Does Being USC Athletic Director Destroy People?

Pat Haden is in hiding. Lynn Swann‘s made one public appearance since he was fired. Mike Bohn won’t even attend a USC basketball game.

There is a real trend when it comes to being USC athletic director. The job apparently forces people to make incomprehensible decisions. Haden hired Steve Sarkisian and Clay Helton. Swann extended Helton’s contract and retained him after a 5-7 season. Bohn kept Helton despite overwhelming fan opposition.

I know it’s still early in Bohn’s tenure but the first two destroyed their reputatations and I can’t argue that Bohn’s is currently in tatters.

Is the job really this difficult?

26 thoughts on “Does Being USC Athletic Director Destroy People?

      1. Yeah i for some reason thought a friend say it was today and I forgot it’s always a Wednesday . But I should add this had been the worst recruiting season ever and that’s just from gossip because i haven’t spent any time on SC in that area because of how bad I see our coach thinks he can try and convince everyone that all these “2nd or 3rd option” commitments will turn into championship level players under his leadership. I want to give Helton one last push of support but If Pendergast returns we’re wasting our precious lives and money on a struggling program from top to bottom.

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    1. karma —You don’t have to talk to your lawyer about anything if you want to break your contract with USC —you just leave…..

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    1. I don’t know if you’re being facetious or not, Arturo…..but Helton IS the common denominator. Could it be that Mister “Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!” is Bad Seed?

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      1. Perhaps Helton is really missing out on his true calling, as an AD. Nice man, liked by players and parents, doesnt have the intestinal fortitude to run a football program, but would make a nice puppet figure for the BOT (I have to say, BOT talk is out of my league).

        AD Helton sounds better than HC Helton- and he wouldnt have to be bought out.

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    2. You hit the nail on the head.
      It’s really Helton that is the gift that keeps on giving.
      He surely knows that he’s not in the same league as the top 50 NCAA Div 1 coaches. So if he truly loves the university and believes that SC can win Natys then he shouyld do the right thing and resign from the HC job and work something out with the admin that he takes on some Ambassador job or whatever.
      If it wasn’t for his inept bosses giving him the HC job and pay that goes with it, one could easily make the argument that he’s basically stealing money baaed on his qualifications and performance – the last 2 years being a true indicator of what he is.


    3. Arturo,
      Helton can’t be the A.D.
      He’s just incompetent in big decisions.
      Look how he waited for Sam Darnold to save our season.
      He kept a guy who allowed 7 TDs consecutively in the Rose Bowl.
      And people don’t realize this little fact. All of the elite players seem to dislike Helton. That’s why they are all going to school elsewhere. Last season, this season, and after signing day there will be a flood of transfers.


  1. they want their millions, plus all the other benefits…other than that ,they would not be here and could not care less about what happens to SC.


  2. Is writing really this difficult?

    “I can’t argue that Bohn’s is currently in tatters”

    Didnt you mean to say ISNT?


  3. It’s sad that you continue to have your screen name as “Inside USC” when you do nothing but write nonsense and in fact, aren’t even allowed to attend USC football games anymore. Yet you are “Inside” USC. It’s a joke. And just an FYI, I literally have a picture of Bohn at a USC Basketball game. Further, Ryan Abraham chatted with him for awhile at a USC game. But sure, Bohn doesn’t attend games. There’s a lot more going on Behind the scenes that if you were actually “inside” USC, you might actually know about. But you’re not. You should post a disclaimer to your readers that you don’t actually have any insider info for any article you write about SC.


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