Graham Harrell Signs Contract Extension

USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell signed a multi-year contract extension to remain with the Trojans.

Harrell had interviewed with Texas although it was unclear if he was ever offered the job.

Harrell had a lot of leverage with USC because the offense was viewed as a bright spot this season. People tended to forget how much it struggled at times but remember the last games when it was successful (Cal, UCLA).

It wouldn’t surprise me if USC promised Harrell an interview for the head-coaching position if Clay Helton is fired.

Maybe Mike Bohn will come out of his bunker since the fans will applaud this move.

28 thoughts on “Graham Harrell Signs Contract Extension

  1. Keeping GH was priority #1, after the regretful decision to keep Helton. Can’t really say the offense wasn’t a bright spot this year. New system, new QB, lots of injuries and we still improved as the season moved along. Yes, it was against poorer defenses but we improved. It will be interesting to see how we do against Iowa.

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    1. Chris,
      USC competed against some bad defenses in 2019 for sure.
      But per the FPI computer algo, USC competed vs 5 top 18-20 defenses this year, with Iowa now comprising the 6th top 20 defense with their #12 ranking.
      (#4 Utah, #7 ND, #11 Oregon, #14 UW, #18 Cal–dropped to #20 after the USC loss). At the end of the season, Ore moved up to 9, ND moved up to 6, Utah dropped to #5, and Cal dropped to #25.

      To play 6 top ranked defenses in one year–and play well–is a bright spot, I think. Iowa will be a nice test for our fellas. I’ll be there!

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  2. No one would or should ever want to work for Tom Herman……a domineering drama king – anything goes wrong it’s (fill in the name) fault not his. He’s on a very hot seat and he’s going to have trouble finding good coordinators – his sacking his entire staff before knowing he had solid replacements is telling.

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    1. He’s not in the American Athletic anymore is he?
      Let’s see how PJ Fleck does in the next few years.
      Scott Frost from UCF?

      The competition throughout the Power 5 confs is likely underappreciated.

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  3. I read it is a multi-year deal. I like to think this means Harrell is being groomed for future advancement. Maybe Bohn is parlaying his friendship with Meyer into some form of mentoring agreement for Harrell.
    Nah who am I kidding? They’ll under use Harrell and blame him when things fall apart, this IS USC we’re talking about.

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    1. I’d say you’re half-right and a good post – yeah I do think Bohn realizes what he has seen (2019) with Harrell in contrast to what USC didn’t have in 2018. Doubt Meyer is back because that would be too much for Folt to acknowledge but who knows?

      I think Bohn’s recent absence is also telling and Folt’s showing up handing out ‘domination’ pizza and at the CSULB game is her bowing to the blowback she has received i.e. this is her mess and she, wisely, is attempting to at least ‘show up’

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      1. Pretty hard to tell what Bohn knows or doesn’t based on his now famous decision process of keeping Helton. From here, it looks like he is Carol “Let Them Eat Pizza” Folt’s lapdog.

        Sure looks to me that while Folt likes to use the word integrity, she, Bohn and CCH do not possess it.

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    1. Something about these authentic “young” offensive coach “geniuses” bonding/resonating with the young NCAA and NFL talent, don’t ya’ think?

      Defense? It’s about fatherly discipline, toughness, don’t ya’ think?

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  4. Since Helton is staying, who is the next in line to get fired? Can anyone imagine what would happen if Helton had not only retained his job, but pulled a power play in the process and save Clancy and Baxter? Now that I think about it some more, Bohn needs to go away and stick his head in the sand.

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  5. While I will agree that Harrell is a better alternative to Gomer taking over the offense again and benching Slovis for another love of his life (JT), let’s pump the brakes. Just remember opposing coaches we’re able to make adjustments and shutdown the offense once the 1st quarter script ran out (just drop back 8). In-game adjustments aren’t SC’s thing anymore.


  6. Great……now I know who the next USC head coach will be when Helton gets fired next year. They will pony up about 3.5 million for Harrell next year. Of course no OC needed……so all together they can rob another 5-6 million from the program and give themselves raises for being great managers. The el cheapo admin is thinking about changing our “fight on” to “cash in” with the SC symbol being two dollar signs interlocked.

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  7. Multi year deal with Harrell almost certainly rules out any hiring of Meyer since he would want to bring in his own O/C. If Harrell continues to improve the offense it would be
    the move that saves Bozo’s bacon for an extended time. Perish the thought.

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  8. SCooter,

    To be fair, Harrell and Slovis were brand new to USC and to be the starting qb. I think Slovis finally found his stride and felt more comfortable in the offense, henceforth production was better in the end of the season. We will see what he does in the Iowa game.

    Also, if Daniels starts in the bama game, then you know there is shennagians going on at SC. Slovis is better than Daniels, hands down.


    1. ‘dena–don’t worry. JT’s knee won’t be stable enough for the ‘Bama game.
      JT likely won’t even participate in Spring Ball or live action in August.

      Said it before. Adrain Peterson was a monster in the gym and came back 9months after an ACL injury to run for 1000 yards the following season. JT would likely have to adopt the weight room like never before…….


  9. I believe they will make Harrell the Head Coach after Helton 2020 6-6 disaster season. That’s why he signed a two year contract.


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