Morning Buzz: USC Wanted New Coach But Wasn’t Committed To Do It

I will be on with Keyshawn Johnson around 9:15 a.m. on 710-AM. That should be interesting.

Now, I want to kind of tie everything together because Mike Bohn cannot be honest about anything this week and thinks he is at Cincinnati.

Bohn was looking for another coach. He definitely spoke to Bob Stoops and eiher spoke to or put out feelers to Urban Meyer.

Now the real question is how committed USC was to hiring a new coach?

If they didn’t want to pay Stoops’ assistant coaches, they weren’t serious. If they didn’t want to get past preliminary talks with Meyer, they weren’t serious. If they didn’t want to contact/hire James Franklin or Matt Campbell, they weren’t serious.

Too many people within the athletic dept. are pointing to USC not wanting to spend properly.

This is where Bohn needed to develop spine. He came all the way to USC. He should have gotten assurances from Carol Folt that money was not an obstacle because it is Bohn’s reputation that is now in tatters.

Bohn also sanctioned the amateur hour act this week where USC waited and waited to bring Clay Helton back. It’s an insult to the loyal fans, who deserved better treatment.

Bohn’s performance the past two weeks was a dereliction of duty.

54 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Wanted New Coach But Wasn’t Committed To Do It

  1. Well …no surprises here
    SC had the chance when Ed ‘O’ was here and all decisions since then have been pos…
    Time to suck it up and watch the disaster unfold ,maybe basketball will good?

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    1. A lot of truth to that aside from the meddling by Folt and the BOT. Swann screwed USC royally giving this back end of a horse that extension.
      Contrast the unwillingness to sack Helton due to contractural obligations with the anticipated drop in attendance. This is ‘occam’s razor’

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      1. That’s a lot of speculation about the inability or unwillingness of Folt / USC to payout the $20m. There’s surely 20 multi-millionaire Boosters that would have gladly forked over 1m in a ‘go-fund-me’ for Urban Meyer.

        I agree that he was not forth coming about his coaching search but who can blame him? If he said yes then it just says the he wasn’t able to get stoops or UM.

        Scott, if you are in contact with some boosters – pls let us know if any were asked for financial help to clear out clay.

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  3. Mr. Wolf, with all due respect, Mike Bohn did the most courageous thing he could do! He stood against the “know nothing” rah rah fan base and examined the evidence at hand. Helton is about to go 9-4 with a 2 star, 4th string QB. He lead an offense with a coordinator who had not coached anywhere close to a team like the trojans!

    With an inexperienced assistant OC, jerk of an OC Kingsbury quitting suddenly at the beginning of the season and having to play 3rd and 4th string QBs Helton did a phenomenal job!

    No coach would have done better under the circumstances. Mike Bohn saw the truth and stood up against the pressure of the masses and did the right thing.

    #apploudBohn #CheerOnClaytoaNationalChampionship

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    1. #1USCFAN is Ángela Helton’s burner account. Tell us Miss Angela, how was lunch in Long Beach with Wolfie and Doug Krikorian? Look, your husband is a fine man and he brought 4 years of stability to a program that needed it. But now that your husband has brought a measure of scandal free leadership (and been paid handsomely for it), it’s time to bring in someone else who can take the team to the next level.

      1. No more playing favorites. Everyone must compete and the best players play.
      2. No more incompetent assistants
      3. No more post game drivel, look at how Saban, Meyer, and good coaches react when they lose a game or win ugly. They are not pleased and this filters down to the players.
      4. No more broken promises. When your husband claims he is a power football running team, like he did when given the job, he better keep his promise. When he says he is going to focus on discipline, penalties, and turnovers and the players run roughshod he better yank the players from the field, chew them out, and have them sit for a few plays by themselves so they can ponder how their actions hurt the team.

      Miss Angela, when your husband does the 4 things above. The recruits will come and the fan base (who know football and team building well) will come around too. Until then, shut your trap because your views do not reflect the reality on the gridiron.

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      1. Christianity and football are both about “tough love.”
        Honest. Tough. Love.
        #1 knows it.
        No lying–it’s a sin, right?


    2. #1USCFan,
      All true. But the zealotry of this forum aside, none of Heton’s good deeds matter if he doesn’t have support of the majority of the base … or local high school coaches, players and families. And he just doesn’t. A change should be made.

