Clay Helton Wants More Resources To Fix Problem He Created

Mike Bohn said he would give Clay Helton more resources and a big sore spot is the recruiting staff is smaller than schools like Alabama or Georgia.

It’s fair to point that out. But this also infuriates some people in the athletic dept.

Why? Because USC’s lost its two most experienced (and probably valued) recruiting staffers in the past couple years who were frustrated because Helton did not give them raises or promotions while he rewarded others at an unprecedented level.

So if the recruiting dept. is struggling, Helton is the No. 1 reason. His office politics created problems.

This doesn’t get written about for a couple reasons: People don’t want to offend anyone currently working in that dept. And it belies Helton’s Mr. Nice Guy image.

46 thoughts on “Clay Helton Wants More Resources To Fix Problem He Created

    1. Helton is complicated. He wants to succeed. He wants to win. But….mostly…he wants Clay to come out on top. We’ve ALL underestimated the lengths he’ll go to. We’ve seen the game ball bullshit — but imagine how much more of that kind of boot licking is going on outside of the public eye. It’s probably non stop. A M-A-N of real integrity would see that his very presence was killing USC’s brand …and offer to help transition a better coach into the job. Instead, Helton has surrounded himself with (mostly) second raters who lack the resumes to challenge him. And he doesn’t care if this is literally dooming the team and players he “loves”. In Clay’s mind, it’s all justified if it serves Numero Uno.

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      1. Michael, I can’t tell you how so right you in Helton’s way about things. Everything is done (and just as much “not” done) behind closed doors during the process and only after it has been decided does it ever come out in public. But it usually comes out with a spin of some type. Helton is a calculating snake oil salesman you would think reasonable intelligent people would figure out. But the sports dept at USC is so messed up it is the blind leading the blind and the back stabbers stabbing the back stabbers. Scotts reporting about valued recruiting staffers just adds onto the mismangement Helton is all about. Only is you have noticed, he is blaming his poor effort in recruiting to having too small a staff helping him. Only the way he works, he wants someone to do the heavy lifting for him. He has gotten lazy, entitled and more exposed.

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      2. David –It’s weird, isn’t it? The university doesn’t want to buy Helton out (even though they know he’s second rate)…..BUT they’re willing to spend a ton to get him an Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator and Special Teams Coach so that he won’t have to do ANYTHING for his 20 million….

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      3. You are assuming that Hugs isn’t doing what Carol Folt, Rick Caruso, Steven Spielberg and the rest of the SJW BOT want him to do. Why would he resign when he is accomplishing the university’s new mission to de-emphasize patriarchal sexist racist USC football?


      4. gt — The folks you mentioned will not be so pleased with themselves when the tweets come rolling in [one wave after another] during the Alabama opener…..


      5. Question, related to above propositions:
        Could hiring a smart DC make up for the HC shortcomings, just as hiring a smart OC made up for the HC offensive shortcomings?

        I am uncertain how great a coach is Jimbo Fisher, though he won a natty.
        Was Bobby Bowden brilliant, or was he surrounded by great coaches?
        Never seemed like a genius to me.

        So, does having a great OC (kinda like LSU’s ensminger/Brady) and a great DC (kinda like Dave Aranda at LSU) make a head coach look better than he really is?


      6. Helton is a looser. He can’t coach and he can’t manage. He can’t hire. He can’t take responsibility. But he does suck up to power. Dolt and Boner’s honeymoon period has transitioned into an ugly situation that is harming the football team, athletic department and university.

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    2. Integrity coming from the Pres who says Bohn has full hiring auth and its all him, I will have no input in hiring or firing the head football coach. She lies, she stopped the hiring of UM and she has no integrity. Admin leadership continues to fuel the Helton dumpster fire!


      1. Thought you might like this one, MG:

        From the world of USC soccer….
        Coach MacAlpine had 12 of his student-athletes earn Academic Honor Roll recognition this past YEAR (not just the semester). A 3.3 or better GPA for the full 2 semesters. The guy wins. His students do well on and off the pitch. Maybe he could mentor a few of our less successful on the CFB team?

