USC Morning Buzz: Memo To The Invisible Man

  • Someone needs to tell the Invisible Man (Mike Bohn) that USC is behind Georgia State in the recruiting rankings today.
  • USC will wear white jerseys and be the road team for the Holiday Bowl.
  • USC wide receiver Michael Pittman was named a second-team All-American by the Associated Press.
  • Former USC tailback Stafon Johnson was named head coach at his alma mater, Dorsey High School.

  • USC basketball player Charles O’Bannon is in the NCAA transfer portal per Jeff Goodman of Stadium

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Memo To The Invisible Man

    1. Admired the way Stafon ran–a little too upright, but a power runner, nevertheless!

      I did a lot of neck surgery in my younger days, and his injury shook me to the core.

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  1. Enfield barley beat a shitty LBSU team and people think he’s a wonderful coach, pathetic

    People now thinking Flowe to USC, why would he do that to his career ?

    What are the odds Bohn bails on USC after the first of the year ?

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    1. BK:
      I hate to agree with your regarding Coach Enfield, as he has “underperfomed” given the level of recruit he has been blessed with.
      I con’t to support him as he has done reasonably well vs UCLA and I think his program is “just” turning the corner. Finally, his wife IS stunning and we need to keep her in the Trojan family.

      Here is the letter I helped President Folt compose for Mr. Flowe to consider:

      Dear Mr. Justin Flowe:
      You have an approx 10% chance of being drafted into the NFL (and making and losing a lot of money during that probably short career).

      Mr. Flowe, you have a near 100% chance of graduating from the #15 ranked University in America (as rated by WSJ who rates student SUCCESS AFTER GRADUATION) if you sign this NLI for USC which I conveniently have right here. Might I remind you that this degree carries a national reputation with every Chairman of the Board/CEO knowing that you are a “playah” for realz.

      Alternatively, while the ducks have bitchen costumes for their games and you will win a bunch of Pac 12 games and maybe make some money in the NFL (or maybe not), you will be attending the #348 ranked University in America (per WSJ). Admittedly, if you graduate from UO you will have a great chance of landing an entry level job somewhere in Salem, Corvallis, or Eugene.


      President Folt

      So, BK, this is why Justin should make the switch, and Kevon Thibideaux should join him (lol)

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      1. Bourbon,
        In case Mr Flowe doesn’t wish to play in the ghetto please help me draft a backup proposal. Something like this…
        We need you to enroll at CAL & join our team of coached up linebackers. You would help replace the 2019 PAC-12 Defensive Player of the year: linebacker Evan Weaver. You will be mentored by three defensive geniuses. Your immediate coach will be 10yr NFL linebacker Peter Sirmon. In addition former player DC Tim DeRuyter. Your Head Coach is 4yr college Safety Justin Wilcox who’s father was Pro linebacker Dave Wilcox for the 49ers & is enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
        You will leave CAL with a degree from the greatest public university in the U.S.A. You will have a decent chance of becoming a professional football player if that continues to be your goal. You can then join a group of CAL alums who comprise others from CAL that jointly have the highest cap space in the NFL. You will have a degree from CAL & a college experience like no other. We’re sorry that we don’t offer a ‘rape escape’ or other such amenities.

        Bourbon, how bout it?


      2. Cal:
        Admittedly, a nice letter. Indeed about every 10 years Cal produces an All-American LB:


        Since Weaver is just graduating, Cal will need to wait another decade. Sorry. Flowe needs to go to tranquil University Park, 90007.


  2. Mike Bohn is a early Christmas present for Wolf. Think of all the USC characters he can rag on in 2020. Helton, Bohn, Folt, Enfield….this list is endless. USC is a dumpster fire for sure, but wolf loves to pound and rub it in endlessly.

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    1. I think USC should consider giving the gate key back to Scott — let him in, answer his questions intelligently and let the chips fall where they may. USC has had such a bad luck streak since they tried to crush this gadfly that I’m starting to get superstitious…..

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      1. Mikey, the wolfman mostly gives as good as he gets…he’s definitely notched a few trOXan coaches in his time.

        but this Bohn thing is getting out of control, now he’s MISSING and no one know where he is? drunk in some Singapore dive bar? climbing the mountains in Tibet? wolfman may have gone too far this time with his sharp tongue!!


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      2. Charlie —I don’t know if there’s quite enough specificity in today’s USC press release to satisfy you —but here it is for what it’s worth:
        “In response to the many questions we’ve received as to the whereabouts of our new Athletic Director, we would like to share with you that Mike —after absorbing the full wonder of being part of USC — left campus on a Journey of Personal Discovery—that landed him in Justice Court on Catalina Island. He will return after completing his sentence.”


    2. Scott’s going to have fodder for his snark no matter how well we do or who is in charge. This current regime happens to be easy targets, and we all know he is eating it up.

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      1. Let’s be honest. In Scott’s wildest dreams, he never imagined having Helton, Swann (followed by the much smarter and caring but equally hapless, Bohn) and Folt in the line-up. When someone someday writes the history of early 21st century USC, InsideUSC will be mentioned 429 times in the footnotes.

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  3. Scott, are you just stupid? No one. NO ONE has signed any players yet. Check back after Wednesday to compare the N Ill and GA St lists.


  4. Johnson always seemed to find a way to get the yardage…I admire his tenacity,wish him well…not that I am trying to tell him he better do well, just hope he does. Some people might misunderstand my hoping or wishing him well is a dictate.

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