an absolute joke. 67th ranked recruiting class next to mid major schools is just plain delusional. Was Bohn drinking when he said this on tv??

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