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      2. You have that right and add sociopath to the preachers resume. This goofy looking guy is not stupid, he has suckered us. Glory to God he says. The preacher knows how to flim flam. USC is stupid to fall for this. He knows we are suckers.


      1. This isn’t about family businesses…they’re a fine part of America. However, when you hijack someone else’s business, to promote you’re own, that’s an issue.


  1. Bozo Helton is a clown, who doesn’t know what he’s doing. The first thing he should’ve done when he was hired, was surround himself with top coordinators, and allow them to pick most of their position coaches. That’s the blueprint Ed Orgeron used, and look where he is today. Helton will be going into his 5th season, and the program clearly has no growth. Alabama will definitely put an ass whipping on the Trojans, just as they did in 2016 .

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    1. Think about the situation, Fan Boy. When Clay faces Alabama, he’ll either have (1) NEW people running his defense and special teams (coaching their FIRST game at USC) OR (2) PROVEN Burn Outs (who’ve been exposed by Saban once before). Maybe Alabama will show some mercy on them. Oh, no —I forgot —actually, they’ll be madder than hell cuz Clay stupidly and small mindedly voted Alabama 13th in the nation.

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      1. I hate to see this slaughter by Alabama. But, we brought it on ourselves because we do not boycott. We are just as guilty as Folt and Bohn. Because we lack backbone also. How many would sign a petition to get rid of Helton? Not many and we would not even give our real names. We are just as guilty. We are enablers. We can blame ourselves. We talk but do nothing. Question: how many would sign a petition giving details about themselves?. Let me see a show of hands.


  2. Back to the point….
    HC CH does need better resources if HE is going to be successful at USC. (Of course, he’ll have to do it under a TITLE IX cap, and CFB already takes up a ton of men’s cap space dollars).
    1. Better DC, ST–of course–and the cash to pay them. The situation with OC GH shows that the motivation exists and the strategy works.
    2. Better recruiting co-ordinator budget. Of course, the cheapest recruiting strategy is to win all of your games. Don’t have to spend an extra penny if you go 12-0. HS kids like to join established winners.
    3. Better strength and conditioning and nutrition program. This is a relatively inexpensive line item. There at tons of young, well-trained fitness advisors who can help out the S&C coach and get these maximize these fellas’ results.

    A more experienced HC who knew how to develop his recruits would not need all this support, but the present situation demands such. Once these pieces are in place, either HC CH or his successor will be set up for success. The new band director will be getting sick of playing Conquest OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!

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  3. On campus this morning – very very quiet – everyone’s elsewhere.

    Looming south along Vermont is a true train wreck that is slowly being built the ‘flashlight on its’ side’ none other than the ‘George Lucas Narrative Art Museum’. This mess is nearly as large as the Coliseum and, as we all can guess, will have ‘docents’ waxing on about the impending death of all life due to ‘climate change’.

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      1. Chancellor Blockhead has already approved plans to move the entire ruin campus to Arrowbear California because of the impending sea level rise which ruin scientists predict will submerge Westwood High by the Year 2525.

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  4. Just to close the book on the post about USC’s last 40 years of football, I did the math. USC has basically averaged 8 wins/year over the last 40 years and that includes the Carroll years. BTW, when you look at the last 40 years, Pete’s stretch REALLY stands out and it clearly was not typical of USC’s performance. In doing the math, I included bowl games, so in many seasons there were actually 13 games instead of the 12 we’ve played so far this year. In order for Clay Helton to match the “tradition” of USC football over the last 40 years, he actually needs to lose the Holiday Bowl. That would get him to the 5th loss that he needs to reach the average number of losses a year for USC football over the last 40 years. Again, that includes the Carroll years, and USC held its nose and the fans wailed when they hired him. SMH

    I understand that people don’t like the sound of any of this and I know we now live in a post-truth world, but facts still matter to me. They matter whether we want to stick our heads in the sand and ignore them or not.


