USC Pictures Of The Night

Imagine in 1959, USC actually had a press conference where athletic director Jess Hill announced Don Clark resigned as football coach and was being replaced by his assistant, John McKay.

You know who else was a finalist for the job? Al Davis, the future Raiders owner.

USC is so paralyzed now it can’t even fire a coach. Or get him to “resign.” Or figure out how to hire the replacment. Maybe I should email these pictures to Mike Bohn.

John McKay, Jess Hill and Don Clark pose at 1959 press conference. Photos courtesy USC Digital Library

24 thoughts on “USC Pictures Of The Night

  1. Scotty, you are on a roll with the historical footage.

    I don’t think it is paralysis. SC (Folt and the BOT) doesn’t want to do what it takes to have a program that is competitive with the top.

    I just wish they would stop insulting us by pretending that they are “committed to winning national championships.”

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    1. It would be a nice change. hellton has lied for years along with the univ prez and AD , and now hellton still lying and the new prez and AD continue the lying all while making millions /yr…crime still pays.

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  2. You should Scott – great idea seriously do it.

    Make Bohn see what our history is and not assume there is no basis for the anger and frustration that has been the program’s lot since Helton was given the head coaching position.

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    1. Alv — Bohn knows our history. He talked about it non stop when he first got here. He just doesn’t want to do what it takes to be a part of it.

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      1. His job is to de-emphasize USC football and raise up Womyn’s Sports like Womyn’s soccer and water polo. Remember, men are bad, womyn are good to SJWs.


  3. My Great coach.. John McKay!
    Strictly Business on and off the Field!
    Nick Saban is the closest current coach
    With the same demanding attitude of his staff
    And players.
    No Bullshit. Just do your assigned Job.
    As the 1969 Defensive Captain, Coach McKay was the only man I talked to on timeouts at the sidelines…
    He was fantastic, a great analyst under game-time pressure. He calmed me down and directed me to relax and relay info to the other ten players when I got back onto the field,, It worked !!! We were undefeated 10-0-1
    Won the 1970 Rose Bowl over Michigan.
    We were the “Wild Bunch “ and the”Cardiac Kids “
    We had the 5th highest winning percentage in the 131 year history of USC Football…
    How times have changed!
    For the worse right now!!
    Bob Jensen #51 LB

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    1. Capt. Bob Jensen, the ’69 team is one of my favorites. Sad to see the passing of some of the Wild Bunch, but I remember McKay quipping at that time (I think it was Charlie Weaver, but maybe it was Jimmy Gunn) that the fellow was so quick that they could easily cover both the option QB and the RB who would receive the pitch. I do remember how hard it was to turn the corner on your defense. I hope you keep speaking out for the great tradition of SC football. Glad to see that you still care so much, and I hope that many other former Trojans will also speak out.

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      1. I’ve been speaking out for the last two years and will continue! You can bet on it!!
        I thought when Folt fired that pompous Twit Swann, it would be a start of a great
        Turnaround for the program.
        Apparently Not.. The same Athletic Department swamp is still there
        Orr,.Noriega and Tessalone.
        Now this current group of pompous weasels, Caruso, Folt and spineless Bohn, have insured USC will be a second rate, non relevant program.
        12th in the Pac12 and 81st nationally in recruiting..
        A Helton is again putting his usual spin on how great his recruiting class is and that this obscure meaningless Bowl game
        Means a resurgence of USC Football!!
        USC is in Deep S**t and it will stay that way until a new Quality Head Coach and An Accountable Winning culture Is Brought in.
        Prior to Helton’s renewal.
        I contacted Folt and Bohn’s offices.
        Asking to speak to them, but only getting
        To their secretary’s, I expressed my feelings about Helton and recommended
        Urban Meyer.. Obviously, they ignored it!
        Also, thanks for the Kudos,
        I was honored to be chosen CoCaptain along with the great Jimmy Gunn.
        Our Wild Bunch defense was No.1 in the Country in all categories..In the 1970
        Rose Bowl game, We held Michigan. Who just beat the current national champ Ohio State, to just 3 points!!
        They were averaging over 40 points per game that 69 season,,,
        Jimmy Gunn and Charlie Weaver were
        Phenomenal Athletes.. No one got outside of them.
        Bubba Scott, Tony Terry and Tody Smith
        Were inside .. Greg Slough was other Linebacker.
        Sandy Durko, Jerry Shaw, Tyrone Hudson and Ron Ayala were the DB’s.
        Every one got drafted and played in the NFL. Shaw went to SC Law School.
        I got drafted by Dallas in the Second round, but decided to go to SC Dental School.. A smart decision for me!
        Thanks again Bob Jensen

