Clay Helton’s Holiday Bowl Statement Is As Bad As Imagined

Count the cliches in this Clay Helton statement on going to the Holiday Bowl:


44 thoughts on “Clay Helton’s Holiday Bowl Statement Is As Bad As Imagined

  1. Should’ve said, “We respectfully decline….. OK, the players will go and I will be on the road putting the finishing touches on an amazing recruiting class….OK, I resign… Happy Holiday(s Bowl).

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    1. Scott why are you always going on about Clay? Stop beating a Dead Horse and find something else to write about.


    2. In the meantime we probably lost a couple more commits. At least “Glory be to God” was not part of his tribute, sorry forgot only after victories?


  2. Iowa lost to Michigan 10-3, but Michigan skunked Notre Dame 45-14, while USC lost to Notre Dame 30-27. So Iowa by what, 28 points.?

    Ohio State is Big Ten top team going to playoffs.
    Second is Michigan going to Rose Bowl vs Oregon
    Third is Iowa going to Holiday Bowl as Feet-of-Clay Helton.

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  3. What do you expect him to say? I have no issue with his statement. Just because he hasn’t coached as well as we all would have hoped (that’s an understatement, I know) doesn’t mean everything he does is wrong. .

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    1. Scott would have preferred something short and sweet like — “both teams are losers, so are their coaches, so is the stadium ….and so is San Diego.”

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    2. Clay should say our standard are not to be in the holiday bowl …but to play for pac12 championship and play for championship..
      That the standard here at USC fight on…

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      1. No, Vince! Can’t you see? The Game is in San Diego! That is where the California Championship is always played!


    1. Somebody’s being “chippie”again…get it owns? “chippie” like your coach the chocolate chip. what’s he get paid for wins again?? over a $million/win…. hahahahaha

      Ding – Ding – Ding goes the Victory Bell

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      1. Coulda sworn we beat img twice straight now?? And SJB is a split. But remind me who was two time National Champions?

        Certainly not anyone your affiliated with.


  4. Gets tiring reading the constant slamming of Helton but at a minimum he should just shut up and silently acknowledge what an embarrassment it is to play in a 3rd tier bowl. This is why so many can’t stand to see the guy or in particular, listen to him.

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    1. Honestly, I thought SC would lose 7 games this year, and miss a bowl game altogether. And that was before SC lost that odd little Wannabe superstar QB. So, all things considered….


  5. Imagine if we got another year of Paul Hackett in the 2000 season. Yeah…it’s going to be exactly like that in 2020…


  6. Saban’s Statement about the Citrus Bowl: “It’s certainly a privilege and an honor for our team to be in the VRBO Citrus Bowl, playing a great team like the University of Michigan with great tradition, great coach in Jim Harbaugh and this is a challenge that we certainly look forward to. Our team has been a little disappointed in the way we finished the season, so this is an opportunity for us to sort of show who we are and try to get back to playing to the ‘Bama standard.”

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  7. I completely agree. Every / any coach needs to make the same statement.

    Look, sports are supposed to be fun. Sure, it can be frustrating when USC doesn’t win a national championship every year, but that is part of the fun when they do.

    As for Wolf, the guy is a tool and a hater. He has no business covering sports . He is in it for hyperbole and reaction from other haters.

    Like I said, a tool.


    1. Scott Wolf is spot on with his coverage of the demise of USC Football under Helton and. now Folt and Bohn.
      He does his job !!!
      Obviously, you don’t like to be reminded of
      USC’s version of the Titanic before hitting the
      Iceberg. But get your head out of the sand!
      BTW. USC had ZERO top 20 recruits from
      California in this year’s clasd!


  8. Scott Wolf go get a life. If this upsets you than you probably need stool softeners. To dump on coach day after day for even a bowl acceptance letter. Wow!


  9. HUGE F U to Trojan students, fans, alumni and donors…no explanation, no reasoning..”eat cake” to everyone. Well, UScla turned the corner, gay Athletic Director, female President, Latina Medical School Dean. USC caught the PC bug…Epph uuu old timers, this us the new USCla….WELCOME TO THE LOS NUEVOS NORTE SUD CALIFORNIA (formerly southern California)



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