    1. The 1982 to 2002 stretch was quite mediocre, due mostly to mediocre coaching. The pipeline to the NFL was intact, recruiting was intact, All-Americans and All-pros and Future Hall of Famers played.

      IMHO it was purely mediocre coaching. In contrast,
      all along that time, Zumberge and Sample were leading USC toward academic excellence.

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      1. Perhaps, but if we backed out Carroll’s numbers, it tells a very problematic story. That story doesn’t support the lofty expectations.


      1. No, I added to the point I made yesterday and further proved it. You sound like you’re having a hard time dealing with the truth. Sorry to trigger you, Snowflake.


  5. I am in San Marcos this weekend at my future retirement home. We visited the local Albertsons to buy food for the weekend. If course I was wearing my fall weekend gear. So with a USC hat and jacket, I grabbed the attention of the store manager. She asked if I was going to the game (which is just a few miles down the freeway) I told her I was going to be out of town (true) but if I weren’t I’d go (false). She is a lifelong Trojan and loves the Coliseum. Her take on the situation is that the high school coaches are steering their students away from USC. I kind of agree. I asked her if she would send a kid to Helton?
    Her answer was interesting she said our contribution as blog patrons fueled the negative atmosphere. She believes coaches read our drivel and that is why Helton has trouble recruiting.
    Her solution: say something positive about Clay Helton .

    I’ll go first; I am positive Clay Helton is an anatomical anomaly, having an ass at both ends of his body, out of which crap flows freely.
    Feel free to add other Clay Helton positive statements.


  6. Helton is right. He does need more support with a bigger staff. Hopefully Bohn will give him what he is asking for. All of the complaining from the fans is getting to these guys. So much for those who say that you should just be loyal to SC and support them regardless of what kind of a product they put out on the field. That type of an is counter-productive. With that type of an attitude, nothing will ever change.


  7. Coach Helton has an alibi Ike personality. He’s always making excuses. And he’s creepy. He puts himself first quite blatantly before his players..Giving the game ball to Bohn after Freshman Slovis chucks the rock 515yds is just plain….well only wordsmith MG could invent a word or phrase for the behaviour. “Self Serving?” To put it mildly.
    SC has some terrific athletes. The behaviour of some needs to be reigned in. Mostly defensive guys. Why doesn’t Helton get his DC to straighten up those guys? Maybe Helton can’t put 2 & 2 together?
    Maybe the DC told Helton to stay in his lane?


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    1. The SEC? They’ll enjoy him a lot more in next season’s opener.


  8. Consider this scenario:

    USC needs a Ferrari [a capable head coach].

    They currently own a Yugo [Helton, Gomer, Helturd, #129 et. al.]

    Rather than spend the money and buy a Ferrari, they decide to “trick-up” their ride [new coordinators, coaches].

    They add fancy wheels, high dollar tires, a new paint job, fancy seats, stripes, a new stereo, etc…

    At the end of the exercise, does USC have a Ferrari?

    No, all they did was spend a bunch of money to end-up with a tricked-out Yugo.
    Fundamentally they’re pretty much where they begun.

    The classic good money after bad scenario.

    Nice move morons.


  9. Wolfman…. It seems that you forgot to mention that Coach Carol “I don’t know the meaning of the word Integrity” Folt and Coach Mike “Carol’s got my balls” Bohn were actually part of this year’s recruitering team.
    Folt worked Flowe over to the point that he couldn’t get to Oregon fast enough. Bohn promised that this class would surprise us with the secret commitments. I decided NOT to hold my breath on that one.


  10. Wait! NO ONE gets as high up into an hierarchy such as this by being “nice”. Knock off the BS about him being “nice”. He’s thick skinned but I can’t believe he’s “nice”. In this context, what is “nice” anyway? This is College Football. It’s never “nice”.


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