Ed Orgeron Named AP Coach Of Year

LSU coach Ed Orgeron was named the Associated Press Coach of the Year.

Orgeron received 33 of the 56 possible first-place votes and 130 points overall. He beat out Baylor’s Matt Rhule (14 first-place votes, 86 points overall), Ohio State’s Ryan Day (5, 45) and Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck (3, 40).

And Pat Haden is still in hiding.

8 thoughts on “Ed Orgeron Named AP Coach Of Year

  1. And Tom Brady was the 199th pick. Move on, people! Geez, it’s hilarious how some people just can’t grow up and will beat a dead horse over & over again.


    1. Cogent, Topix.
      I like the folks here who are working on solutions and options.
      Some, however, still need to grind that ax.
      (That said, I’m still pissed off that Bama got the Natty in ’79/80 when in fact our Trojan team with Charles White, etc was vastly superior).

      Some people still need to grind that ax…..

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      1. Agreed. Sometimes it works in our favor! Remember how pissed we were when Burfict flipped and went to ASU? He’s such a scumbag, I’ll always be glad he was never a Trojan. So talented, but a total loser.


      2. Burfict is/was a scary specimen–and always, “durty.”
        Remember when he sacked and taunted “our beloved” Matty B?


  2. The Haden Legacy:
    1. Haden and Trojans Coach Steve Sarkisian were reprimanded and Haden was fined $25,000 by the Pac-12 Conference for “inappropriate sideline conduct” during USC’s 13-10 victory over Stanford on Saturday,
    2. The Mature Professional Firing of Lane Kiffin.
    3. Playing nice with the NCAA, which no doubt helped him earn a spot on the Playoff Selection Committee.
    4. Hiring Seven-Win Sark instead Coach O.
    5. Clay Helton
    6. Being investigated in the Bribery Scandal, which regardless of the personal outcome, happened under his watch.

    On 09/07/2013 during a Home Loss to Washington State, while the majority of fans were chanting “Fire Kiffin” I was already chanting “Fire Haden”. Nailed that one.

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  3. I’m not going to lie, I thought Pat Haden was going to be good for USC. Same spirit as Garrett but less crass. Boy did I get that wrong. Long ago and many monikers passed away, I even defended him for his choice of coach when he put Orgeron in charge as shades of Marv Goux. But when Haden hired Sark and Washington fans were rejoicing I began to think he had lost his grip. Giving him the benefit of doubt I assumed with better players Sark’s results would be better, but Sark was just the flip side of Kiffin. Anyway, Haden will always be a good football player in my mind and nothing else.

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