Graham Harrell Says USC Can Win A National Title

Graham Harrell spoke tonight about why USC is special.

“The cool thing about here is that you can win a national championship. You’re one of the few places in the country where you can win a national championship every year. It’s a special place and tough place to walk away from.”

USC is a place where you can win a national title, but with Clay Helton as coach?

21 thoughts on “Graham Harrell Says USC Can Win A National Title

  1. With the right set of players, assistants and schedule we could win a national championship. I could win the Lottery if I buy a ticket. The defective 737 supermax airplanes could be donated to cities for a solution to the homeless problems. Scott could find something nice to say about the team.

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    1. You “do gooders” don’t get it. The bums don’t want to be forced to live anywhere. They want to be free to drift, panhandle and get their booze and drugs.


      1. You forgot to mention defecate, rob, kill, throw rocks, collect money, and harass people. They need to be rounded up and put on Pelos’s, Feinstein, Newsome, Brown, Garcetti, and Wille Brown’s front door step.


    1. Just Puke,

      DONT YOU EVER SAY ONE NEGATIVE THING ABOUT WRASTLIN’. That is just the best. You have no appreciation for Freddie Blase, John Tolon, Rocky Johnson, BoBo Brazil, Mil Masqueres, Tony Atlas, Georgous George, Bobby Lane, and others from the greatest field of all time.

      No wonder you are a ruin. Go back under your rock, bum.

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  2. Check out the post practice presser. Clay plays the L.A. press corps like a violin. He really enjoys being 3 rungs up the Q & A ladder from that group — he just runs circles around them ….and he’s getting better at it than ever.

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  3. Not with him as an OC. His offensive system has never won a national title on any level and never will.

    Not even in the NFL where talent is more even and a way, way bigger stronger team can’t just pound you.

    And if you can’t win your division of the weakest conference, how are you gonna win a national title? If you can’t beat mediocre teams 4 times why even mention a nation title?

    How are you gonna do it with the worst recruiting class than UMass and Georgia State?
    Remember this idiot Harrell’s words when Bama is embarrassing the poop out of USC and they cart Slovis off the field. Remember it when Notre Dame is beating down USC with a roster with recruits from California.

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  4. Spot On with your last paragraph, Wolfman. You can add with Baxter and Pendergast as coaches.
    Harrell is drinking from Clay’s koolaid bottle again.


  5. He’s right and I get it. USC has no reason to not be in the hunt every year. However, this recruiting class might have everyone readjusting their expectations.


  6. Of course USC can win national championships, but with a different coach. Pete Carroll, John Robinson, and John McKay did it. But can you imagine Bozo Helton going against the likes of a Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, or Ryan Day ? 😂😂😂😂


    1. It is so appropriate that you — of all people —-bring this point up, Mister Flintstone. The Sinsauropteryx prima was very much like a flying pig (as I’m sure you know).


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