Jack Sears To San Diego State

Jack Sears has reportedly signed a scholarship agreement with San Diego State.

Unlike a letter of intent, a scholarship agreement is not binding. Sears will compete with two other quarterbacks, redshirt freshman Carson Baker and junior transfer Jordon Brookshire.

Redshirt sophomore Mark Salazar and true freshman Joe Green are the other two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster.

17 thoughts on “Jack Sears To San Diego State

  1. Best of luck to Jack, and I hope he wins the starting job. He is going to a good program. Better choice than Oregon State, which was also mentioned some months ago for him.

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      1. He will succeed, guys. He’s way better than anybody San Diego can turn to now that Ryan Agnew is graduating –and I’ll get to see him one of these years at Aloha Stadium when he plays against Hawaii.

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  2. Can you imagine if Rocky Long was the coach of USC ? His philosophy is that of John McKay, and John Robinson, because he’s physical on the line of scrimmage, and they run the football. Long has worked wonders at San Diego State, even though his situation is limited.

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      1. We’re not supposed to recognize his football accomplishments anymore —but you’re absolutely right. He was one of the very best ever…. #….AskTommyProthro…..

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  3. He will excel under any program that wants him…clearly sc and ‘gentleman ‘ hellton did not, and only since Graham has any q/b development taken place, and he did not want Sears either.


  4. If Helton didn’t want to play Sears, then why did numb nuts recruit and sign him?
    Perhaps he was touted as similar in style to Sam? He got to play one game, with the T-Bone gumbo offense, with Clancy’s weak D costing SC the win. Who knows

    Is he even responsible for Sears becoming a Trojan?

    He is responsible for not giving the kid a shot after he played his heart out in last season.

    Helton opted instead for 5-7 under Chucker JT and his life coaches.

    And, it’s all but guaranteed that he’ll do the same in 2020 – opt for Chucker JT, this time over Slovis. Just watch…

    Can hardly wait for the 2020 shit storm to begin.


  5. I wish Sears the best. Helton chased him off. I hope SC and SDS meet in a bowl game in 2020 and Sears destroys SC. Helton played favorites over talent. That is a sign of a weak coach.


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