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  4. Once upon a time, long ago, I worked for Don Clark’s company, Prudential Overall Supply, the Commerce, CA, plant, as a route driver. I was the downtown LA driver. On Thursdays, I made multiple stops on USC’s campus, picking up the dirty laundry, delivering the clean. Back then, navy pants, sky blue shirts, blouses….it was very interesting, picking up the dirties from your own alma mater.

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    1. I also worked for Rod Dedeaux’s company, Dart Transportation…I think Rod was named NCAA college baseball coach of the century, by Sporting News….

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      1. Rod started me out in the early part of the 80’s, moving office furnitures, painting warehouses, handling other various chores, out of the wood shed. He then moved me into dispatch for the Boeing Aircraft account, a local pick up and delivery operation of airplane parts, to and from, the Pacific Northwest…it was a Teamster barn….needless to say, I was overmatched, at that age…


  5. Wolfman….I would be surprised if Bohn actually reads his emails, tweets etc.
    The constant reminder of being a cuckhold would lead any man with Integrity to fall on the sword.
    All we can do is remind him of what a self-made eunuch he has become.


  6. As I continue to read your commentary Scott Wolf , it has been your negative strong opinions and remarks continuously without validation of the facts. My education at USC and graduation in the School of Journalism now Annenberg School of Communication taught me differently than what you state and say in these articles. What do you want to accomplish with a tital wave of negativity ? While I didn’t WIN every game, contest or event; I always verified and qualified my comments before putting them to print. I was highly respected and given academic achievement awards. In fact, began my sports reporting career at age 14 with a daily newspaper in Fullerton. Hired by the owner and PUBLISHER, he wanted only the best for his readership and circulation in Orange Counry. What has happened to you that allows you to hurt others verbally, misintend comments, and abuse others for your own satisfaction.? As I qualified my articles and commentaries, I had to pass my individual verification of truth and honesty. All the specific facts had to be checked for accuracy. It had to be certified and the description, facts, and details all true, not just my opinions. If an individual mentioned was unknown and suspect, I wanted a background check report. This was my protocol. So now, Scott Wolf how do you check your facts. What is your protocol? Just to make sure I had the right Scott Wolf, I ran your report. It’s all legal and done by authorized sources. Independent of my sources and objectively, they cost money but protect the people without “fake news reporting”. As long as I am at it, can I run yours right now? I’d like to see it and you should run mine. Okay, I’ll do the follow up blog and article with the verifiable information. Scott, you have a large readership and some follow your work. Back at 14 years of age, my parents drove me to athletic fields so I could report the events and outcomes. It was at that young age of 14 that I was given a gift rarely ever given. A gift I coveted so dearly and tightly, my name and biline was glued to it. I put up my family name, my character, and my ethics behind it. I still went to school, played athletics worked part-time, did house chores, and obeyed the teachings of my parents including my faith. Without question, what we print and say has the strictist enforcement when talking-to or on others in blogs, articles, and documentaries. This is what I was taught, and by who, and you now exactly the USC at Los Angeles I am referring.

    On Fri, Dec 20, 2019, 7:42 PM InsideUSC with Scott Wolf wrote:

    > scott wolf posted: ” Imagine in 1959, USC actually had a press conference > where athletic director Jess Hill announced Don Clark resigned as football > coach and was being replaced by his assistant, John McKay. You know who > else was a finalist for the job? Al Davis, the futu” >


    1. Scott is exactly right on point!
      Congrats on your SC Degree.
      He is one of many Sports journalists that are critical of Haden, Swann and Helton.
      I look forward to his daily posts!


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