Mike Bohn Also Thinks You’re An Idiot

Look at this Mike Bohn quote: “Clay Helton deserves to have the right to continue to lead this program. He’s got the full grasp of his team. Recruiting is going dramatically better than anybody wants to admit.”

Recruiting is going dramatically better? Where? When? How? Someone ship this guy back to Cincinnati, where being ranked No. 70 in recruiting is OK.

How long can these people insult the intelligence of USC fans?

54 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Also Thinks You’re An Idiot

  1. Mike Bohn you are a LIAR!
    Do you even remember your Bullshit speech?
    You said were going to get to the top of recruiting, were going to compete at a national championship level. The coliseum is going to be filled and
    will be rocking!
    Now your saying you are going to get new coaches and fix the problems.
    Why? Why? Clay said that was a excellent game plan Clancy came up with
    after giving a horrible UCLA team 500 yards of offense!!
    You belong with Clay go ahead and slap his ASS again!!!

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  2. I got the feeling earlier that the team went into Bohn’s office one by one like in Rudy and placed their vote of confidence in their substitute teacher of a coach. The nice and fluffy coach. Man. Sad day.

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      1. So what’s your best guess, Pudly? Who do we get to replace Harrell?

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      2. Right now herman’s seat is hotter than Clay’s and his locker room is toxic. If graham goes somewhere I doubt it would be with him. Heard he was interviewed for the Vegas HC job too…

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    1. 04, are you suggesting wolfman’s campaign of Terror against Hell-TON backfired on him?? that this all-out attack make the team galvanize around Hell-TON??



  3. I’m starting to think Clay Helton has pictures of Bohn, Folt, and Caruso in a threesome with a goat. It’s really the only thing that makes sense of this mess.

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  4. Mike Bohn has everything under control folks. He’s bringing back Tee Martin to bring up the recruiting. Planning sleepovers for the coaches to express their feelings and hug out any bad spirits. Then if it’s not too late they can go over game film together. There wasn’t anything wrong with this staff other than needing a strong hand to guide them. Bohn and Helton will accept all apologies at the end of the upcoming undefeated season.

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  5. Just unbelievable Bohn was on channel 2 saying ” you look at the player development coach Helton has engineered and you know he’s the guy”
    Yeah the guy who dropped our NFL numbers. The guy who put To a on the map.

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  6. Remind me, what bozo intelligence?

    The foolish Rah-Rah/Pimps remind me of a migrating Slice of Lemmings searching for a steep cliff.

    Of course, Commie Lush, PT, 22, ’67, Dear Pusley, BKrap, MLink, and the Linkster can’t wait to jump.


      1. Likewise, Owns. I was just talking about how you have the intestinal fortitude to come on and take on all comers. I respect that.

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    1. “The foolish Rah-Rah/Pimps remind me of a migrating Slice of Lemmings searching for a steep cliff.” – ownsie

      Says the guy who had ucla beating Oklahoma, Utah, SC, …and who had Chip Kelly “quietly building a roster to compete for a natty.”

      owns, lay of the peyote, would’ya?

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    2. Owns, that’s some BRUTAL STUFF…….great work!!

      we WARNED the Dummies that whenever the trOXans fall hard, the CADRE is there to SCATTER THE PIECES!!!!!



    3. Just Puke,

      U Clowns Lose Again spent 35 million on two coaches. Talk about idiots. Since you are very slow, I am talking about Mora and Chip Kelly.


  7. Via the movie Braveheart, ” The problem with Scotland is that it is full of Scots,” The problem with bringing in an outsider is that they were outside. SW, is playing the part of SC football guru and, in this case, I wish he were the gatekeeper as well. Where is Jack Del Rio when you need him?

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    1. Jack del Rio was on ESPN today talking about the timing and firing of Ron Rivera from the Panthers. He was also talikng about Scam Newton’s chances of staying in Carolina. I was watching ESPN this morning and all the talk was about Panthers firing Rivera, Michigan, and Alabama football nothing about what was going on with USC and their coaching situation. That’s how far the program has fallen. No one gives a crap nationally about the Trojans. Unless if they would of hired Urban Meyer then all the USC haters would of been out in full force today!

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      1. c’mon Boogsie, Durty Urban was not the answer….PRAISE GOD ALLMIGHTY!!!!

        that He may CLEANSE the den of Iniquity SC has become!!!

        So Let It Be WRITTEN, So Let It Be DONE!!!!



    1. Well, that’s just it, SCDog. He didn’t start “deserving” it until Franklin, Stoops and Meyer said “no” —twice each.

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      1. Mickey: look at it this way. Folt is brought in to clean house at a Univ RIDDLED with scandal after scandal. she doesn’t give a rip about “those gargantuans manhandling each other” (Mama Boucher, The Waterboy)

        she hears the wacko foosball fans screaming for Durty Urban and she says to herself, we have a fine god fearing boy here already…..now come here Clay, let mama brush your hair.



    1. Bluntly – Petersen never had the stones to ‘stay long’….there was that game when he was coach @ Boise St. @ NV in 2010. He was on an open mike and bluntly stated he couldn’t believe how much press was at the game – in Reno-NV against NV.

      Petersen never had the stomach to handle a ‘soft’ press from the ‘Reno Gazette-Journal’ and some ‘play-by-play’ in the broadcast booth. He never would have survived 1 week in LA. WA is better off with hom out of the coaching game.

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      1. Pinkywood’s latest wooden-headed pontification: 151% alcoholic ecstasy.

        The Commie Lush motto: It’s always 5pm somewhere on Earth


      2. Nice to see mule how you can keep your head up after 5-7.

        Now get back to the deep fryer, yooper.


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  8. I won’t support the administration and their decision to retain Helton. Really sad day in USC history. A commitment to mediocrity. A real slap in the face to all of the fans, ticket holders, donors, alumni, and especially the kids. Shame on you AD Bohn.

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  9. I hope Tom Herman, and who ever else is pursuing Graham Harrell, realize that he’s not bringing Michael Pittman, or Tyler Vaughan with him. 😂😂

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      1. Owns: a nice exodus would be nice to boot!! we know JT is gone. lets see if Hell-TON is man enough to let him come to Westwood without the 2 yr wait.





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