Recruiting Is Going Dramatically Better: Offensive Lineman Decommits

Remember this Mike Bohn quote Tuesday: Recruiting is going dramatically better than anybody wants to admit.”

Joey Wright, a three-star offensive lineman from Reno, decommitted this morning.

It’s possible USC dropped him and I predicted some of these offensive line commits would never show up.

But Clay Helton took his commitment!

So he gets to own the “more bad news” look from this decommitment. Especially when Bohn pops off about recruiting.

29 thoughts on “Recruiting Is Going Dramatically Better: Offensive Lineman Decommits

  1. I’ve read at least 3 national articles about the horrible recruiting between USC, and UCLA, and both schools are in a state loaded with 5 star players. This is why Mike Bohn comes across as delusional individual, who has his head up his ass, or he thinks the Trojans fan base are a bunch of idiots that believe anything he says

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  2. Yeah ok. I see that Saban also “TOOK COMMITMENTS!” from some 3-star offensive linemen. Wonder if any will decommit. Scott, you try to make negative points that turn out to be nothing sometimes.

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    1. A couple of ways to look at it.

      SC can take 5 stars and they never develop (e.g. Toa).

      And sometimes, 3 star guys can really deliver. (Uchenna Nwosu).

      But all signs point to needing a different o-line coach. I mean, if we can’t protect the QB in the Pac-12, how will this work out against ‘Bama?

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      1. Good point, 67, but Toa was never rated a 5 Star. I just don’t want to embellish facts and ratings about players; there are very few 5 stars each year.

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      2. Hi Arturo,

        Thanks for clarifying, I thought he was – my bad. Just checked and he was ranked 8th in country at his position – 4 star.

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      3. Drevno’s had one year (this stretch) to coach up the Callaway Crew (who were not coached for 2-3 years).
        Since the Viane/Damian Mama, etc crew graduated, we have not routinely added robust OL recruits. Hard to blame Drevno at this stage.

        Yes, the OL future looks bleak. I’ll revise my outlook at the end of 2020.

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      1. Pudly –

        You’re trying to pick nat shit out of pepper. You remind me of former president Clinton when he was quoted saying the following… “It depends on what the meaning of “is” is.”

        You’re a joke.


      1. Numbers and facts always confuse Dear Pisley, so he makes up his own No.’s and facts to sustain his cut and paste drivel.


  3. If that frees up a scholarship for someone more highly touted or rated, it is a positive step. The team will need OL after next year as many are set to graduate so Wright decommitting could be a bad sign- especially if he isn’t replaced by another OL commit.

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      1. Yes, many blamed Harrell, but I didn’t understand that. I thought the problem areas were Pendergast, Baxter, Drevno in particular.

        Without Harrell, it may have been a 6-6 year. Ironically, one might blame Harrell for Clay being retained, as 6-6 record probably would have forced SC admin to pull the trigger and fire Helton.

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      2. trojan1967, Pudly76 USC could have easily been a playoff team if it DIDN’T have Harrell. Harrell was the problem, his offense was a continuation of Sarkiffin Helton, ie. pass happy, WR happy, no maintained running game, no ball control, quick change of possession offense.

        The recruits on the OL aren’t duds, but protecting a QB isn’t just the OL, it’s the backs, the TEs, the fullback. SC is graduating a projected position top 5 fullback who never saw the field. It has a banger in Stepp that is big enough to block and wear a defense down, several top TEs who could block run and catch, and it has the fastest player in the nation on the field that can catch in Criston, but it never wanted to play any of them. It had one of the top dual threat QBs but went with someone whose best attribute is tossing the jump ball to Pittman. The number of plays that both sides are allowed in a Harrell game is not good for SC.

        Pendergast’s defense is a gambling one, lots of pressure and man coverage. If it isn’t on the field long or too many possessions it can be dominating, but if it is, the gambles get exposed.

        Harrell’s offense is undercutting talent advantage, harming field position and kills the defense. But that talent advantage is slowly declining with the incoming class so maybe we will need some gimmick run and shoot offense in the future if it keeps going this way.

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      3. Good stuff global…but just wondering if that “top flight dual threat” talent was the same one who was at Oregon St for an official visit a few weeks ago. Hardly a suitable destination for such a coveted individual. We’ll have to see where he ends up.

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      4. Global, completely agree on several points, particularly Stepp and Christon. But it may have been Clay who kept them on the bench. Harrell publicly said about as much as he could that Slovis was the best QB in camp, yet JT started, and that was clearly Helton’s call.

        Respectfully disagree regarding Pendergast. I just don’t think there is any way the D should have given up so many yards and points to Fresno State, BYU, or ucla last year, particularly when last year’s ucla game was so one-dimensional with Kelly getting most of the yards. No halftime defensive adjustments.

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      5. Your talking about the same Stepp wh hadn’t finished three of his last four seasons? Protecting a BIG kid with a recent history of lower body injuries made sense to me at the time. JMO

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      6. Global, the facts don’t support your opinions regarding USC O.

        The FPI rates the USC/Graham Harrell’s offense #12 in the country for 2019.
        (FPI takes strength and performance of opponents defense into consideration and also takes out garbage time).
        S&P+ rated the USC/Graham Harrell offense #9 in the country for 2019.

        Gone are the days of 28 pitch. JR1 saw it in the late 70’s and made the necessary adjustments. Your “eye test” on certain plays at certain times in certain games might disclose some “problems” to you. The above computer driven data takes about 800 plays during a team’s season and compares it to the 9,600 plays of the opposing defenses for that season, and so on, and so on….

        I’ll repeat it–USC’s offense (and maybe Texas AM) was the only team to compete against 5 separate FPI top 20 defenses in their 12 games
        (#4, #7, #11, #14, #18 Cal–demoted to #24 after the USC rout).

        You are spot on regarding Pender’s defensive scheme, and I applaud you.

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      7. Here’s a different look and there are many others…

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