USC Morning Buzz: Mike Bohn, Recruiting Coordinator!

Remember when USC athletic director Mike Bohn made this statement: “We also picked up four commitments that haven’t been announced yet . . . in the last four or five days and so I’m inspired by that.”

I’m told one of the four commitments Bohn referred to is defensive end Tuli Tuipulotu of Lawndale, the younger brother of USC defensive end Marlon Tuipulotu.

So Bohn is “inspired” that Clay Helton was able to get a commitment from a current player’s younger brother?

It doesn’t take much to inspire Bohn does it? Then again, he went along with keeping Helton.

26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Mike Bohn, Recruiting Coordinator!

  1. Being honest I’d be jazzed anyone was interested in coming to the school if I had just perpetuated the biggest football fumble of the modern era by retaining one the biggest fraud coaches in America.
    You go Mike, bring in those siblings!

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  2. I thought Tuli was a lock to Oregon. Cristobal offers him and he doesn’t even take an official visit? He’s thinking, “I won’t be getting playing time as a Duck.” Or “I’ll have to work to hard as a Duck.”


    1. Thanks, BK. I can always count on you to throw in the “fowl” language which I don’t have the guts to toss around in public.

      I like having Ducky around on the site. Far better than “owns,” no?

      What Tuli knows is he will have to work hard in the classroom and on the field and will be a success in life and on the gridiron.

      Nevertheless, I will be cheering for the Dux in their metrosexual costumes in the Rose Bowl. BTW, wouldn’t it be so ultra-cool if the Ecco shoe company could make the dux some cleats to go with their “metro” costumes?

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      1. I don’t think so rotgut.

        Which one are you in the Goober Photo atop this thread. You must be the cool guy, with SUCCX tattooed on your forehead, huh?



  3. If this young man wanted to announce his commitment at a ceremony why would you spoil that moment with a snarky comment on a blog ? Why ruin the kids moment ?

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    1. Wish Tuli the very best. But he has to put 45 pounds on to play at the 300 lb. weight standard. He’s a development project unless he switches to linebacker.

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      1. Practically every recruit Gomer is getting is a project…and we have a staff that can’t develop players. Recipe for disaster. Imagine Gomer now coaching a mainly 3 star roster. A recipe for losing seasons.

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    1. How valuable is a person who reads something he doesn’t like and, on that basis alone, decides to take a different career path?


  4. Come on now, give Gomer the benefit of the doubt. Gomer with the 80th ranked recruiting class. I can already hear him, “ I just put the finishing touches on a great recruiting class”. “I love these kids “, nonsense. Can a reporter at the press conference please do me a favor and ask Gomer in what delusional world he lives in? 12th ranked class in a soft conference? How could this ever be acceptable at USC?? It’s going to be a loooonnnggg season fellow Trojan fans. It’s like watching something die slowly. My optimism is long gone as far as our beloved program.


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