Clay Helton Won’t Discuss Staff Changes

Clay Helton addressed the media for the first time in 24 days and it wasn’t worth the wait.

Helton got frustrated while he was asked about possible staff changes: “We’re focused on the bowl game. I’ve been given the resources, tools and task to look at our program . . . those are things we’ll do in the future
any decisions. I’ll make them at a later date.”

So nothing will happen until after the Holiday Bowl, apparently.

Helton said Mike Bohn told him, “I love what I’ve seen. You’re our coach. We love what you’re doing.”

Helton strangely claimed USC practiced four times last week. I guess player-run 7-on-7 practices count as full practices now.

12 thoughts on “Clay Helton Won’t Discuss Staff Changes

    1. How about encouraging and support ing the coach instead of attacking him ? The University has made the choice so FIGHT ON!


    2. Sorry, it won’t happen. SC just signed Harrell to a $1.3 mil contract for each year for three years. SC doesn’t want to buy anyone out. Pendergast and Baxter will be there next year. He has Bohn’s blessing on this. My opinion.


  1. Don’t count on it Alv. Gomer has a way of saying what others want to hear and then standing pat. Which is why it would be better if Gomer just quit doing pressers.

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  2. You heard here first flowe and Warren were going to come to usc but after talking to Clancy about his schemes they will not go to USC flow and Warren are good as gone…one other thing Clancy will be retained for sure…. Baxter unsure of….


  3. Well the man that runs USC’s defense is worthless in my opinion at this level.
    How does a man who’s been to a Super Bowl as a DC but is not the Primary or Secondary Recruiter for the #1 Defensive Player on the West Coast who plays down the road at Upland???
    We’ll because be turns players off.
    Helton needs to see that Pendergast is deadweight this time of year for sure and just ok as a DC and cut the guy loose.

    They say if we lose out on Justin Flowe to Oregon, then it officially makes them the “NEW USC”

    Helton and Pendergast allowed it to reach this magnitude.


  4. This I did not know about Clancy. I have several friends who are passionate coaches and grinding daily. How did Pendergrast reach the NFL and USC with no football experience except high school ball?

    Personal life
    The son of a farmer, Pendergast attended Tolleson High School, where his sister, Bonnie Pendergast, now teaches calculus. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 1990, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. Pendergast did not play football in college, but did coach his fraternity team (Phi Gamma Delta).[7]


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