      Now, 21 years ago, we were at a similar impasse. Not directly comparing John Robinson–who won national championships–to Clay Helton (who won a California championship!), but Robinson had similarly hit his ceiling in his second term when Mike Garrett got determined to replace him. Unable to secure a frontline candidate–OMG, Lou Holtz?–Garrett did what Scott Wolf would have wanted–he forced the issue … and hired a much worse coach, Paul Hackett. IMO, Clay looks really good next to Hackett, who players outright gave up on, but my point is, things could be worse. Sooo much worse … if Bohn does what Scotty wants and “hires anyone.”

      But make no mistake. Clay Helton’s situation is untenable longterm. Bohn is on the clock.

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    3. Clay can’t recruit. He’s lost LA. USC should be a no brainer for any SoCal players, especially Mater Dei. I hope I am wrong and you are right about the future but please don’t get so excited about whatever junky bowl game they get invited to to possibly play for a 9th win. If it isn’t the Rose Bowl, forgetaboutit.

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    4. #1–you stated previously you were church friends of the Helton’s.
      I respect that.

      You’ve been tasked with helping Clay and Angela keep Harrell and recruit a top 10 DC to reform a sloppy defense.

      This is the only way that USC goes 10-2 next year and your friends keep their job. At 8-4 or 9-3 in 2020, your friend is not coaching USC in 2021.

      Do your job, and it’s a toast of fine bourbon (small shot) from me to you and your friends.

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    5. Comedic. Clay beat the teams that suck, and was beaten by the teams that are good. And he barely beat some of the sucky (?) teams. The only outlier is Utah. I could have coached the talent we have and done the same. Coaches are measured by their ability to (1) consistently win tough games, (2) win games they are not supposed to win, and (3) improve the level of play through better execution and player development. The only positive, as previously mentioned, was Utah. One outlier does not a a good coach make.

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    6. #1: you are truly a FAN who wants the best for SC!

      there is IRON in your words for all Cadre to see.

      no paper can hold the iron, it must come from men.



  4. I appreciate Scott’s coverage but he was the one who wanted an outside AD. Now he got that good and hard – a sycophant of Carol Holt. If a USC alumni had been picked he would have had some loyalty to the fans and alumni. Bottom line is the money bottom line seems to have won out because the feminists and the LA Times are now controlling the university and sucking mega millions for reparations and the football program is now a shell of its past. That is where the Leftist’s and the feminists want it. Face the music – that is the reality. SC won’t be a great school for entrepreneurs or football players any more. It will replace that with majors in activism. Local 5* players will continue to go to school out of state. SC will slowly become a football program of 2* and 3* players with a souped up passing attack – sort of an Edsel or Ford Pinto car with a supercharger. And the PAC-12 is not committed to fielding football teams that can compete on the national stage.

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      1. Yes! Minus the first class education! 😉

        Seriously though, I will give you that. A USC degree means a little more than my Oregon BA. But we’re definitely gaining on you!


      2. Doggonit again, Ducky!
        Just rode up the elevator with my best UO friend last night–we’ll both be rooting for the Dux tonight. You’re making it really difficult, however.
        (He’s a smart, humble young fella.)

        UO Eugene–#104 nationally per USNews.
        UO Eugene–#50 nationally of public schools per USNews (ie–take out the private schools)
        UO Eugene–#375 nationally per WSJ.
        (It’s a great school if you wanna shoot a movie like Animal House).

        The WSJ looks at student success AFTER graduation.
        Great MBB program under Dana? Yep. Have some fun.
        Great CFB program under Bellotti/Chip/Mario? Yep. Have some fun.
        Cool CFB costumes every game? Yep. Have some fun.

        A great future for the students, student athletes? No.

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  5. With the retention of Gomer Helton, get used to getting our asses handed to us by talented disciplined teams. Beat the mediocre teams more often than not. As for me, I will not support this by not attending games and buying merchandise. Unbelievable that they would retain a coach who cannot win with talent. Imagine going forward and Gomer trying to win with 2-3 star kids in the future? Hell he can barely win 8 games with 4-5 star kids. I’m done trying to watch this circus of a program that is being run into the ground by an incompetent administration. They spoke loud and clear with this decision TWO years in a row….THEY DO NOT CARE what the alumni, fans, donors etc think or care . They said we are going forward with mediocre at best, Gomer Helton and we still expect you to support our product.

