Beware This Spin On Ed Orgeron

There is a bit of revisionist history going on with Ed Orgeron, where some USC fans are saying, “he’s learned to delegate and changed as a head coach” since he was at LSU.

This is blatantly false. I spoke to Orgeron numerous times when he was interim coach at USC about how he realized he was a micro-manager at Ole Miss and he needed to change.

That’s what made his time as USC interim coach special. He focused on leading and inspiring the team and the players loved him. He didn’t try to call plays. He let the coaching staff do their jobs.

And he continued that model at LSU with better talent and better success.

But some USC fans try to desperately find a way to excuse past disastrous decisions.

  • I’ve said I don’t believe Graham Harrell was ever offered the offensive coordinator job at Texas. Here’s what a beat writer for Texas said on twitter:

22 thoughts on “Beware This Spin On Ed Orgeron

    1. Here’s some: Long Beach State basketball has now played 3 PAC 12 basketball teams on the road, no tournament…The Beach lost at Stanford by 28 points…The Beach lost at Arizona by 37..,.The Beach lost at USC by 11….


    2. Correction: 4 PAC 12 teams: the Beach lost at UCLA by 4….this should help, even a casual observer, to develop power rankings for PAC 12 b-ball this year…


    3. You can fill in the blanks as the season goes along, seeing how Utah, Washington, Arizona State etc etc etc.,perform against Arizona, Stanford, USC and UCLA…


  1. “But some USC fans try to desperately find a way to excuse past disastrous decisions.”

    Scottie, there can’t be many of these fans. Virtually everyone in the fan base is upset. Bohn’s tweet on retaining Helton had 9 negative clicks for every positive click before that function was turned off.

    This from 24/7 about Justin Flowe:

    ” He went to USC this past weekend. That’s where his entire family really wants him to go. So they are definitely in this one.”

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  2. Scott,
    I do believe you that GH wasn’t offered the position at Texas. But you are wrong on the guy, he knows how to coach. It certainly is student body right and left, but it works.

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      1. If we get Little man, and Solo’s foot heals, and those are some BIG ifs, this defense could be rocking too..
        Or not?


      2. Pudly:
        Cautiously optimistic regarding the D.
        If none of the 3 yr guys eligible elect for the NFL draft AND the Head Coach permits some tackling drills, this could be a top 25 defense!
        Houston was NOT a Mike LB–and maybe Gaoteote is better in the middle? Talent is there, but fundamentals like “rush lane integrity and setting an edge” are deplorable.

        We don’t discuss often enough that CB and Safeties practicing against future NFL WR’s (and QB’s) is a great advantage to the D. Really, no reason we don’t have top CB/S each and every year, given our WR crew.

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  3. There would of been a complete overhaul of the Texas system and a committment to the Air Raid when Herman may be gone in a year or two. Harrell has it made with all kinds of offensive Air Raid firepower that he can develop.


  4. Harrell is just more Helton and WKU. It’s a pass happy, no ball control, no power run game. CLK has the same issue which is what Saban tried to beat out of him, and also why he kept a run game coordinator.

    The offense is great in putting up numbers against inferior opponents with coaches that won’t adjust to it. The jump ball passing doesn’t do well against talented teams, and teams with DCs that drop more men in coverage, have delayed blitzes (even with less talent as Fresno showed).

    The biggest issue with Harrell’s offense and its lack of controlling the ball, the higher number of plays run, quick changes of possession, etc. is that it puts a huge burden on defenses. It also gets QBs beat up and the RBs get popped against good defenses since protection is sacrificed for more receivers. That’s why it is DUMB to keep saying “he had to do it with back ups”. YES, because that is what the offense results in. And since there aren’t complicated protections and reads, a backup QB can more easily be plugged in with no fall off (even if he gets beat up too). USC’s depth covered but this run and shoot type of bs NEVER, EVER has won a championship and never will.


  5. Agree with your post, Wolfman.
    It was reported that Texas was offering him $2MM a year. He settled for $1.2MM at SC. The only way that makes any sense is if they told him that he takes over after Helton is gone.
    Additionally, if this recruiting class is a disaster, it’s not gonna look pretty in 2021 and 2022. Whereas if he went to Texas, they can easily recruit better than SC because they are truly commited to their football program. Unlike SC where Carol Integrityless Folt prevents her AD from hiring the one coach available this year from turning the program around and laying the foundation for the next decade. Why? Because Coach Folt became the LoveOFClay’sLife and found him to have Integrity. Really, I do noy equate Integrity with being DISINGENUOUS with recruits, donors, media and fans


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