Clay Helton Keeps It Simple

USC had a 40 minute practice in helmets and T-shirts on Friday.

The Trojans are not practicing today or tomorrow.

“Intensity of interest” as Mike Bohn would say.

At least Iowa looks interested.

20 thoughts on “Clay Helton Keeps It Simple

  1. Fox Sports One commentators are actually advertising the Holiday Bowl by saying that “By all reports Iowa is coming into California prepared, hungry & looking for a win and, although they may not be practicing for the game, be assured USC wants to add another “W” to their win column too. It should be a great game between two teams with very different cultures and work ethics.”

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  2. Why practice? Seriously.

    It’s Iowa, we beat them like a drum in 2003, so it’ll happen again.

    Worry not. Helton has a handle on this, just like he did back at the Cotton Bowl in 2017.

    Maybe he can get that graduate assistant back to call plays… or better yet, run the defense this time. And Special Teams.

    It’s gonna be great!

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  3. I hope SC gets their asses handed to them!!
    Sorry to say that, But the group of weasel’s
    Caruso,Folt,Bohn and Spin Weasel Helton)
    Deserve to be embarrassed again!
    I would not play in this meaningless game if I were Pittman.. He deserves better and will get it in the NFL.

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  4. I don’t know what will be harder, watching the Trojans bein bested by better coached team or hearing Helton explain the loss.
    “Iowa you an explanation, and Iowa the fans the truth. Iowa Mike Bohn a dept of gratitude for ignoring the noise and going with myself and my coaches for next season. As for the game the team fought a tough battle and Iowa them much respect. We were in the game until the the opening kick off. Some say we didn’t prepare well for this game, but Iowa the Hawkeyes a nod of my cap, because they played their hearts out. Who knew their third string could be good? They must have practiced 20 hours a week to get where they were tonight. But like the great Pete said after the Vegas bowl “I thought we had them.” “

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    1. Enfield almost blows the game again. Team not prepared for full court
      press in final couple of minutes. Since he was a very good FT shooter
      in college doesn’t work enough with players mindset at game end.


  5. If Iowa doesn’t have a pass rush, or the athletes to cover Michael Pittman, then Bozo Helton probably doesn’t have to worry.


    1. Be very worried.

      Iowa has a huge 0-line and runs the ball, has a strong defense and plays special teams. Stanley can hit the unexpected pass play from time-to-time. They lost by 7, 5, and 2 to #14, #10 and #8 ranked teams in conference. HC CH will need to bring the “A” game if he wants to have a chance in the 4th qtr.

      Reluctantly, I’ll be there.

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      1. Bourbon…if you go to Sandy Eggo for the game, you’ll need your flask filled with Makers Mark for solace during the game…Maybe two flask’


    1. That headline reminds me of the game between the Trojans freshman team and Mt. Sac. After Sac took the lead the announcers would say, “Mount San Antonio College 14- University of Southern California 7”

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  6. Clay just channeling his inner Alfred E Newman – What me worry?
    The Teflon man might have a tiny coaching rolodex but he has a mighty one of ready made excuses.

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  7. Its All ABOUT $20 Million BUYOUT for He’ll ton Now He’ll ton can go do what ever He’ll ton wants BohnerandFolt are CLUELESS there only interested in the Money they MAKE at least USC has a Young Football team going into 2020 that has the TALENT to WIN the Pac 12 Do not even think about the college playoffs He’ll ton Screwed over Recruiting. May be they can End up with a Few Good Recruits in Jan February Lookingtowards 2021 HE’LL Ton Must Be FIRED USC has a TOp Ten Recruiting Class right now for 2021 Do Not Screw that Up they better do what ever it take to keep Quarterback Jake Garcia Committed He’ll ton needs to let Graham Harrell Run the Offense Now that the Running Backs Wil be all Healthy. RUN THE DAM FOOTBALL FIRE DREVNOPENDERASSANDBAXTER GET A TOP DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR TIME TO STOP ALL THE HATRED


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