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  6. The silver ling here is the anticipation of an awful 2020 season and the reality to match it up. Now what? Couple that with Heinel’s lies this just might be the ‘play’ Bohn uses to move and transform the AD aside from ridding USC of Helton.
    Half the problem has been solved – sacking that roadkill arrogant ‘golfer’ Swannie – need to be patient for another 12 mos.. Helton will deliver his idiocy of skillset and with the money coming down Folt won’t be able to prevent any hire…..she and the BOT will be forced to stap down.


    1. Tedford’s best days behind him.
      Chris Peterson is telling you–it’s a young man’s game.

      There are a few Belichicks, Sabans, Wade Phillips out there,
      but I think burn out in the 50year old HC coach is rearing it’s ugly head.

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    2. Not being mean, Fan boy.
      You and I are in agreement that HC CH needs some mean-ass Assistants by his side (ie–let the DC and OC run both sides of the ball, and HC CH delivers the hugs). I just don’t think Tedford is the guy.

      JDR?–he’s in his 50’s…
      Ron Rivera?–he’s in his 50’s. “wants to coach again in the NFL.”
      (I’d offer him).
      Morgan Scalley–heck yeah!
      Jim Leonhard–heck yeah!

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      1. Bourbon
        Mr Rivera is on record as saying CAL is the only school he would consider. Most likely he’ll end up a pro DC.


      2. Cal75
        I posted yesterday that Rivera was a die-hard Bear.
        Cal has a good coach–needs a hot shot OC.

        USC’s problem is DC–and I’ve called out Scalley (UU) and Leonhard (UWisky) for USC. With that as a back drop, I’d call Rivera cuz the Pac 12 is “promiscuous.” Heck, the Cal HC is a former Duck player who coached at UW and USC.


  7. The university is run by the BOT, and the BOT is absolutely awful.

    Look at their continued clusterf*ck

    Med School
    Med School 2.0
    Wanda Austin
    Jim Ellis firing

    They chose to hire a failed 3rd tier university president in Folt whom they could control, and now they are de facto running athletics.

    Really hope Caruso is not elected LA mayor, given the job he has done at SC.

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      1. BK is always afraid of a woman opening her mouth to talk because he knows her response will be, “No thanks, creep.”


    1. Folt is a tough-nosed reformer.
      She was brought into UNC to clean up scandal. North Carolina politically has some “modernity” issues. I can see why one would bolt.
      She was brought into USC to marshall (no pun intended) USC through a plate of extra-ordinary bad publicity. She will take a ton of abuse during her term here, but tough work needs to be done.

      I think UM would have been a decent hire, but he and his wife needed to go on 60 minutes (or some such “expose” show) and discuss the Zach Smith story openly and honestly. There are subtle parts to THEIR ROLE in the story which need to come out. My guess is that they are choosing to protect the Smith family from further scrutiny–though ZS was recently arrested for creating a rucus at the childrens’ school. I think UM and his wife are truly decent, quietly CHRISTIAN people. IMHO, he didn’t want to be a part of the USC shitshow at any price. In Utah, Gainsville, Columbus–your CFB is the only game in town. In LA there is a lot of competition for the sports dollar.

      BTW–UNC is the #5 public university in America per USNWR, and #29 overall. While I’d never stoop to that level, it’s a decent university. Good things will come to USC, just not in 2020.

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      1. I don’t know about his disinterest – consider
        Had Urban Meyer signed on as USC head coach and had he produced an NC he would be the 2nd coach in the history of college football to have won 3 NC at three different schools – the other one – Howard Jones (Yale, IA and USC). But Meyer would be in the ‘modern era’

        I believe he wanted this job the pay hike alone for a head time coach is a multiple of 10 compared to being on TV although his salary currently with Fox is the highest on that rostrum.

        You’re right about Meyer – man of deep faith – strong Roman Catholic – it would seem Jerry Jones is enticing him to Dallas if he (Meyer) wants it.

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  8. wolfman, even the Cadre thinks you are pushing this too far. there are some VERY powerful players involved in this coaching situation and we hear they are becoming…”disappointed” at your constant criticisms.

    it will happen this way: you may be out for a walk, maybe the first day of Spring. and a car will slow next to you, and a person you know, maybe even trust, will offer you a ride. they will get out and and smile, a becoming smile, but they will leave the door open and offer you a lift.


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    1. They’ll have a car full of brazillian soccer team cheerleaders in uniforms w/thong holsters enticingly beckoning him for a picture…how could any perv resist?

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