Lynn Swann Finally Tweeted, When Will Mike Bohn?

Lynn Swann tweeted for the first time in nearly two years yesterday.

Is Mike Bohn going to take that long before he tweets again?

Pat Haden hasn’t written a tweet since May 15, 2016.

Now back to Bohn: Where are the four commitments he promised? I counted one.

Where is the recruiting class that is going to be better than anyone wants to admit?

This guy hasn’t been right since he brought back Clay Helton.

He might be Carol Folt’s puppet but that doesn’t mean he has to be a stooge. Where is the self-respect?

8 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Finally Tweeted, When Will Mike Bohn?

    1. Commie Lush, were you apart of the Swann/Helton contract extension negotiations? Is your quote “we can thank him individually for Helton still in charge,” an unequivocal, Pinkywood FACT?

      Kindly CL, provide a soupcon of factual proof. There’s no reason to lynch Swann w/o evidence. MG knows better, but he’d rather be apart of the ignorant, hate-filled posse.

      #”Facts are important.” ~Dear Pisley


  1. The only thing that would bring me joy as far as USC football is to put Bohn, Folt, and Gomer in an octogon and let them go at it for 5 rounds. Maybe then they would knock some sense into one another. Maybe Gomer would find some true integrity and see that he is killing the brand and walk away so that we could get a true leader of men to lead the team. Gomer could not score a single touchdown with Juju, Darnold, and Ronald Jones vs Alabama. Good lord help us in Texas. And remember that Gomer voted Alabama number 13 in the rankings, don’t think for a second that Saban hasn’t posted that in the locker room already. I could only imagine the excitement in USC country with say perhaps Urban or Stoops to lead the men of Troy?


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