Markese Stepp Returns To Practice

It looks like USC will have its best tailback available for the Holiday Bowl as Markese Stepp returned to practice today.

Also practicing was Bru McCoy, although who knows what that means in terms of actually playing in a game.

6 thoughts on “Markese Stepp Returns To Practice

  1. This is really not that important. I doubt we’ll see either of these players in the game. But I could be wrong. They’re probably just knocking rust off. Did anyone ever release a reason for McCoy’s absence? I heard everything from NCAA restrictions to a mystery illness.


  2. I’m sure that if Chucker JT miraculously came back to practice today, he’d be immediately anointed as ‘starter.’

    To Helton, obviously ‘favorites’ matter. For whatever reason – certainly not based on in-game performance and results. See Toa at center last season for additional evidence.

    Season with Chucker = 5-7. Season with Slovis = 8-4.

    Neither are up to USC standards as season records go, but you get my drift.

    Looking forward to another, ‘fair and balanced quarterback competition’ in 2020.
    No bias here – nope. If Harrell has any influence at all, Slovis will have the inside track to start in 2020.
    Leave it to Helton, we’ll see more of the past – not good.


    1. Juan,

      I don’t put all the blame on Slovis. I do think he is and will be a very good qb. You have to put most blame on Pendergast’s defense. The defense could not stop the run to the outside nor the pass over the middle. The nd game was winnable as well as the Wasthington game. Oregon is on speed (drugs) and that is why they are so fast. Pendergast is inept at best. Slovis did a great job considering he is a freshman and his first snap was in the first game of the season. He got better as the season went on.

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      1. Great piece, my friend. [It’s also important to recall that J. T. wasn’t around for every game —one of which was a loss —and Slovis wasn’t around for every game —one of which was a loss …and one of which was Fink’s miracle win against Utah].
        btw, I think we can all presume that Harrell only came back after he was promised exclusive control of the offense from this point forward. In other words, J. T. (if he’s even ready to play football in 2020) will become a valued back-up —or become another “member of the Trojan Family who is loved and wished luck” as he transfers elsewhere.


      2. MG and Pasadena: I agree 100%.

        No rational thinking human with any FB IQ would say USC has a QB controversy. Imagine the progress Slovis will make in off-season training with Bru, Drake, Amon Ra, Ford….any maybe Vaughs. Heck, I’ll make the 300 to 1000 mile trip to watch Spring ball/game!

        No, the real controversy which NO ONE IS EVEN DISCUSSING (pardon my yelling) is the four stud running backs returing for 2020! Don’t let the shade-throwers suggest that Harrell doesn’t appreciate his RB’s. He used them–albeit sometimes ineffectively–as teams started to drop 8 into zone. I think Mr. Harrell would be fine with 200+ ypg rushing and 300+ ypg through the air.

        The shade casters will lament that….the offense scores too quickly and thus the defense “doesn’t have enough time to rest.” Hmmm.
        I think I need help with a hashtag for that logic.


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