Clay Helton Is Staying Podcast

Here’s my thoughts on a disatrous day at USC.

11 thoughts on “Clay Helton Is Staying Podcast

      1. Oh come on, Mike, don’t join the Negative Trojan herd, you, of all people. The SC offense will be potent and the defense will be better. I don’t see a cremating of the Trojans. Maybe in the vicinity of 31-24, take your pick.

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      2. Oh, we need to get back to being adults already, John? I was hoping we could play the “poor us” game at least until the weekend. Okay, here goes. If Helton can attract charismatic, up and coming coordinators [and get himself an inspired special teams coach], we could have a very good 2020 season. I don’t know about Alabama, though. Our lines would have to play at full capacity for 4 quarters….


    1. Why are you shocked??!! I’d done told all of you that Helton wasn’t going anywhere! Today is a victory for the good guys! People who are on God’s side rejoice and you ingrates lose!

      #ClayistheMan #Bohndidtherightthing


  1. Bruce Feldman on right now on PMS – he states with USC facing AL in September that USC has a ‘chance’ to make a statement first thing Clay Heltonska needs to do is who is Heltonska keeping? Prendergast, Baxter, Harrell? Harrell may not leave because modest Tom herman is on the hot seat – so why go there?

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    1. Nop it isn’t his decision this was Folt’s – it took 4 days to announce this i.e. if they always intended to keep this braying ass they would have said so last weekend. Bohn has limited power and Folt, with Caruso backing her, is out to ‘transform USC’ into a ‘progressive rathole’

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