Here’s A Way To Improve USC Special Teams

Instead of waiting to see whether USC coach Clay Helton makes changes on his coaching staff, here’s an idea:

How about starting a campaign to get John Baxter hired at Fresno State. He was an assistant there from 1997-2009 under Pat Hill.

He is familiar with the San Joaquin Valley and now has coachin stints at USC and Michigan on his resume. C’mon, let’s go!

Maybe news of USC special teams haven’t traveled up the grapevine.

10 thoughts on “Here’s A Way To Improve USC Special Teams

  1. One problem with the plan: A few million people watched Oregon return every kick to the 40 yard line ….. except the one they returned for a 103 yard touchdown.

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      1. I’m thinking he signed at for least two years last year, this would add three more on top of that. Guaranteed.


    1. I just tucked Graham Harrell’s photo into my 2019 Phil Steele College Football Magazine (I’ll place it in the 2020 issue when it arrives in June). Graham will get a REAL D-Coordinator and a REAL special Teams Coach when he takes over …in mid 2020 or at the start of 2021.
      There’ll be no more overruling his playcalls in the Red Zone.
      And the Alabama loss goes on Clay’s resume.


    1. Helton Thought Bubble: “Wow, Hill looks great in that cap he got from Target. Well, I guess if you wanna look fantastic ya gotta foot the bill.”

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  2. Only one problem….who in the hell would ever hire Baxter if and when USC finally cans his ass. Answer is an obvious nobody. And I would gladly take Pat Hill over Gomer Helton everyday of the week. Anybody over Gomer. At this point I would be happy with Harrell taking over as interim as long as Gomer, Clancy, and Baxter were fired.

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  3. SCooter,

    Don’t you remember, SC played Fresno St and they saw SC’s special teams. They laughed at them. He won’t be hired there.


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